Item#: SCP-xxxxx
Object Class: Safe
Special Containment Procedures: SCP-xxxx can be stored in a standard safe-class storage locker, placed inside a locked plexiglass case, so that the lid cannot be opened.

A very simple wooden chessboard, 45cm x 45cm and 7cm tall. Analysis reveal it is at least 500 years old.
The lid can be opened revealing a small storage space inside.
Objects put inside will turn into simple wooden chess pieces after the lid has been closed and opened again.

When people look inside the area a hole replaces their face, they enter a state similar to a coma, although they maintain the position they had when looking inside. They need to look at more than 70% of the small storage area for the effect to have place. Looking through a monitor is safe.
If not fed through a feeding tube their will die of deprivation within 3 and 4 weeks. When they die their face appears again.
Objects put inside the hole cannot be retrieved. If an object is inserted partially the part inside the hole will disappear.

When enough people have looked inside chess pieces will appear on the board.Those pieces are finely carved with very intricate decorations. Each set is made in a different style
The styles of the pieces doesn't resemble any known art style. The materials seem to be jade, ivory silver and gold.
Once the pieces are on the board the people will enter a stasys, their vital functions will stop. Injuries will not bleed and even cutting them in pieces will not cause their face to reappear.
At this point nothing happens to people who look inside.

Once 2 people have sat on the opposite sides of SCP-xxxx they will be unable to leave their place until the game is over. They can take a maximum of 3 pauses for a total of 30 minutes, but cannot go further than 87 meters away from SCP-xxxx. Past that limit they will be dragged back by some undetectable and invisible force, even through walls made of 60 cm of steel. This doesn't hurt them.
They can lay down to sleep at their place from sundown to sunup, at which point they will be forced awake ad upright by an invisible and undetectable force.

When a piece is captured one of the people in stasys will die, at which point their face will return. No apparent cause of death is detectable.
No connection could be established between the order in which people looked inside and the piece they are linked to.

When the game is finished the 2 players will be freed, and those who had looked inside will have their face and full functionality return. A group will act with deference to the other, which will instead act dominant. This only applies to th interactions between the two groups. No other changes in behavior or personality or memories was found. The two groups are equal in number to the pieces left on the board to the losing and winning sides.
They don't appear to represent a threat, so they can resume their duties as normal.It is advisable to not place a deferent in a superior position to a dominant, as this causes anxiety and stress in the deferent and frustration in the dominant, and they become unable to perform their duties.

The chess pieces display no other effects, and are considred to be highly economic valuable, thus they have been added to the assets of the Fundation, and are currently held in ████████████ ████████ ██████ .
Further experiments on SCP-xxxx are unnecessary.