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  • Foundation finds bear in a photo shop
  • Bear is contained in Wisconsin
    • Gendered male
  • A few days after containment, the store owner is found, turned into a mouse.
  • Bear originally is safe, but is ramped up to euclid after they discover a picture and connect it to what the bear does
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To Lord Of Laugh

Sorry, this seemed kinda rushed together. I didn't get to explore the narrative I had planned for this involving S&C Plastics as much as I wanted to, but I hope you get a kick out of this regardless. I'm planning on writing a followup tale for this once I have time.

- A Secret



Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Safe Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: While a containment space is constructed for it at Zoological Containment Site-282, SCP-xxxx is to be contained at Site-87 in a standard biological containment chamber. It is to be fed twice a day with a standard carnivore diet. With good behavior, it may be fed human food as well.

Should staff need a photographer for an on-site event, they may request the use of SCP-xxxx. SCP-xxxx is not allowed to take photos of living subjects. All photos created by SCP-xxxx are to be recorded and archived. Efforts are underway to track previously taken photographs. If SCP-xxxx approaches staff with a paper that can be signed, staff are to reject the creature and report the incident to any staff member involved with SCP-xxxx. Under no circumstances, are staff to sign their names or initials on any documents the bear gives them.

Description: SCP-xxxx is an adult male black bear of indeterminate species, but most similar to the American black bear (Ursus americanus). It has a number of cybernetic augmentations, most notably a printer in its chest, and a photographic camera replacing one of its eyes. "Grail's Zoo for Cybernetically Enhanced Bears" is etched onto several of the cybernetics. Additionally, the bear has two tattoos1 on its forehead. Their significance and origin is unclear. When SCP-xxxx was originally contained from "Ralph's Photography and Photo Shoppe", the bear was wearing a T-Shirt that read "Flash Beardon, Zoo Photographer". This has since been discarded.


SCP-xxxx-A (Right), SCP-xxxx-B (Left)

SCP-xxxx is extremely intelligent and possibly sapient. A number of staff have theorized that the sapience and intelligence are a result of the cybernetics within its nervous system and brain. The bear appears to have an automatic routine that begins when it observes a person or group dressed casually as tourists. In this routine, SCP-xxxx will approach the person or group, stand on its hind legs and print a pamphlet advertising that it is able to take pictures for the subjects. If the subjects agree to have their picture taken, the bear's internal camera will take the picture and print it through its internal cybernetics. Following the picture, SCP-xxxx will print a legal release form, that would allow "Grail's Zoo for Cybernetically Enhanced Bears" to use the photos for advertising and marketing purposes.

The material on which the photographs and documents are printed is a highly refined parchment variation, composed of skin and bone cells from SCP-xxxx. The ink is composed from a mixture of red blood cells and chemicals found within its diet.

A secondary anomaly affects the photographs taken by SCP-xxxx. As the photograph ages, the subjects within the photo will become increasingly blurry. Testing has determined this does not occur due to the odd chemical mixture used to create the ink.


A photograph of Dr. Maura, taken by SCP-xxxx. Image was taken three months prior to its inclusion in this document.

SCP-xxxx was first discovered when Ralph Begruja, the owner of "Ralph's Photography and Photo Shoppe" in Sloth's Pit, Wisconsin was overheard complaining about the quality of photos produced by a store attraction he had purchased several months prior. As per standard protocol for Nexus sites, a pair of staff were dispatched to determine whether this was an anomalous event that would require further Foundation intervention.

Addendum xxxx-1: On October 10th, Dr. Rachael Maura and Agent Buck Forbes were dispatched to Ralph Begruja's shop to look into the report. Upon arriving, they saw SCP-xxxx standing by a table and eating a plate of hamburgers.

Dr. Maura and Agent Forbes step into the establishment and are greeted by Ralph Begruja.

Begruja: (Addressing Agent Forbes) Ah! Customers. What can I help you with today? I have a wide assortment of photography equipment, I can also develop film, or if you and your daughter want to have your photos taken, I can do all of that.

Dr. Maura: Uh, we're actually here to look at… I'd assume that. The bear. Is he the new "store attraction" we've-

Begruja: Oh, you're plastics. No, everything's fine. You can leave. You're scaring away the customers.

Agent Forbes: I reckon having a bear in your store ain't going to help you at all with any customers.

Begruja: You can't take him. I paid for him legally. I know my rights. I even saved the bill of sale.

Dr. Maura: What? You bought it? Who'd you buy it from?

Begruja shrugs and steps behind the counter.

Begruja: Uhhh, I have the bill here somewhere. Hold on. Let's see…. Katherine Grail. I saw an ad on Craigslist. Called the number. She seemed kinda in a hurry, so I wired her the money, and a week later the bear showed up at my door.

Dr. Maura: Did you have any more contact with her afterwards?

