Lovecraftian 01
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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Research into potential containment techniques for SCP-XXXX is ongoing. Due to the circumstances in which SCP-XXXX normally appears, Foundation staff have been unable to capture SCP-XXXX despite its apparent lack of mobility. Personnel with information which may be useful in containing SCP-XXXX should immediately report to Dr. Wong, Site 6, Building 18.

Description: SCP X is an entity which manifests as an eighty to ninety year old white human male. The exact age of SCP X is unknown, but reports of an entity consistent with SCP X’s description have been documented as early as ███ B.C. SCP-XXXX typically appears in crowded or semi-crowded areas such as gas stations, parks, retail stores, and educational institutions. It is believed that SCP-XXXX may only appear to one person at any given time, but further evidence is needed to confirm this theory. SCP-XXXX does not appear to be mobile, but no subjects have successfully approached SCP-XXXX [see psych eval randall]. Human subjects who make eye contact with SCP X in any capacity experience increasingly disturbing dreams over a one week period, starting with the night immediately following the SCP-XXXX sighting. All reported instances of SCP X dreams revolve around an amusement park [see document x below for additional details]. The location and nature of this amusement park is yet unknown. Subjects report nausea, anxiety, and a mounting feeling of dread during the first three days following the onset of SCP-XXXX dreams. These symptoms rapidly progress after the first three days into severe clinical depression, an intense feeling of dread, and suicidal ideation. At the end of the one week period, 100% of subjects who have not committed suicide in the preceding week enter a catatonic state. Foundation medical personnel have only been able to revive two patients from an SCP-XXXX induced catatonic state [see medical records].

note to self- add description of carnival deteriorating and the sounds in the first two dreams. ADD LIGHTS AND SOUNDS IN THE SECOND ONE ESPECIALLY. Add he is aware he is dreaming in first paragraph. change "psych eval" to the final document of where he is woken up, first one should be called something else. interview maybe?