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Item#: SCP-XXXX "Mirror Maiden"

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures:

All instances of SCP-XXXX are kept in separate special containment chamber at Area-12, located in the Antartic at the following coordinates (-80.579534, 67.582559), due to local temperatures of approximately -60ºC.
All chambers are environmentally regulated, surrounded by 2.6 meters of a Lead/Barium alloy and lined with a highly light absorbent pigment. Temperature is kept at -268ºC with a Humidity of 0% to prevent the formation of ice.

Objects are monitored through Infrared, Ultraviolet, Radio and Gamma sensors.
Any augmentation in the values of these readings is to be met with strict quarantine of all objects until normal values return.
If various objects experience abnormalities in readings at the same time, SCP-XXXX has re-estabilished connection between objects and security measures have to be taken to re-seal chambers.
If SCP-XXXX is not observed within any objects for more than three hours, it has breached containment and integrated a new object. To re-capture the anomaly one of the following MTF squads is to be deployed: Mu-13, Tau-5 or Upsilon-4.
Termination of the affected object is prohibited under any circumstance.

Experiments on high-energy objects such as SCP-XXXX-003, -020 or -022 are forbidden until furthe r notice from O5 council members.
[ Refer to Addendum-XXXX-01 ]

Entry of any object and/or personnel into the containment chamber of any object which does not currently hold SCP-XXXX requires previous approval of Level-3 personell or higher. Access into chambers containing the anomaly requires approval from Level-4 personnel.

All material with a reflective nature is forbidden in the presence of the anomaly.

Direct contact with any instance potentially containing SCP-XXXX is to be avoided at all costs. Personnel showing symptoms of memetic influence are to be immediatelly terminated.
Any personnel who have entered the chamber of SCP-XXXX are required to be subjected to psychiatric trials, if mental detriment is shown, the subject is placed under quarantine. Should mental effects still be observable two days after inicial contact with the anomaly, subject termination is imperative12