Begruja: I tried to call back cause the bear's pictures were being weird, but I think her cat knocked her phone off the wall, cause I could hear it meowing.

Agent Forbes: What was the issue with the pictures?

Begruja: They were getting all blurry. I dunno what ink the bear uses, but it will like randomly age and look weird. One of the customers was like really depressed about it and asked if I could reverse it. But I don't know how to restore photos.

Agent Forbes: Aren't you in the photography business?

Begruja: (Snerks) Yeah, but I'm not a chemist. I leave that to you people. Now, if you're not going to get anything, get out.

Recovery: After Katherine Grail was identified as a Person of Interest, agents were sent to recover the bear from Mr. Begruja. Upon arriving at the store, SCP-xxxx greeted the agents in a friendly manner, however Begruja was not on the premises. A staff member called his home phone number. His wife answered, and expressed concern over her husband's whereabouts.

According to her comments, Begruja had began acting worried and suspicious after the Foundation personnel had visited the previous day. She hadn't noticed because he had become increasingly anxious and erratic in the months following his purchase of SCP-xxxx.

Analysis of his credit card transaction revealed that he had rented a room at a motel in a nearby town. Agents were dispatched to his location, but he was not in the room he had rented when agents arrived. However, there was a frog sitting in the sink. A mark identical to SCP-xxxx-A was on its belly.

Addendum xxxx-2: After SCP-xxxx was contained and its connection to Katherine Grail was confirmed, researchers re-analyzed the notes and documents recovered from Grail's defunct zoo. The notes related to SCP-xxxx have been added below.

Notes from lab journals:

Jan 21 - Bought a new spec from a Private English Seller. Low price, which surprised me from an MCD merchant. Might use this one so the visitors can like get their pictures taken. Should be popular.

Mar 2223 - Alright, I have the plans finalized for this spec. I'm kinda getting attached to her it. Maybe I'll see if I can keep it. As a pet. It's super smart for a bear, I'm almost left wondering if it can read, cause it seemed super interested in the books I had on my shelf. It's probably just the leather those books are bound with though, as it was looking at my fairy tale shelf.

June 8th - First round of operations were successful. Control node and baseline cybernetics installed. While operating on her head, I found a few tattoos that I didn't know where there. I may have to call the seller and see if those are his.

June 12th - Second round of cybernetics were successful. The camera's quality is fine. The paper's fine. I'm actually really proud of the work so I signed it and sent it to my mother. The bear seemed concerned though. I'm not sure if that's just a glitch with the control node though. I'll look into the programming later.

June 15 - Seller didn't answer. His estate manager did however. I asked about the tattoo and he didn't know. Offered to send me all the documents they had on the bear.

June 20 - Flash has been trying to get out of her cage all day. My doorbell must be glitched though. Because it's been ringing nonstop all day. I knew I shouldn't have let Bobby play with it.

Other Documents:

To whom it may regard,

This letter serves to confirm the authenticity of this creature as previously owned by Lord Wharton and the Wharton estate. Please forward all further questions to the current owner.

Lord Riley Wharton

Date 03-09-2009

Collection Item: Bear, Black

Current owner: Lord Riley Wharton

Previous owner: Lord Basil Wharton

Lord Basil Wharton purchased the creature shortly before his death from a small zoo in Germany. I contacted them several years later over a small matter concerning the bear, they expressed surprise at it still being alive, as they had owned the bear for several years, and assumed it would have died by the time I had reached out to them. While 25 years is certainly still within the expected lifespan of a bear of this nature, it seemed as though they had also purchased the animal when it was an adult.

I requested information on the bear's previous owner and the staff member responsible for caring for it. Unfortunately, the caretaker had evidently quit shortly after my father bought the bear. The previous owner, however, was one I recognized: Doctor Jeremiah Mason. The oddities he collected were vast and impressive. I must find one of the old catalogues he made.

Addendum xxxx-3: Following the containment of SCP-xxxx, Dr. Maura displayed increasingly strange behaviour. While initially it appeared to be standard depression, her reflexes and motor skills began diminishing as well. On several occasions, Dr. Maura expressed confusion over identity confirmation questions. In the following days, these effects magnified until she was in a comatose state.

Foundation staff looked through a few records taken from Ralph Begruja's shop, and began looking into the customers who had patronized his business in the months he owned SCP-xxxx. All customers who had images taken by the bear were in similar comatose states.

Additionally, within several days of each other, all three of the agents who initially contained SCP-xxxx from "Ralph's Photography and Photo Shoppe" went missing while off-site. However, a rabbit bearing the SCP-xxxx-A mark was found shortly after the last agent disappeared.

Emergency Notice: Following the events of Incident xxxx-1224, SCP-xxxx is no longer contained by the Foundation. If any Foundation personnel encounter SCP-xxxx or the artist from the woods, they are to immediately leave the vicinity and return to Site-87.