Macabre Song
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Item #: SCP-3678

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: When not in use, SCP-3678 must be secured in a cubical 10x10x10 foot domicile, made by three-paned UL 752 Level 10 bullet resistant glass. This is to protect both staff and the subject from harm, as several security personnel have expressed extreme displeasure in it's continual containment due to it's previous actions [see Acquisition Report]. This facility is located in the basement of Site 12-A, run by Foundation associate Cargo Site in [REDACTED]. Inside is a single metallic toilet and washing station, a mattress and metal bedframe bolted to the floor, and lit by two industrial strip lights (to ensure continuous viewing by security and staff). It is only allowed a single cotton blanket and a single photograph. The single entrance consists of two blast-resistant 7x4 foot doors that are secured 24/7 by two armed guards. Due to the displeasure of several personnel as mentioned above, armed security must be equipped with non-lethal and lethal weapons at all times. When SCP-3678 is secured, it must be blindfolded and put into hinged handcuffs locked by a waistchain and double-locked leg irons to secure complete control of the subject. Only one door is to be opened at a time. After stepping into the containment area between door one and two, only an authorized member (Level 3 and above) of security will insert the six digit code ██████ into a console to close the first door and open the second. Only on-site Level 4 personnel and above can authorize the secured release of SCP-3678 for either experimentation or usage, and only off-site Level 4 Foundation members may request for usage. Any unauthorized contact or attempts to release the subject without proper authorization will result in disciplinary action, including but not limited to a negative counciling statement. Those with socialization privileges on-site or staff personnel are restricted in their interactions with SCP-3678. Any signs of attempted escape must be reported, and the subject shall be [REDACTED]. Multiple attempts will result in either short term amnestic agent application or termination.

Description: SCP-3678 appears to be a male Caucasian, age 25, standing 1.8 meters, weighing 90 kilograms. It's eyes are a light green, with no other remarkable facial features, and appears to prefer to keep a clean shaven head and face, however the rest of the subject is covered in an abnormal amount of body hair, though not thick enough to restrict site of the skin. He is in above-average shape due to the subject's past associations, and when given the chance during testing and usage, will wear a complete set of American OCP military combat gear [This is to be restricted unless in testing or usage].
Physically it isn't remarkable, except it is able to deal with slightly more damage then a normal human. Bullets to extremities and non-lethal shots do little to slow it down, along with the lack of reaction to blunt force trauma and stab wounds. However, shots to the head or heart will terminate it. Its healing factor shows only slight extraordinary capabilities.
SCP-3678 has demonstrated signs of depression and slight emotional instability, assumed to be brought on by it's photograph that it carries, consisting of the subject and another individual, a [REDACTED]. The subject also appears to act based on it's emotions and disregarding logical reasoning when committing to it's actions, detailed in the acquisition report. However mentioning the individual in the photograph seems to also be the only way to trigger it's extranormal actions. With motivation, the subject will pull an extremely long sword from it's left hand, which is not dissimilar to the description of a katana [see Addendum 1 for in depth description]. On occasion the subject has pulled another one out of it's left shoulder, although currently it's design is unknown. The subject describes the process as extremely painful, with the accompanying pain and first sword (Designated SCP-3678-02) telling the subject to commit horrific deeds to those that it deems a threat, with it's second weapon (Designated SCP-3678-02) being deigned as "the older one" by the subject. It is unknown, but theorized that given enough reinforcement the subject would be able to extract several other objects. Both Doctor ██████ and ██████, who performed the first in-depth analysis have determined that sword isn't within his body but is an extension of his soul, it's complete meaning and properties unknown but partially described by the subject in Interview Transcript 3678-014 and explained in greater detail in Addendum 1 and 2. The process seems to affect the subjects psyche, rendering it in a near catatonic state for approximately 2 hours after neutralization and permanently affecting it's psychological state.

Addendum 1: SCP-3678-01
This object is ~36 inches long, ~33 inches of blade, ~26 inches of cutting edge, and a blade curvature of 1.6 centimeters. In SCP-3678's beserk-like state, SCP-3678-01 is removed hilt first from the palm of the left, causing extreme pain and duress to SCP-3678. These dimensions are approxiamate and taken from in-depth analysis of CCTV and MTF helmet cam footage, as attempts to study the subject hands-on and without SCP-3678 being in it's state of beserk has proven impossible. Footage has displayed several unusual features when compared to normal katanas; a mirror image hamon, with an irregular pattern of very shallow valleys nearly touch the ha of the blade with a cluster of zigzag shapes. Lastly the tang, or the back portion of the blade is shaped of what seems to be a fish belly, a tangobara. On the side of the handle is a single name, 村正千子, written in red lettering along the solid black handle. An on-site security member has verified it's English translation to be Sengo Muramasa, a famed Japanese swordsmith from the Muromachi period. This has led researchers to hypothesize that the object is one of the famed swordsmith's blades, but how it fused to the subject is unknown, and further testing and field experimentation is needed. What is known is that the blade hasn't experienced any signs of damage from usage or age, and when hitting a target emits a low pitched hum, giving the perception that the blade is sentient. This is unconfirmed and the sound was only picked up through audio enhancement of field experimentation footage, however SCP-3678 has said that the sound is the blade congratulating the user.

