SCP-5000: Esproc



Item#: XXXX
Containment Class:
Secondary Class:
Disruption Class:
Risk Class:

Site Responsible: Biological Research Area-12
Director: ███████ █████████
Research Head: Dr. Johnathan F. Malachy

Special Containment Procedures:


[Data Removed]

Strategic Conduct Protocols

Due to the recent events of Incident 5000.07 and the manipulative and metaphysical abilities presented by SCP-5013 and the location in which it resides, permanent and efficient containment is unobtainable at this time.

As of most recent reports, SCP-5013 is currently contained within Exclusion Zone 5013 which surrounds the city of ███████, Ukraine, and the nearby ████████ ██████ █████ ███████ █████ █████. Due to the events of Incident-5013.08 on the ██/█/198█, Exclusion zone 5013 remains almost completely inaccessible due to high levels of radioactivity emitted by the [REDACTED]. Evidence provided through the use of Exploration Rovers suggests that SCP-5013 resides within the remains of the [REDACTED], making the entity extremely difficult to locate. Exclusion Zone 5013 and all surrounding areas have been since closed to the public to limit public exposure and to prevent an LV-Zero “Lifted Veil” scenario.

The apprehension and/or extermination of SCP-5013 is to be considered an overriding priority. Any attempts of escape or interaction made by SCP-5013 are to be met with deadly force. Under no circumstances are Task Force Personnel permitted to attempt to communicate with SCP-5013 or attempt to pacify it.

In the event that SCP-5013 breaches Exclusion Zone-5013, all facilities are to undergo an emergency lockdown. All non-security personnel are to seek the nearest breach shelter. Security personnel are required to protect all SCPs within said facility. Failure to do so may result in a Tashkent-Class “Cross-Pollination” Scenario. MTF Kappa-10 “Skynet” and MTF Mu-4 “Debuggers” are to be immediately dispatched to Site-15. Multiple MTF squadrons are to be deployed to SCP-5013’s last known location. Any contact with SCP-5013 must be responded with immediate military force. All Weapons classes are permitted throughout the duration of this event. Combat is to continue until SCP-5013 retreats or is temporarily neutralized. Failure to do so, and failure to prevent exposure to the public or to other SCPs will most likely result in an XK-Class Extinction Event Scenario.

If SCP-5013 is captured, the entity must be dispatched to Site-██ for immediate termination.

Description: SCP-5000 is a bipedal canine/ophidian humanoid, approximately 1.8 m in height ( 5 ft 11 in ), 4.2 m (13 ft 9 in) in length, equipped with long, slanted ears, which alone make up approximately 20% of the entity's natural height. Subject's skin is devoid of any natural pigmentation, and lacks all forms of body hair anywhere except for the interior of the ears. SCP-5000 does not possess a buccinator muscle or any skin tissue around the buccal cavity; in its place grow approximately 230 incisors, ranging from 3 cm - 20 cm in length, which grow in three rows along the upper maxilla and lower mandible.1

Upon examination, SCP-5000 does not possess any obvious digestive, excretory or reproductive system, instead possessing a large enclosed cavity that houses a large mass of [DATA EXPUNGED], which the entity will use to tear itself open in order to [DATA EXPUNGED]. Growing from SCP-5013's torso, thighs, forearms and shoulders are a series of hollow, bone-like protrusions, which grow from designated points on the entity's skeletal system.


Stem cell extracted from SCP-5013 mid-transformation. Sample continued signs of activity 4 weeks after extraction.

The most notable anomalous ability the entity possesses is the ability to absorb the atomic particles that surround it through microscopic light-sensitive pores within its skin2. The particles absorbed through these pores are then stored within the aforementioned protrusions in SCP-5013's skin. It is within these chambers that the entity can seemingly metaphysically modify the atom's overall structure to its own desire to create a series of elements not present prior to assimilation, which the entity can further manipulate to its own will once released from its body. Atoms absorbed by the entity generally consist of elements or compounds found within the troposphere or stratosphere. SCP-5013 is also capable of assimilating elements that take a liquid or solid form, although this process is much more gradual, taking up to 144 hours to absorb a single cubic inch (16.38 cubic centimeters) of water, compared to the 6.3 hours it takes to assimilate a cubic meter (35.3 cubic feet) of Hydrogen particles. The entity can also use this ability to manifest physical copies of itself3, although they alone possess no anomalous properties.

SCP-5000 possesses the ability to regenerate at extremely efficient speeds and suffers no lasting effects from any form of physical damage. This is due to the entirety of SCP-5000's body system, including its circulatory system, being made up primarily of genetically modified stem cells. The original creator of these cells and of SCP-5000 has yet to be identified. Due to this, all previous termination attempts have failed to inflict any permanent damage4.

Upon another examination conducted shortly after Incident 5000-12-A, it was discovered that SCP-5000 suffers a currently unidentified genetic disorder in which the entity's nervous system is extremely sensitive to any external contact, much like Allodynia, except the level of pain described by SCP-5000 has been compared to that of Trigeminal Neuralgia. Despite this, SCP-5000 rarely shows any signs of pain or discomfort upon coming into contact with other personnel, even withstanding rifle fire. It is unknown if this disorder is the reasoning for SCP-5000's frequent outbursts of anger.

Addendum 5000-01: Discovery


SCP-5000 upon entry into Earth’s atmosphere on the ██/█/19██ at 2:18 AM EST.

On August ██/█/19██, satellites MALAKBEL-1, -3, -4, -7 and -9 detected a sudden and strong electromagnetic surge of unknown origin. Foundation personnel at Research Site-45 initially believed the surge had originated from SCP-1548, which the satellites had been focusing on at the time. However, this was proven incorrect after Ohio State University’s radio telescope detected the same electromagnetic surge, followed by a steady signal, on the opposite side of the globe, confirming that it was a separate event to that of SCP-1548. The signal continued for 5 days as the source orbited the Earth before it crash landed 100m away from the village ███████ in Northern Iraq. An investigation was conducted by Dr. █████████ █. ███████ in which [REDACTED] was discovered at the site of the crash.
2 days later, at 3:11pm EST, a report was made from locals about a series of sightings of an unidentified entity around the village of ███████. Mobile Task Forces investigated the area within a 50km radius from the landing site, where they discovered a small encampment, where SCP-5000 was discovered with a domesticated camel (Camelus bactrianus). After a brief interval, SCP-5000 willingly entered Foundation custody.

SCP Review Notes

The entity is able to speak a wide variety of foreign and extinct languages, some of which spoken over 6,000 years ago, including English, German, Akkadian and Coptic5. Due to the large variety of cultures that these languages originate from and their historic backgrounds, it is likely that SCP-5000 has frequently traveled across continents throughout history.

According to claims made by SCP-5000, the entity was worshiped as the the god Mictlantecuhtli, the Aztec god of death, as well as multiple other gods in the South american and Middle Eastern areas6. This may explain how SCP-5000 learnt to speak the native Nahuatl language, as well as most other extinct languages.


REQUEST for the Initiation of PROTOCOL B-19/5000






The Council has voted. SCP-5000 is to be terminated as soon as possible, assuming that it is done so responsibly and resourcefully. May God have mercy upon us all.