SCP-3379 Draft

Item #: SCP-3379

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3379 is to be stored in a standard Inert Items locker at the Charlie-Bravo storage site in the UK. Given the mundane quality of SCP-3379 no further precautions are deemed necessary at this time.

Description: SCP-3379 is an otherwise ordinary stainless steel ball bearing measuring 22mm in diameter, with no visible markings, and which emits a gentle humming sound, never exceeding 10 decibels. It is not currently known how SCP-3379 produces this sound.

SCP-3379 was obtained at an auction held by Marshall, Carter and Dark Ltd. where the object was listed as SCP-3379-4, on sale on behalf of the Wromford Institute; No organisation operating under this name has been found however. The auction for SCP-3379 began bidding at £500,000, and reached £██,███,███ before being obtained by the foundation. It is possible the object is merely for money laundering purposes.

Given the listing of SCP-3379 as SCP-3379-4 by Marshall, Carter and Dark, investigation has begun for the retrieval of related objects.