Marcas Ohara


Object class: Safe

Special containment procedures

SCP 1-A is to be kept in a dimly lit room as light can cause it to
Create sounds similar to those of a human screaming in pain.
SCP 1-A emits high levels of radiation and because of this
Any personnel that enter SCP 1-A’s containment must wear radiation suits to protect
SCP personnel must clean themselves after leaving SCP 1-A’s containment
Because of the high levels of radiation.
SCP 1-A’s containment must be kept closed to keep radiation from leaving and infecting
Any SCP personnel.

If humans are infected with radiation created by SCP 1-A and do not rid themselves of it they can be poisoned.
So far there hasn't been any discovered cure for sickness caused by SCP 1-A


SCP 1-A seems to take the form of a human with a combed beard and slick backed hair.
It wears a navy blue dress suit and black shoes, black pants and carries a container resembling a suitcase in its hand.
SCP 1-A’s clothing contains traces of dog and cat hair. SCP 1-A’s hair and skin is made of some kind of cement like stone.
SCP 1-A does not have any facial features, fingers or

Despite looking human SCP 1-A does not act human and lacks personality
emotion and mobility.
Even though SCP 1-A seems to lack mobility the walls of its containment are scrawled with drawings of trees and what seems to be a strange written language. SCP 1-A is now being held at SCP facility [data redacted]
But was discovered in [data redacted] Louisiana.
Buried under 1 (one) foot of sediment and was found by a group of hikers who
Found SCP 1-A’s limbs sticking out of the soil.
This group of civilians was terminated by means of [data redacted]