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Telephant: (Reserved by Taylor)

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Cornelius Wilberforce Bridgehampton, Seventh Duke of Norsussex

Bondanger, Hypoglycemia, and Zinjanthropus


  • Dread and Circuses:
    • Performance at a nexus, end up having to defend themselves from interdimensional scavengers
    • Circus is surreal, and there's a backlash of reality afterwards — this is what the unreal scavengers want.
  • CotSH:
    • There's a theta-prime-th deity who commits some kind of crime.
      • No I don't know what
      • Perhaps influencing reality for their own ends?
    • Said deity is removed from existence by the other seven, who banish it to the Voru.
    • As a side-effect of this, the number theta-prime is 'closed off'.
    • The disintegration of the paper and stuff is the entity trying to break through — maybe use some 'pressed up to the other side of the paper'-type imagery.
  • O5/Outlast:
    • The overseers are left over from alternate iterations of earth.
    • Dominance shifts, and the like.
    • In each iteration, they form some kind of organisation/cult/religion/political party, and basically see what they can get humanity to do.
    • Horrific surgery to make themselves fit with whatever species next arises.
      • Think 'squid-like creature altered and squished to fit into human skin'. You've got dogs and plants and machines and all that, all masquerading as people. Eurgh.


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