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Item #: SCP-XXXX-J
Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: The artifact is to be contained in the D-Class shower block of Site 19. Under no circumstances should the item be put in any location except a shower. If the object is put anywhere other then a shower, then the object will start to vibrate rapidly and [REDACTED]. If thrown in a waste bin, the artifact will convince any personnel walking past the waste bin to take it to the nearest shower.
To keep the object contained, at least one D-Class personnel must use the artifact twice in one day. If the object is not used more than twice daily, then the artifact must be used 4 times during the following day to prevent a containment breach.

Description: SCP-XXXX is a 23.7 ounce container of Head & Shoulders brand shampoo. The object is approximately 21.336 centimetres tall, 9.144 centimetres wide, and 5.842 centimetres deep. The object's anomalous property is that, when any personnel or civilian comes into the shower that SCP-XXXX is contained inside of to take a shower, the object will fall from the area it is stored on, and drop onto the shower floor underneath the shelf it is contained on. If the subject is blocking the landing zone of the object, mostly observed to be the foot of the subject, SCP-XXXX will cause immense pain to the area the object hit on the subject. If the object is not obstructed during the fall, the subject will be required to pick the artifact up and finish their shower. When landing from the fall without obstruction, the bottle will make a loud vocalization, described by subjects as "A really loud ass sound." The object's vocalizations universally trigger an immediate reaction of shock in any human subject. D-Class who were received from the prison system have an exclusive reaction of fear and hysteria to the object, once it completes its fall.