SCP-XXXX - Ms.Natural

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Produces: SCP-XXXX is kept inside a standard humanoid containment cell with two monitoring cameras both on the eastern and western ceiling, the containment cell has many useful and entertainment resources such as:

  • A queen-size bed
  • A fresh toilet
  • A fridge with various foods (prefers healthy food)
  • A LED tv

male personnel are not allowed to be near or in SCP-XXXX's containment area because it claims to be uncomfortable around men.

Description: SCP-XXXX is a pear-shaped female humanoid measuring 12 meters in length and weighing 76 kg, the words "Ms.Natural from Little Misters ® by Doctor Wondertainment" is tattooed on SCP-XXXX's left butt-cheek. it has short red hair, green eyes, and speaks in a British accent. SCP-XXXX refuses to wear any types of clothes (specially bras and panties). it's anomalous effects don't work on men but on women. whenever female personnel are near or inside SCP-XXXX's containment area, they will get a sudden urge to take off all of their clothes and then will proceed to do so after about 3 minutes has passed, the effect can only stop when female personnel are not near SCP-XXXX. in order to prevent it's anomalous effects, all female personnel and guards have to be completely nude. one of the guards stated: "I'll admit, it's feels kinda nice when you're with a lot of naked women."

SCP-XXXX was first recovered in the [DATA EXPUNGED] park, the foundation came in contact when reports of about 55 women taking their clothes and worshipping SCP-XXXX as their goddess, while being captured, one of the field agents (who was a female) took her clothes off and refused to put them back on, SCP-XXXX was classified as Euclid due to it's effects on women.

interviewer: Dr. Kate (who was forced to be nude to prevent SCP-XXXX's effects)
interviewed: SCP-XXXX

Dr. kate: hello, SCP-XXXX
SCP-XXXX: hey, love! are you a nudist too?
Dr. kate: not really, I'm naked so that your anomalous effects won't get me
SCP-XXXX: wait? anomalous effects? what do you mean?
Dr. kate: you see, when clothed women are near or with you, they will take off their clothes after about 3 minutes had passed.
SCP-XXXX: don't know, love, sounds pretty normal.
Dr. kate: anyways, can you tell me about the other little misters?
SCP-XXXX: oh, um, well, I know Mr.Headless and Mr.Lie but I can't remember the rest
Dr. kate: okay, can you tell me about doctor wondertainment?
SCP-XXXX: oh, you want to see my tattoo?
(proceeds to show Dr. Kate it's tattoo which is located on her left butt-cheek)
Dr. kate: I meant what do you know about doctor wondertainment?
SCP-XXXX: (sits back down) oh, I don't know, sorry!
Dr. kate: it's okay, now on to the last question, are you aware of your anomalous effects on other women?
SCP-XXXX: aware of what? oh! my anomalous effects? well… I guess it's best to be naked, right?
Dr. kate: I'll take that has a no, thank you SCP-XXXX