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Ignore it, it's probably nothing


They'll give up. Eventually


What's so important? Our biggest Scip is a Nice spirited flower at base, and even then, it's already dying.


"What?" He mumbled, his eyes heavy.

"Jeremiah, Come over, we need you" The voice on the end of the phone answered

"Why's that?" after all, Ali was known for exaggeration around the office

"It's a Code Omega Emergency"

NOW that woke him up.

"Ali Al-Maskeen, I swear to god if you lied to me, I will personally recommend your use as a dessert for 682"

Jeremy was standing in the lounge, with his speedily put together outfit reflecting his panic from that phone call.

"No Hyperbole here, Jeremy. I've got the file -well, Luca does- right here. Hey, Luca! He's here!"

A young looking woman speed up to them, brandishing a thick file in her hands.

"Thank god! We've been waiting a couple of hours for you!" she breathed, with hints of anger and tiredness.

"Alright, so what exactly is causing us three to meet in an empty lounge room at 1:30 in the morning?"

"Well, the thing is…" Luca started, but seemed to hesitate

"Armond Browski has escaped." Ali Finished her sentence


"Ali, tell me your joking. Please. PLEASE!" How could Armo escape?

"Nope, sorry Jeremy. I've got the full report here."

Jeremy read it like his life depended on it. He picked on every detail and analyzed it, seeing what went wrong, until he reached—-

"He Taught himself how to teleport!?" This crossed a line. How? This guy's biggest powers were some funny dance moves and even then he was awful at that!

"Not really" Ali replied. "Someone else did".


"No Idea, the only idea of who they were is a bloody Hoodie and Jeans and a note saying Pasta La Vista. They checked, and everyone else was still there."