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Note: The Following Text is based of an Archive from "Scripts of the Scips Volume VII", which is believed to have been switched for an alternative reality. Certain Information has been expunged due to a detection of cognitohazardous potential

Item #: SCP-YEET

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-YEET is to be kept closed from the public eye, under the cover of "future demolithion", with Two Security Staff active at all times. Other than this, No further security is necessary at the moment.


Discovery:SCP-YEET is a Walmart Located at ██████, Ohio. SCP-YEET Had No cases of anomalous events until the time span between 10/13/200█-11/23/200█, during which SCP-YEET developed it's abilities1, ultimately culminating with the disappearance of Timothy Dirariss, 36, which resulted in a severe reaction within the Ohio community, causing involvment of the SCP foundation, which, in turn, shut down the Walmart due to it's confirmed involvement within 4 of the cases2.
Anomalous Capabilities: After Shutting down the Walmart, the SCP Foundation was left to discover the reasons of the dissapearances. Dr.