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Item #: SCP-?

Object Class: Euclid

Containment Procedures: SCP-? Has been deemed useful for keeping staff moral up, and those with level 2+ access may use SCP-? in order to lower stress levels. When not in Use, SCP-? is to stay in a typical On-Site Staff room, with basic amenities and certain luxuries (Movies, Board games, Wet food, etc.) are to be granted on a monthly basis.

Description & Discovery: SCP-? is a Female Mackerel tabby cat (Felis Catus) which appears to be 3 years old. However, in the ██ Years the SCP facility has housed SCP-?, it has not appeared to age.

SCP-? Was discovered in the Home of Mr. and Mrs. ███ and Their Daughter, Ling, after a fire which burnt down 7 houses on the street they lived in. While originally believed to be caused by faulty wiring, until further evidence of the contrary was discovered1.

Reports were sent to the ███ ███████ Police Department of a "talking cat", which were intercepted by an Undercover Agent. SCP-? was captured by Front Company "Saving Cats, Purrfect!" and sent to Site-71.

Special Abilities: SCP-? has the ability to vocalise, and shows the cognitive ability of an Adult. The voice of SCP-? is identical to that of Ling ███, Who, alongside her parents, were the only to die in the flames.

SCP-? also has the ability to calm any human with her voice2. SCP-? has consented to use her abilities to support staff working in site-71 in exchange for amenities.

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3 Days after SCP-? capture, an interview was held with SCP-?

J.V.: I understand you're confused with your new surroundings.

SCP: I think I know what happened.