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SCP-!LG “Lawn Gnomes”
Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: As of the time of documentation, all known instances of SCP-!LG occupy the town formally known as Spruce, Colorado. Aggressive instances of SCP-!LG-1 are to be quarantined at Spruce General Hospital (designated Site-!LG) for continued observation. Only Level -3 personnel with PRS scores of 4 or above may handle SCP-!LG. Instances of SCP-!LG are themselves inanimate, requiring only to be collected upon manifestation and stored in the lower rooms of Site-!LG pending additional evaluation. Note, as of 2/██200█, SCP-!LG manifestation rates have declined to a single instance per night.

Description: SCP-!LG resemble ceramic lawn gnomes averaging 16cm in standing height. Though they range in colors, most (approximately 80% of a estimated total of ███,) take the image of older bearded men wearing red pointed hats, though hat-less, beardless, and female instances have been recorded. For the only recorded instance of a juvenile SCP-!LG, see Incident Report !LG001.

SCP-!LG's effects had spread through the majority of the local population. Those under it's influence (referred to as SCP-!LG-1) will stand in a trance-like state unless undertaking tasked related to the maintenance of their homes or of SCP-!LG. Example, SCP-!LG-1 will actively engage in conversation with other -1 instances or with SCP-!LG directly, but will otherwise ignore Foundation staff unless physically acted upon. Similarly, SCP-!LG-1 will attack if they feel that SCP-!LG are in any danger of damage/destruction. It is believed that the destruction of a juvenile SCP-!LG is the cause of Incident !LG001, during which the remaining non-influenced population were murdered.

The origin of SCP-!LG is at this time unclear. Instances will appear overnight in residential neighborhoods and will remain in position unless acted on by residents. The exact location !LG manifests appear to be random, but will always occur on a patch of grass of at least 1 square meter.

The only noted exceptions are instances of SCP-!LG found in non-residential locations (parks, business ares, sidewalks). SCP-!LG-1 will immediately destroy any “wildling” instance found, even if it is no longer in its place of manifestation.

Initial Discovery

Listening center DEN1 detected a massive spike in 911 calls originating from the town of Spruce, Colorado on 01/01/200█ between 01:10-01:45. Mobile Task Force Delta 5, “Super Troopers” were dispatched to investigate. They arrived shortly before 10am to find most surviving residents in front of a [redacted] Hotel, standing motionless, centered around a burning pyre. The remains of a human male and of a juvenile instance of SCP-!LG were located within the ashes. Searches throughout the city found only two other survivors, E. [redacted] and D. [redacted].


As of 01/03/200█, A Stage E1 Quarantine has been put in place for the area surrounding Spruce. Civilian traffic is to be redirected under the guise of a bio-hazardous event. Any non-Foundation staff found on site are to be administered amnestics and released to local authorities.

Spruce General Hospital has been repurposed as Site-!LG as temporary storage of SCP-!LG instances, as well to house SCP-!LG-1. Field Researcher @RSName has been assigned to SCP-!LG.