The Whimsy Man
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Item #: SCP-4091

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4091 is to be kept in a jolly hard concrete cell to prevent SCP-4091 from smashing through the walls and pulling a runner. When someone comes to visit SCP-4091, an armed guard must be present to stop SCP-4091 from bursting through the door behind someone's back as SCP-4091 is jolly fast and cunning. SCP-4091 is to be provided with whatever it needs within reason.

Description: SCP-4091 is posh, white fopdoodle of a man with brown hair and an average haircut. He often wears posh suits but will wear other clothes if said suit has gone somewhere odd. SCP-4091's anomalous properties are only noticeable when one tries to write or speak about him. No soul has ever managed to speak or write about SCP-4091 without using Victorian Era whimsy and slang. If one were to photograph SCP-4091, the photograph will print out or appear as a sketch.


A picture of SCP-4091, converted into a sketch due to SCP-4091's anomalous properties.

SCP-4091 was first discovered in the town of [REDACTED] in the good nation of [REDACTED] after reports of everyone in town suddenly being able to speak in Victorian English despite there being no soul in the village who could speak English usually, let alone Victorian English. SCP-4091 was captured with no punch-up of significance. Upon being captured, SCP-4091 asked SCP staff, "Are you the bobbies? Whatever did I do?". SCP-4091's connection to SCP-1678 is unknown due to lack of compliance with researchers and inconceivable records and audio logs due to SCP-4091's anomalous properties. SCP-4091 eats by eating food like a normal bloke, though won't touch any food he sees as 'Sci-Fi Muck'

Addendum SCP-4091-1: SCP-4091 and SCP-586 are no longer allowed near each other due to the amount of mental trauma inflicted on all the poor souls who read the results of test 4091-1