Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Thaumiel

Threat Level: Black

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX is to be fed every 12 hours, otherwise it will become agitated. There are 4 cameras in the containment chamber watching SCP-XXXX at all times. The walls, floor, and ceiling of the containment chamber is made out of Chromium so that SCP-XXXX can't claw and/or smash its way out. No contact with SCP-XXXX is permitted unless it is during interviews.

Description: Item XXXX is a humanoid Lacertilia biped, approximately 5’8/6 to 9 in height and weighs 175 lbs. Its legs are digitigrade with avian-like feet. It has luminescent yellow eyes and prominent Acrodont teeth. It has black scales with two yellow stripes running down both sides of its head, back, and tail. It’s vocalization universally triggers a fear reflex in human subjects. His main weakness is his eyes. If you injure his eyes, he will be temporarily immobilized. Its other weakness is that after he shoots his quills, his back will be temporarily vulnerable to attack. It's name and behavioral patterns suggest that it wants to protect people, not harm them , it's very territorial though. It's name was given to it by ancient civilizations. It's name is, ¨Fiat Lux¨, translated to English means, ¨Let There Be Light¨.

This suggest it was a protector of some sort, maybe it defended ancient civilizations. It has also shown to be very hard to cooperate in interviews. Basically it doesn't like answering questions. It is easy to get back in containment though. It's fine being in containment as long as it gets what it needs (food, water, ect). It only uses its abilities for good, to protect whoever is in need . It enjoys and is very good at containing and/or neutralizing other SCP's. It has hundreds of quills on its back, used as projectiles for defense. It is incredibly intellectual and can verbalize human language.

It has shown to be incredibly strong by kicking a human subject so hard, when coming in contact, he splattered all over the wall. With 1825 pounds per square inch chewing power, SCP-XXXX has the strongest bite force than any other living reptile. It can control positive and negative electrons, meaning it can control electricity. It can regenerate any wound, basically it is immortal. It can generate weapons out of electrons allowing it to shoot projectiles and generate blades. It can generate large wings, allowing it to fly at 18 mph. It also has retractable claws to tear people apart. Its pitch black scales are used to camouflage in the dark.


Audio Recording