Lz-2cy7h3's Narcissus Button

Item Narcissus Button: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures:

SCP-XXXX is to be kept closed within a vacuum sealed container of tinted Plexiglas and locked within a standard containment unit with no fewer than two armed personnel.

The only exception being transfer to other SCP units for testing, during which personnel are required to wear tinted visors and avoid direct contact with the button itself.


A small red acrylic button painted in a glossy red, perched on a miniature silken pillow (SCP-XXXX-1).

Both items appeared on a routine patrol of the facilities hallways and were subsequently collected by a class 2 officer (identity expunged). Shortly after collecting SCP-XXXX (identity expunged) became reclusive, unwilling to communicate outwardly and often slinking into a bowed protective posture when approached. Attempts to remove the object from their possession was met with a violent, feral response; requiring sedation. Aprox. 36 hours after separation the officer ceased any attempts to escape restraints and responded to questioning with no recollection of any time spent with its possession.

SCP-XXXX is oddly incapable of being physically damaged, when dropped or thrown the button will appear undamaged atop the accompanying pillow titled SCP-XXXX-1 at the prospective point of impact. Any damage from projectile or melee seem to impact directly adjacent to SCP-XXXX and SCP-XXXX-1.

Though a point of contention between researchers SCP-XXXX and SCP-XXXX-1 do not seem to be sentient or have any clear malicious intention on their own.

Those subjected to its touch become obsessed with the idea of “unlocking their potential

One subject even going as far as attempting to sew SCP-XXXX into their own flesh.


Testing, Clothing. Attempt One.

During our first experiment regarding the "Narcissus Button" the subject was tasked with wearing a nondescript button down shirt with SCP-XXXX sewn in place of the garments second button. The buttons usual mesmerizing effect seemed to be negated.

  • 30 sec. Subjects reported a tightening sensation.
  • 40 sec. The subject collapsed to their knees, and struggled for breath.
  • 50 sec. The subject regained their composure, standing unresponsive.
  • At the minute mark it appeared as if SCP-XXXX no longer remained attached to the garment.

Testing, Clothing. Attempt One Autopsy.

the button was discovered buried in the subjects chest, using a self generating thread (SCP-XXXX-2)to “pull” itself below flesh as if burrowing.

Live Testing, Rattus Norvegicus. Attempt One.

Second test involves complete reaction between the anomaly and a living host. Test conducted in a rectangular medium sized glass container compartmentalized into two chambers by a one inch glass divider. One chamber containing a common brown rat, the other containing SCP-XXXX and SCP-XXXX-1.

Immediately upon introducing the subject into the test chamber subject begins to gnash and claw at the divider. Introducing incentives such as food, and even opening its compartment for exit, garnered no response.

Live Testing, Phase Two.

After removing the subject, replacing the glass divider with a slightly tinted half inch Plexiglas divider, and reintroducing the subject into the test environment the subject upon seeing SCP-XXXX showed no noticeable change in attitude, accepting incentives and returning to its natural temperament.

Live Testing, Phase Three.

During this phase of live testing the tinted divider is removed. Immediately upon seeing SCP-XXXX the subject approached the anomaly and proceeded to make contact; closing the button in its paws and curling around it defensively.

  • 30 sec. after concealing the anomaly from view the subject fell still.
  • 40 sec. subject begins convulsing.
  • 50 sec. subject unresponsive.
  • 2 minutes after subject loss black hairlike threads begin to protrude from its body.
  • 2 minutes and 30 sec after subject loss threads are completely visible, as thin cross threaded fibers have woven across its body.
  • 3 minutes after subject loss, subject now completely obscured by SCP-XXXX-2

Live Testing, Attempt One Autopsy.

on the rat shows complete loss of organic matter, having completely been replaced by SCP-XXXX-2. Strangely, however, contained in the center of the rat shaped husk of threading is the singular red button.

Live Testing, Long Exposure.

Test environment consisting of medium size rectangular glass container.
Upon introducing test subject (Rattus Norvegicus) initial response identical to Live Testing, Phase Three.

  • day one. subject loss confirmed
  • day two. no noticeable change.
  • day three. subject movement observed, minor twitching.
  • day three. post testing during the interval between observation phases subject stirs from catatonic state.
  • day four. subject observed pacing enclosure, as if studying its confinement.
  • day five. Researcher Zalowski complains of minor cranial pain, subject observed displaying intense focus regarding Dr. Zalowski.
  • day six. Dr. Zalowski found catatonic in sleeping quarters, en route to medical bay Zalowski observed to have darkened black vein-like patterns below skin. upon arriving in ER Zalowski observed sprouting black hairlike threading from pores.

[Time of death 18:43]

Special Incident Autopsy

Solid layers of SCP-XXXX-2 in place of inner organic material. Embedded in the threading resembling Zalowski's heart, a strange mass of SCP-XXXX-2 was found taking the shape of a small button.

Body is incinerated.

Test subject terminated.

SCP-XXXX deemed dangerous and returned to containment unit.

Testing ceased for fear of possible reality-bending/telepathic properties.

Scp-xxxx, (-1), (-2) file close.