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Item #: SCP-5000

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: As a fully-functional Foundation Site, SCP-5000 is considered to be capable of self-containment. SCP-5000 has constantly manned roadblocks, watchtowers and surveillance cameras.

Dr. Richard Faust is to always stay within SCP-5000 and inform the Foundation if there is a major alteration in its functioning, and will only exit in the final stages to avoid extermination. Dr. Faust has been validated by Foundation psychiatrists as mentally stable and capable of remaining within SCP-5000.

Research into the conditions surrounding and affecting SCP-5000 is currently in progress. The anomaly can only be monitored once a week, for the duration of the cycle's reset. Dr. Faust is exploring possible methods of stopping SCP-5000

Description: SCP-5000 is a self-contained recurring temporal anomaly located in a three kilometre radius around the ruins of the former Site 86.

SCP-5000 manifests by creating exact physical copies of objects and entities which became deceased, were destroyed or were removed from the SCP-5000 area over the course of the 5000-86 incident, known as SCP-5000-1. The replications possess no memory of the 5000-86 event and will repeat approximately the same routine each cycle, with slight variations in activity due to external stimuli. SCP-5000 stays active for seven days before the 5000-86 event repeats and SCP-5000 resets immediately after.

SCP-5000-1 who exit the area will become gradually less corporeal and visible, before disappearing completely. SCP-5000-1 generally do not notice this change, and staff often exit to retrieve supplies, although they do not visibly obtain items, despite recalling acquiring them.

Site 86 was a newly instituted residential site designed to contain Safe to Euclid level temporally anomalous objects. It had a total staff count of 467, with 448 present at the time of the incident. Among the 19 survivors was Dr. Richard Faust, who had been absent from the area at the time of the event . Researcher Valeria Faust and Security Officer Kristian Faust, Richard's wife and son respectively, were both casualties of the event. Once informed of the existence and function of SCP-5000, Faust requested permission to remain at Site 86. This request was granted when Dr. Faust proved himself to be completely mentally stable; as well as being a reliable candidate for monitoring and studying SCP-5000, due to his previous specialisation in temporal misalignment.

5000-86 Event Summary:
The 5000-86 event commenced at 6:45 PM, 22/12/2019. A convoy of unknown masked soldiers in armoured trucks forcibly entered Site 86 through the western checkpoint.
Foundation security defended at the entrance to the complex, but were quickly defeated by the advanced anomalous weaponry deployed against them. The forces then entered the facility, prioritising the termination of Foundation staff and procedurally searching each room. They retrieved a total of 54 SCPs. Only 18 members of staff were able to leave the Facility.
The attackers deployed an unknown device which they remotely detonated after they exited the radius, destroying most of the facility and triggering a level five isolated temporal warp.
Foundations agents arrived at the remains of Site 86. While the cleanup was in progress, SCP-5000 manifested for the first time. Researchers and MTFs arrived for principal containment.