Addendum 2: SCP-3678-02
This object is of unknown design, being what is determined to be made out of the spinal column from some unknown creature. It is ~89 inches in length, with a consistent width of ~20 inches. Their are 31 segments, similar to a human spinal cord. Extending from both sides of the thoracic section are two sharp, but noticibly partial segments of the beginning of what is looks to be [REDACTED], however it is inconclusive without further analysis. This object is used like a blade, however it is able to move freely to engage long range opponents like a chain-whip. Further analysis is requested to have a more detailed report.

Acquisition Report:
Date: ██ / ██ / 20██

Location: ████████

Acquiring Agent: Junior Field Agent ████████

Comments: Subject is former ███ Army Specialist ████████, stationed at ████████. His MoS was ████████. Mobile Task Force Teams Echo-Five-Three and Romeo-Seven-One and I were the first to respond to the incident site when an undercover agent reported an anomaly happening in the barracks on base. Responding to the scene, we came upon a dozen unarmed soldiers outside the barracks in civilian attire, all confirmed dead with severe lacerations across the midsection, two severed limbs and one decapitation. The first and second floor yielded only three more casualties with similar wounds. Team E-55 approached from the rear exit to the third floor while I and Team R-71 came from the front stairwell. We encountered the subject in question near the exit, pulling an unidentifiable secondary weapon from it's shoulder to accompany the one already available. Seven unarmed off-duty soldiers, two armed military police were among the casualties and two critically wounded were closest to eye. The subject was completely uniformed in standard issue battle gear, complete with a black skull-faced balaclava. All responses for the subject to withdraw it's weapons were met with no response, so Team E-55 attempted extreme non-lethal response with limited success. using psychochemical weapons and engaging in hand-to-hand combat to wrest the weapons away. However, both weapons were sucked back into the subject by an unknown force and he was rendered to a catatonic state. This continued for nearly 2 hours until the subject regained complete awareness in Mobile Site ████████. Form 4187 is attached to the Acquisition Report, requesting for usage of subject in anomaly situations after an in-depth analysis and full capability examination is performed.
Request Accepted

Interview Transcript 3678-014:

Interviewed: [SCP-3678, formerly ██ Army Specialist ██████]

Interviewer: [Acquiring Agent and Handler, Field Agent ██████]

Foreword: [The Interviewer is the same agent who first encountered the subject. Due to this, it has been determined that the best way to either use the subject or extract information is by allowing the same agent to become it's handler. This assumption has yielded positive results.]

<Begin Log, [17 hours and 32 minutes after fifth field experiment, conducted in ██████, Kosovo on ██/██/20██]>

██████: "SCP-3678, can you hear me? Look up."

SCP-3678: "Yeah, I can hear. You're still blurry, it's still hard to see."

██████: "SCP-3678, during field operation ██████ to investigate a potential anomaly in ██████, we had come across several of these entities, but when we activated you, you had pulled out your secondary weapon almost immediately. Because this is the second such incident, and because your actions resulted in the near destruction of all anomalic subjects you are being interviewed and counciled for this incident. Now we want to know what happened exactly for you to be in this state of consciousness, specifically what is needed for you to engage in the usage of SCP-3678-02."

SCP-3678: "I told you, it's hard to fucking explain. Everytime someone threatens [DATA EXPUNGED], the young one tells me that I have to kill the threat. It's not stupid, it knows your the one saying it, but it doesn't care for now. But sometimes, the older one wants to come out, it wants to deal with things it feels threatened by. It knows things, you see, it knew what those things were. God it fucking hurts so much, my shoulders on fire, it wants me to stop speaking!" Subject doubles over and makes several grunting sounds before eventually returning to a normal seated position.
** ██████:** "Who is the older one? Where do your weapons actually come from? You've told us in the past that it's from your soul, but how do you know that?"
SCP-3678: "Because, heavy breathing that's what they've told me. They are a part of me, I don't want them but they need me to complete their plans. Don't you see what the older one is? It's ██████ ████ ████████████ ██ ████████████ ██████ █████ ████ ███ █ █████ ██████.
██████: "Hm. Alright, thank you for your time. You are now able to be transported back to your cell. Tomorrow, you will be in an extended field experiment with several Class-Ds. Interview Terminated."
<End Log>

Closing Statement: SCP-3678 is still mentally competent for field experimentation, he is a valuable asset in an array of volatile encounters that would usually result in the lives of staff and security personnel. However, understanding the subject's anomaly completely still is a priority, and we request for an off-site expert to conduct an analysis as soon as possible to determine the objects, and if they can be communicated with.