Item #: SCP-9718 (obviously gonna change)

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-9718 is to be contained in a secured locker with at least 2 cameras inside. Personnel are to be aware not to stay within a 5 meter radius of the locker any longer than 10 minutes unless told otherwise. Entrance to the locker is prohibited unless accompanied by two Clearance Level 4+ security personnel, and using or wearing SCP-9718 is strictly forbidden outside testing.

Description: SCP-9718 is a dark strand of cloth tied at the ends in the appearance of a blindfold. Any human (with no signs of eye damage or sickness) that wears SCP-9718 will trigger it's stage 1 process, which causes it to tighten around the wearer's head making it significantly difficult to remove unless multiple personnel are present. After this, the object will then "ignite" the wearer's eyes, scorching them. SCP-9718, however, cannot be burnt or damaged from this, it seems that even without a user SCP-9718 can still show signs of burning orange light where one's eyes would be if worn. After the wearer's eyes have been completely burnt out, the individual will then faint to the floor, and, after a few moments, will then stand up and remove the blindfold; their eye sockets empty yet undamaged. Most subjects that equip SCP-9718 and complete its initial process (fully incinerating the subject's eyes), have a large change in personality. Subjects are reported to speak differently, keep answers as closely to a Yes or No, and be in a generally good mood. These subjects will be addressed as SCP-9718-2. Any instance of #9718-2 are to be interviewed and prepared for examination, in which case they are to be dosed with Temazepam (sleeping pills) and secured. These preparations are due to the unpredictable enhance in aggression in which SCP-9718-2 will lunge forward and attempt to forcefully remove the eyes of any personnel in the vicinity, generally non-security staff. Whether the subject succeeds in this or not, the outcome always ends in the subject collapsing on the floor, shaking and choking until death. This act of aggression can begin at any point, mainly after it's interview. Additional research has shown that SCP-9718 may possibly "enter" it's host (the wearer) and in some way control his actions, leading to the likeliness that SCP-9718 is sentient either as the blindfold object, an instance of SCP-9718-2, or as both.

Research Log #9718-A1

Test Subject: D-11237
Stationed Research Director: L. M. Jacobs

<Begin Test Log, Time 12:37 ██/██/20██>

12:37 Researcher: D-11237, please enter SCP-9718's testing chamber.

12:37 Subject D-11237 enters the test chamber, the door closing behind him

12:38 D-11237: Ok so what now? all I see is a blindfold on some pedestal.

12:38 Researcher: Please walk forward and slowly equip the object.

12:38 Subject D-11237, after a slight pause, walks towards SCP-9718 and takes the object from the pedestal

12:39 Researcher: Now please equip the object.

12:39 D-11237: Ok… it's on, what now?

12:39 A few moments later, glowing orange light can be seen emitting from the Subject's eyes through SCP-9718, and a soft eerie wind-like sound can be heard from SCP-9718

12:40 D-11237: Oh god, my eyes… they're on fire or something! Damn it hurts someone get this thing off, it's like it's tightening itself I can't take it off! I can't see uugh—

Shortly after this, Subject D-11237 falls onto the floor, gets back up, smiles, removes SCP-9718, and tells the researcher (in a completely different tone of voice) that "It is finished". At this point the subject's eye sockets are completely empty, yet seemingly undamaged.

<Skipping to 15:21, Examination Log #9718-A1>

<Begin Examination Log #9718-A1, Time 15:21 ██/██/20██>

#9718-2, formerly known as Subject D-11237, has just finished it's interview with Dr. ██ and is currently undergoing examination for possible changes in blood and DNA. There are 2 security guards accompanying them

15:21 Examiner: Subject 9718-2, if you could please lay here on this table, and hold this around your arm, we just wish to take a few blood samples.

15:21 Subject 9718-2: Ha… Ha… Ha… No.

15:21 Examiner: If you do not comply, I am authorized to dose you with Temazepam unti—

The examiner was stopped mid-sentence as Subject 9718-2 suddenly lunges forward towards the examiner (fully aware of the examiner's location, possibly by amplified hearing or an anomalous effect, further research is yet to take place), and attempts to gouge out his eyes

15:22 Examiner: Ughh— Guards! Get this thing off me- get it off!!! It's trying to gouge my eyes—!!

The guards attempt to seize the subject, but fail. SCP-9718-2 releases the examiner and bashes the guards with unnatural force, knocking them down. The subject then returns to the examiner exclaiming "Your sight is mine, little one", Examiner J. ███ gets up from the floor and attempts to sound the alarm, until SCP-9718-2 got to him first, and once again goes for his eyes. The guards, back on their feet, take out their batons and begin knocking down the subject. No results came from it, so they charged at the subject and wrestled him off the examiner. Successful, they managed to shove the subject off and knock him to the ground. After a brief moment, the subject began—

<Footage View Unauthorized, Skipping to 15:36>

… SCP-9718-2 later begins to vigorously shiver, the guards stepped forward to secure the subject

15:37 Examiner J. ███: Stop! Leave him there, I need to see what happens.

The guards comply, and take a step back. During this time, Research Director L. M. Jacobs was informed that SCP-9718 was beginning to glow again, without a host. Jacobs sent two security officers to check on Examiner J. ███ and the subject, while forwarding a message to his assistant researchers to head to SCP-9718's testing chambers at once

15:39 Guard 1: Security is on it's way, do you still want to leave the subject on the floor like that?

15:39 Examiner J. ███: Yes, but make sure you watch him carefully, if he gets back up and to his aggressive behavior, you may proceed to terminate.

A few minutes have gone by, and security have arrived. The Subject has suddenly stopped shaking and instead starting to choke, the examiner and other personnel are still present. Director Jacobs has recently received word from his assistants that SCP-9718 has began emitting more wind-like sounds, but that it's orange light is slowly starting to fade away

It is now 15:48, and SCP-9718-2 has stopped choking. SCP-9718 has been reported that it is no longer showing signs of anomalous effect, and is being sent back to it's containment locker

15:48 Examiner J. ███: Check his vitals.

15:48 Security Officer: He's dead, sir.

15:49 Examiner J. Perkins: Take him to be quarantined and cleaned up, I will examine him later. Meanwhile, I will go report back to Jacobs.

<End Log>

Interview Logs After Incident #9718A1