Object class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX is to be held within a 3m x 3m x 3m chamber comprised of one (1)cm thick Graphite followed by fifty (50)cm thick lead plating lining all surfaces. The containment chamber is to be filled with Hydrogen-1 gas at a pressure of 5 atmospheres, supplied by two sealable pipes comprised of Graphite, one for outputting Hydrogen-1, one for intaking Hydrogen-1 on the opposite side of the containment chamber; Hydrogen-1 is to be constantly cycled to remove any potential impurities, due to the nature of SCP-XXXX. A sealable graphite pipe for outputting oxygen in the event of protocol XXXX-A is also required, but should remain sealed until the event of protocol XXXX-A. The only entrance/exit to the chamber is to be a triple air lock, with the inner two doors comprised of one (1)cm thick Graphite and twenty (20)cm thick lead plating each, with the outermost door comprised of twenty five (25)cm thick blast-resistant lead doors. Between each airlock, an air filter is required in order to replace any air with hydrogen before exposure to SCP-XXXX. Three security personnel of security clearance level 3 or higher must be on duty around SCP-XXXX’s chamber at all times, with one ready to activate containment procedure XXXX-A at any time (see attatchment below).

Description: SCP-XXXX appears to be a Caucasian male in his early teens, with blond hair, brown eyes and is approximately 165cm tall (5ft 4). In the ██ years XXXX has been held within the foundation, XXXX has aged at a decelerated rate, appearing to have aged by roughly █ years since entering containment. XXXX was recovered in 19██ in ████████, ███████ by MTF Beta-7 after dangerously high levels of radiation were detected in the surrounding area, leading to the evacuation of the nearby █████████ nuclear power plant and its surrounding area. The foundation later covered up this incident with the help of the ██████ government as a “Flawed reactor design operated by inadequately trained personnel”.

SCP-XXXX is capable of significantly decreasing the half life of any element it has vision of (excluding Hydrogen) at will, producing large amounts of radiation due to the resultant atomic decay; this can cause a nuclear detonation if a sufficient number of atoms decay in a short amount of time. However, XXXX appears to only wish to atomically decay elements with mass numbers higher than Carbon on the periodic table when not enraged; occuring when XXXX comes into contact with any Halogens, causing SCP-XXXX to attempt to decay any element, with the exception of the isotope Hydrogen-1, at a rapid rate. Therefore, it is of the utmost importance that XXXX is to be kept away from any element heavier than Carbon, especially any Halogens. If XXXX comes into contact with any of these elements, or is enraged by other means (see incident #XXXX-06415) containment procedure XXXX-A is to be activated immediately.

XXXX does not appear to be affected by any form of radiation, or any resultant nuclear detonations, and possesses regenerative abilities, with the damaged area initially appearing to form a mass of malignant growths around the affected area, and causing the surrounding area to become heavily irradiated. For non-vital areas, the growths dry up and wither away after roughly a week of “regeneration”, leaving a fully repaired area. The growths appear to be resistant to small arms fire, strong acids, high calibre sniper rounds and blunt force trauma, with the only known effective way to damage them being sustained fire by powerful lasers, yet this only decreases the regeneration rate of the affected area.

After sustained trauma to the head, or other vital area, XXXX enters a vegetative state, with the regeneration process taking roughly three to five (3-5) weeks before returning to normal, in this time, SCP-XXXX is unable to reduce the half-life of any element. It is possible to extend the regeneration time to approximately twelve (12) weeks with the assistance of constant laser fire, yet it is currently unknown if it is possible to keep SCP-XXXX in this state indefinitely.

The mental capacity of SCP-XXXX is yet unknown, but is presumed to be significantly below average. XXXX appears to be tormented by its own existence, with psychotic episodes appearing to comprise of approximately fifty (50) percent of subject’s time, and hostility towards foundation personnel in eighty seven (87) percent of cases. It also appears that SCP-XXXX is mostly incapable of communication, with any attempt to communicate with XXXX resulting in either the triggering of an enraged state, or incoherent strings of words.

Due to the unpredictable mental state of XXXX, coupled with subject’s rage towards foundation personnel, any interaction with XXXX is prohibited, unless approved by at least one (1) security personnel with a clearance of level 5 or above.