Make Haste

Item #:_ (001 for convenience)
Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures:

SCP 001-1 is currently uncontained. The containment of SCP 001-1 is currently a top level priority.

Due to the evidence and victims of SCP 001 presenting a low risk of breach or danger, all objects related to SCP 001 are currently stored at site-19.
(See addendum #)

In the event that SCP 001-1 is successfully contained yet presents a medium to high risk of containment breach or danger, all objects related to SCP 001 are to be relocated to whatever site SCP 001-1 is contained at.

All undercover Foundation agents stationed in police forces across continental North America, primarily agents in mainland United States and Canada, are to report any new information regarding SCP 001 or new victims of SCP 001 to higher authority. A containment team will then be sent to recover any new evidence relating to SCP 001, or capture SCP 001-1.


Note: The following information is considered incomplete (See addendum #).

SCP 001 is a series of 5 6 murders across the United States and Canada. These murders are theorized to have been committed by a single anomalous entity or object to be referred to as SCP 001-1. The location of the murders do not establish a comfort zone, MO, or general area of effect, aside from continental North America. Victims were recovered in areas ranging from rural to urban environments (See list of SCP 001 victims). All victims had unique distinguishable features such as fingerprints removed making them impossible to identify.

The anomalous properties of SCP 001 are as follows.

Property one:
Upon autopsy, anything removed from a victim's body including fluids or internal organs will immediately return to the victim when not directly observed. In addition, any evidence of an autopsy on the body such as cuts will disappear, reverting the victim into the state found when originally recovered. It has been proposed to monitor victims in a way similar to the containment of SCP-173 to prevent property one from manifesting, but after further testing, it was ruled that property one does not erase any evidence, but only moves it back into the body. As such it would be a waste of resources and time to constantly monitor victims, as another autopsy can be performed if necessary.

Property two:
After a certain time period, any person investigating SCP 001 in any way will suddenly stop investigating and proceed to do another unrelated task. "Investigating" can range from doing research relating to SCP 001 on a computer to field agents actively recovering evidence. Interviews with those affected by property two immediately afterwards report the investigator saying the case was "impossible to solve" and that they just "had to forget". The effect can easily be reversed by giving a literal, clear command to continue work on SCP 001. The command must be clear in meaning, as vague commands will not counter the effect.

Effective Command: Get back to work investigating SCP 001.
Ineffective Command: Get back to work.

There does not appear to be any other long-term anomalous effects from property two, aside from natural ones (See test-001a).

The time period in which property two takes effect has been known to range from 15 minutes to multiple weeks. It is theorized that this effect is determined by the investigator's focus or will to capture SCP 001-1. Property two can be immediately triggered if an individual ceases work on SCP 001, if said individual had not already triggered property two.

All personal assigned to SCP 001 are recommended to be supervised when work on SCP 001 is initiated. Nonessential personnel that have property two take effect in less than 24 hours are recommended to be transferred to another assignment.

Initial discovery:

SCP 001 was not treated as an SCP until after the fifth victim was recovered. Undercover agents Coach and Lawrence imbedded in the ███████ Police Department happened to be assigned to the case. In the official report, property two took effect on agent Coach first, and was unknowingly countered by agent Lawrence. After property two took effect a second time on agent Coach, agent Lawrence notified higher authority. All assets related to SCP 001 were recovered by the Foundation. However, due to Foundation interference being so late, the case had already been known by the media and FBI. A false story was presented to the press that the perpetrator of the murders had been killed in a shootout and the body of D-2304 was turned over to the FBI. Class-A amnestics to be issued to certain individuals if necessary.

List of victims of SCP 001.

Victim one: 5 foot 10 male, Caucasian. Approximately mid forties to early fifties. Initially discovered in ██████, Illinois, United States. Initial date recovered: 10/23/04

Victim two: 5 foot 7 female, Caucasian. Approximately mid thirties to late forties. Initially discovered in █████, Florida, United States. Initial date recovered: 11/13/04

Victim three: 6 foot 1 male, African. Approximately late thirties to early forties. Initially discovered in ██████████, Massachusetts, United States. Initial date recovered: 11/29/04

Victim four: 5 foot 8 female, Caucasian. Approximately early forties to early fifties. Initially discovered in █████, Oregon, United States. Initial date recovered: 12/17/04

Victim five: 5 foot 8 male, Caucasian. Approximately mid forties to mid fifties. Initially discovered in ███████, Manitoba, Canada. Initial date recovered: 01/15/05

Addendum 1:

Victim six is a 5 foot 6 female of Caucasian origin. Victim's age is approximately in the early thirties to mid thirties range. Discovered in ██████ Texas, United States on 6/28/13. Victim six stands out in the fact that she was discovered inside what is assumed to be her home. Despite this fact, nothing inside the home can be traced to a person. There exists no records of any of the objects inside the home being purchased and records of the electricity and water bills being paid are missing or corrupted. The only possible hints of the victim's identity or affiliations was one 3-Day Chicago Transit Authority pass and a rejection letter from the University of California which did not contain a name nor date.

When neighbors were interviewed, all responded by saying that they inexplicably knew the house was owned, but did not know who owned it or why they knew the house was owned. This suggests the possibility of a third anomalous property, one that erases all information related to a victim which would help to explain the difficulty of identifying one.

The home's interior was sparsely furnished with few essential items. Many empty cardboard boxes were found in the garage suggesting the victim had just moved or was planning to move. The house, aside from the victim, did not appear to leave any evidence of a struggle or anything to suspect one. There were no signs of forced entry.

The Foundation only became aware of victim six after a 911 call from what is assumed to be the victim was made (see 911 call recording). The call was traced to a home phone in the kitchen.

Police officers arrive at residence four minutes after initial call. Finds victim on living room floor in similar state as the other victims: missing face, and two stab wounds through the heart. On scene medical examiner notes that considering all factors, body must have died at least three hours prior, making the 911 call seemingly impossible.

Foundation intervenes and takes over investigation without incident. It is unknown if other murders unknown to the Foundation were committed in the abnormal time frame between victim six and five.