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By the authority of Level 04 Nexus Director K. ██████


Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: Any instances of SCP-XXXX-1 are to be carefully monitored using high-speed camera traps disguised as local government surveillance cameras. Any movement of these instances outside of established areas of appearance is to be logged in file SCP-XXXX-A. Abnormal rate of appearance area expansion or any other abnormality in the appearance of SCP-XXXX are to be reported immediately to SCP-XXXX's level 2 head researcher, Jay Rodes, stationed at Nexus N-25.

Level 04 Nexus Director K. ██████ noted: Please keep your name out of Foundation documentation when your position suffices. Your assigment to this case is not necessarily permanent.

Description: SCP-XXXX is a collection of audiovisual phenomena suggesting that criminal activity is taking place. Appearances are normally limited to a specific housing block, neighbourhood or town. Research has shown a close proximity to a Nexus in seven out of eight known cases of SCP-XXXX.

Thus far, the following phenomena have been ascribed to SCP-XXXX:


  • Gunshots
  • Sirens
  • Screams


  • Emergency service vehicles – Further described as SCP-XXXX-1
  • Derelict vehicles
  • Illegible graffiti on walls

No source producing the audible phenomena has been found. Testing (logged in Transcript SCP-XXXX-T1) has shown that observing which direction the sounds originate from is challenging.

Transcript SCP-XXXX-T1

This is Rodes. Jay Rodes, that is, head researcher for this SCP. I suppose I should mention it by name for archival purposes: this log concerns testing of the audible phenomena surrounding SCP-XXXX.
After I got home last night, I met my one of my few neighbours left entering her apartment and mentioned a gunshot that I had heard the night before. I asked if she had heard it, and she confirmed she had been outside our building when it occurred. I asked her whether she had heard where the sound originated from, and she replied that she hadn’t been able to tell, just as I suspected.

This morning before work, I ran into my landlord and asked him the same question. Got the same reply, too. It seems that the sounds that SCP-XXXX make are coming from somewhere, but no one can tell where exactly. I might ask the director fors ome equipment to figure it out.

Level 04 Nexus Director K. ██████ noted: Talking to neighbours on private time was not Foundation-approved research, nor is speaking of your employment to civilians allowed. This deviation has been marked on your permanent record. Request for audio triangulation equipment denied.

Camera imaging has shown that all visual aspects of SCP-XXXX are visible in the range of the electromagnetic range expected for physical objects. However, video recording as well as testing has shown that all instances are intangible. For example, an instance of SCP-XXXX-1 has been observed driving through a traffic light post without any signs of collision left on itself or the post.

Upon closer inspection of any of stationary instances of SCP-XXXX, the instance quickly disappears. Although researchers have studied this, no civilians have been observed inspecting any instance of SCP-XXXX closely, suggesting that the urge to explore is suppressed by the SCP. Suggestion to research possible amnestic effect for foundation use has been submitted.

Level 04 Nexus Director K. ██████ noted: Suggestion for research was deemed unwarranted as more powerful and reliable amnestics are available to the Foundation. There is no clear evidence for an amnestic here. Don’t waste valuable time in the Nexus exploring dead ends, Rodes. The scope of your work is catalogueing entries.

The appearance of SCP-XXXX-1 instances differ in each area but are consistent with local emergency service vehicles. SCP-XXXX-1 instances are of particular interest to understanding the source and nature of SCP-XXXX, as they feature errors in replicating real emergency service vehicles that are obvious to any observer upon inspection [footnote] Although it should be noted that the urge to inspect instances of SCP-XXXX does not seem to occur in those unaware of the anomaly.[/footnote]

Noted errors in replicating emergency service vehicles manifest for one part as spelling errors in the text on the side of the vehicles, including errors such as:

  • Plice (Police)
  • Depaartmenet (Department)
  • Eemurgency (Emergency)
  • Fire Fireters (Fire Fighters)

Another aspect of SCP-XXXX’s inconsistencies with real emergency service vehicles lies in the operators of the vehicle. Camera footage has shown that instances of SCP-XXXX-1 are manned by a mannequin in an appropriate uniform. However, both this and the misspellings on the vehicles were not noted by test subjects, suggesting the curiosity-suppressing effect described earlier also takes place to some capacity when briefly in contact with the fast-moving vehicles.

Level 04 Nexus Director K. ██████ noted: Rodes, the transcript below is pure speculation, and therefore does not comply with entry documentation guidelines. Keep the visible facts of the matter as your priority.

The following transcript is accessible only to 04 personnel and up.

Level 04 Nexus Director K. ██████ noted: Request for further research authorisation denied. Request for assistance in research denied. Request to open national investigation denied.

Level 04 Nexus Director K. ██████ noted: Researcher J. Rodes was transferred to the level 01 internal research department at Site 19. Reasons include investigating SCP-XXXX further without Foundation authorisation and personal obsession with research projects. This entry has been officially marked as satisfactory and has been closed for any additional research. Any inquiries about SCP-XXXX are to be directed directly to the local Nexus Director from here on out.

Classified (Clearance 04) Notice in relation to this entry - Level 04 Director of Acquisition J.L. ██████████