MagistrataOfficial - The Triumvirate


The Triumvirate

Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Euclid Keter

Site and Personnel Requirements

Under advisement of Dr. R ███████, the following has been attached to the beginning of the documentation surrounding SCP-XXXX. This is been added per orders from Site Director ██████████████████████.

  1. Any and all personnel must wear lead-lined equipment and clothing at all times while directly observing SCP-XXXX. All clothing must be environmentally sealed per environmental containment protocol ██████. The standard kit consists of a Class B encapsulating suit, a standard SCBA (Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus) or rebreather, a communication deviced linked to a central recording and transmission hub, and a wrist-mounted Geiger counter capable of detecting alpha, beta, and gamma radiation.
  2. Any and all personnel are restricted from approaching SCP-XXXX without written consent from the Site Director and at least one other individual with security clearance 4 or greater. Upon acquisition of this consent, a team comprised of at least three research scientists and one security officer will be allowed to approach SCP-XXXX and it's surrounding figures.

The precautions noted above have been deemed necessary due to the events of █████████, which are detailed in Incident Report I-XXXX-B.

Any and all structures within 2,000 meters of SCP-XXXX must be augmented to include an emergency evacuation structure, commonly referred to as a "bug-out bunker." Per building guideline ███, these new facilities must contain the following materials in their outer structure, in order of inner-most, to outer-most:

  1. At least ten centimeters of steel-reinforced, lead-impregnated concrete
  2. At least three centimeters of elemental lead
  3. At least one centimeter of low-carbon steel
  4. Standard weather-resistant coatings and sealants

Additionally, these structures must have a single door, which is to be at least six centimeters thick, lead-lined, magnetically sealed, and resistant to environmental hazards including, but not limited to, extreme heat or cold, radiation, puncture, and blunt-force. This precaution has been deemed necessary due to the events of █████████, which are detailed in Incident Report I-XXXX-C.

Special Containment Procedures

Observation Posts RCM-001, RCM-002, and RCM-003 have been established in order to monitor SCP-XXXX. Each of these sites are approximately 1,000 meters away from SCP-XXXX and are equidistant to each other (approximately 1,730 meters). Instruments capable of detecting seismic activity have been placed between each site in order to protect the area surrounding SCP-XXXX from unauthorized entry. These detectors are spaced ██████ from each other and are positioned in ███████████████, geography permitting. Each site has been equipped with basic housing necessities, provisions, and armaments for personnel assigned to monitor SCP-XXXX.

Due to SCP-XXXX's proximity to ██████ and ████████████, operatives at each site are instructed to detain any civilian(s) attempting to enter the protected area. Pacification of said civilian(s) is recommended, but should pacification prove impossible, use of lethal force has been authorized. Upon pacification, said civilian(s) are to be interrogated at the nearest site, administered a mild amnestic and a mild sedative, and subsequently returned to the nearest civilian city as soon as possible.


SCP-XXXX was brought to The Foundation's attention through a series of communications with ████████████, an outpost in rural ███████. The communications had mentioned the local nomadic population's fascination with a particular mountain range in the area and claims that they had seen a blue or violet glow coming from it. Corroboration of local story and innuendo, along with historical allegory and legend suggested that the area be investigated for possible paranormal or supernatural activity. A research detail was assembled and sent to the area in question to survey and document any activity in the vicinity of coordinates ██████ by ██████. Upon surveying the ███████████████, the research detail confirmed and documented the existence of SCP-XXXX.

SCP-XXXX is an electromagnetic phenomenon currently located in the ████████████████████████ of █████████. SCP-XXXX is typically visible to the naked eye and is geometrically spherical with a diameter of approximately two meters, though it's overall dimensions and shape have been observed to change. SCP-XXXX has been observed emitting electromagnetic radiation with energy levels ranging from 10-7 to 1010 electron volts, however, SCP-XXXX does seem to display a sort of "preference," as it tends to display itself within the visible spectrum of electromagnetic radiation; usually in a hue of blue or violet.

SCP-XXXX floats above a stone column, approximately 1.5 meters tall and three meters wide. Three larger figures surround the column and seem to be carved from the same stone the column is carved from. Each figure is approximately six meters tall and sits exactly 1.5 meters away from the central column. The stone itself is very dark in coloration, with unknown geology. The stone shows various colors of mineral striations, primarily consisting of blacks, silvers, and reds. Geological and chemical analysis of the stone is currently impossible, as no available equipment has been able to break the stone for sampling. Simple observation, however, would suggest that the stone is not from this particular geographical region.

Each of the three stone figures is roughly humanoid in appearance, though unique in detail. These figures have been given designations SCP-XXXX-001, SCP-XXXX-002, and SCP-XXXX-003 in order to aid with individual description and classification.

SCP-XXXX-001 is depicted as female, with large bird-like wings protruding from it's back. It's left arm is outstretched towards the central column (and likewise, SCP-XXXX), and has claw-like appendages in place of typical humanoid fingers. It's right arm rests on the shoulder of SCP-XXXX-002.

SCP-XXXX-002 is also depicted as female, but has large bat-like wings protruding from it's back. Similarly to SCP-XXXX-001, SCP-XXXX-002's left arm is outstretched towards the central column, but has a typical humanoid, female hand. SCP-XXXX-002's right arm rests on the shoulder of SCP-XXXX-003.

SCP-XXXX-003 is depicted as male with large horns protruding from it's head. The horns begin at each temple and curve in a slight S shape backwards towards the occipital region of the figure. The horns resemble that of demons or dragons from human mythology in both shape and texture. Similarly to it's counterparts, SCP-XXXX-003's left arm is outstretched towards the central column, and has a reptilian claw in place of the typical human hand. It's right arm rests on the shoulder of SCP-XXXX-001.