Item#: SCP-xxxxx

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures:SCP-xxxx can be stored in a standard safe-class storage room, placed inside a fitted transparent container.
Access is permitted to all personnel level 5 and above.

SCP-xxxxx is a chessboard drawn on top, 45cm x 45cm and 7cm tall with a compartment for storage of chess pieces. Analysis reveals it to be at least 500 years old.

People who look inside the storage space have a hole replace their face and they enter a coma-like state.
Observation of the storage area through a monitor or a mirror produces no effects.
Death is possible in this phase if proper care is not provided. Following death the face reappears.
Those people are called Surrogate Pieces b those who have been involved in studying SCP-xxxxx and this definition will be used in the rest of the file.

Objects or parts of objects inserted into the holes cannot be retrieved.

When thity-two Surrogate Pieces are present chess pieces appear on the board.
Those pieces are carved artistically. Each set appears to be in a different style.
The pieces appear to be composed of varying combinations of jade, ivory, silver and gold.

Once the pieces are on the board the Surrogate Pieces enter a phase of stasis. No brain function or hearthbeat can be detected during this stage.
Injuries up to decapitation will not cause the faces to replace the holes.

When two people take position on the playing sides of SCP-xxxx they become unable to abandon their place until the game has been played.
Temporary pauses have been found to be possible, to a maximum of 3 per cycle, and cannot exceed a total of 30 minutes away from the board. The cycle by which the board counts the day is of a full Earth rotation, starting from when the sun appears above the horizon.

Exceeding those limits have caused the players to be forcibly transported to their position at the sides of the board.
No energy of any known type could be detected.
The effect have occurred over distances as large as nine kilometers from the chessboard, and through obstacles as strong as walls of concrete with a thikness of sixty cm , with no damage observed to the players.
Upper limits have not yet been tested.

Resting and sleeping appear to be possible for the two players after the sun disappears below the line of the horizon and until the sun appears again the following day. Attempts to rest while the sun is over the horizon have caused the players to be forced in a sitting position.
The presence of clouds covering the sun does not influence the available resting time.
It has not been possible for players to exceed the total number and time of pauses in order to rest.

When a piece is captured one of the Surrogate Pieces dies, at which point their face returns. No apparent cause of death has been detected.
No connection could be established between the order in which people looked inside and the piece they are linked to.

After the game is finished:
The two players are freed and no other effects have been observed.
Surrogate Pieces have their face and full functionality return with an exception.A group, equal in number to the losing pieces left on the board, behaves with deference to the other,equal in number to the winning pieces left on the board, which will instead show dominance. No other changes in behavior or personality or memories was found.
This effect has dissipated during the course of two months in all known cases.

All those involved can resume their duties as normal, with periodic controls to be performed as scheduled.
A list of those involved, their roles, and the schedlued controls will be attached.

The chess pieces have displayed no other effects and are currently being studied, but no other containment measure is necessary.