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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Research into potential containment techniques for SCP-XXXX is ongoing. Due to the circumstances in which SCP-XXXX normally appears, Foundation staff have been unable to capture SCP-XXXX despite its apparent lack of mobility. Personnel with information which may be useful in containing SCP-XXXX should immediately report to Dr. Wong, Site 6, Building 18.

Description: SCP X is an entity which manifests as an eighty to ninety year old white human male. The exact age of SCP X is unknown, but reports of an entity consistent with SCP X’s description have been documented as early as ███ B.C. SCP-XXXX typically appears in crowded or semi-crowded areas such as gas stations, parks, retail stores, and educational institutions. It is believed that SCP-XXXX may only appear to one person at any given time, but further evidence is needed to confirm this theory. SCP-XXXX does not appear to be mobile, but no subjects have successfully approached SCP-XXXX [see psych eval randall]. Human subjects who make eye contact with SCP X in any capacity experience increasingly disturbing dreams over a one week period, starting with the night immediately following the SCP-XXXX sighting. All reported instances of SCP X dreams revolve around an amusement park [see document x below for additional details]. The location and nature of this amusement park is yet unknown. Subjects report nausea, anxiety, and a mounting feeling of dread during the first three days following the onset of SCP-XXXX dreams. These symptoms rapidly progress after the first three days into severe clinical depression, an intense feeling of dread, and suicidal ideation. At the end of the one week period, 100% of subjects who have not committed suicide in the preceding week enter a catatonic state. Foundation medical personnel have only been able to revive two patients from an SCP-XXXX induced catatonic state [see medical records].

[[collapsible show="+ Dream Journal of Randall Winters" hide="- Dream Journal of Randall Winters"]]

Preface: I am writing this journal on xx date, 1999. My strange dreams started three days ago on yy date, 1999. Dr. ███. has asked me to keep this journal as a medical record of my symptom progression. The first two dreams will be written in retrospect, the others I will write first thing in the morning after I wake up.

Day 1: The first thing I remember is being in the center of some amusement park somewhere. It is a cloudy day, looks like it could rain at any second. I am on a pier of some kind, and a large Ferris Wheel is to my right. The sounds of large roller coasters echo against the white noise of the crowd surrounding me. It is hard to move because of the crowd. There are other smaller buildings scattered around, ranging from concession stand booths to small carnie game booths. . I try moving forward into a nearby empty carnival stand to get a better sense of my surroundings, but I can't because there are too many people in front of me blocking the entrance. I notice through the small gaps in the bustling people around me that there is one motionless person other than me in the entire crowd. I can only catch glimpses of him as small windows of emptiness emerge between the crowd, but I can tell he is staring at me. It's the old man from the park. We make eye contact and I wake up.

Day 2: I'm in the amusement park again, in the same spot as last time. This time, however, I manage to make it into the building I had been attempting to reach in the first dream. It was really just a small shack, but it was the only visible place that was empty, so I got the chance to survey my surroundings. The old man isn't there this time, but I get this feeling that I'm being watched. The amusement park I'm in appears to be structured differently this time though, all of the buildings aren't scattered about randomly, instead there are two rows of small buildings and stands making a makeshift road. At the end of this road there is a larger red and white carnival tent which appears to be the main attraction. Above it, in flashing lights, there is a sign in some language I have never seen before. I get the sudden urge to go to it, but as I walk into the crowd someone accidentally knocks me over and I wake up.

Day 3: I'm in the small shack I observed from last time. I immediately notice the crowd is gone and there are no sounds of rollercoasters or people moving around and talking. In fact, I cannot hear anything at all this time, there is complete silence. Not even the crickets are chirping. The grass is not matted and trampled like it was in the last dream, this time it is green and looks as if it hadn't been trodden upon in years. The main red and white carnival tent still has the sign in some unknown language, but it isn't lit up anymore. I still get the urge to walk towards it, so I do. As I approach the entrance, I still cannot see inside, it is completely black, like the great gaping maw of some ancient beast. I feel increasingly uneasy as I approach the entrance, but since I know I'm dreaming and I can't actually be harmed I manage to muster the courage to go in anyway. The feeling of being watched persists throughout this ordeal, and it also gets worse as I approach the entrance to the main tent. Once I am inside the tent I can see much more clearly. The ground is entirely dirt, and the place appears much larger on the inside than it looks like from the outside. The inner walls of the tent are not visible from the entrance and clothed in darkness, but a lone light shines in the center of the tent on some object or group of objects. The urge to approach this group of objects is even stronger now, but before I can get into view I force myself to wake up. I don't know why, but something seems very wrong here.

Day 4: It's nighttime. I start in front of the big tent this time. The sign is half fallen off now, and I look behind me to see the buildings are in various states of disrepair. Whatever hellish force is tempting me to walk into the tent is too strong for me to resist now. I tried to walk away, but I couldn't. I walk straight to the center of the tent, towards the pale light in the center. As I draw closer, I see that the blurry object room before was a roller coaster cart, on a railway leading farther into the darkness of the tent. I try to walk away but I can't. I have this sick feeling in my stomach but I can't wake myself up this time. I climb into the cart, and the little red light on the nearby operator's stand spontaneously turns green and I start moving along the track farther into the tent. I can't see anything at all. I feel the cart slowly start to tip downward and after a minute or two I see a pale light similar to the one in the center of the tent. I'm setting an alarm tomorrow every five minutes for the entire night. I don't know what's at the end of that tunnel but I don't want to find out.

Day 5: The fucking alarm didn't work, and these aren't dreams. I'm going to die soon. Dr. ███ isn't picking up his phone. I will write down what I can describe for the good of whoever the hell else this might happen to, I am already doomed. The tent is in ruins this time, the walls were torn and moonlight barely seeps in. I turn around and walk

note to self- add description of carnival deteriorating and the sounds in the first two dreams. ADD LIGHTS AND SOUNDS IN THE SECOND ONE ESPECIALLY. Add he is aware he is dreaming in first paragraph. change "psych eval" to the final document of where he is woken up, first one should be called something else. interview maybe? also add moonlight description. sixth dream he sees the old man at the top