HumousBoy962's EZZ-SHEE-BEE hub
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Item #: SCP-3283

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3283 is to be kept in a small standard containment cell with no lock. Any found or created instances of SCP-3283-1 are to be sent to a foundation waste storage facility for possible rehabilitation in the future.

Description: SCP-3283 is a standard sized Waste Management recycle container. It is nearly indistinguishable from a normal recyclable container except for a small sticky note on the side with "Please Recycle" on it. Attempts to remove the note have been unsuccessful, but it can be covered up. Depositing recyclables into the container will do nothing. At 0:00 PST every day, all recyclables in the container dematerialize.

SCP-3283's anomalous properties manifest if at any time an individual deposits a non-recyclable item into the container. Said individual has 30 seconds to remove the item with no consequences. on second 31, the individual, now called SCP-3283-1, will completely and irreversibly become immobile. In the next 10 milliseconds, SCP-3283-1's molecular makeup changes to be replaced by a class 2 plastic. SCP-3283-1 has no further anonmulus properties, and can be deposited into SCP-3283.

If SCP-3283 takes damage aside from normal wear and tear, it will repair itself with the plastics deposited into it. Any objects hanging over the top of SCP-3283's brim will not dematerialize, but will fall into SCP-3283 to disappear the next day. Any non-recyclables deposited into SCP-3283 will not dematerialize, but can be removed at any time with no consequences.