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Item #: SCP-xxxx

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures SCP-xxxx's current location is the Nebraska Dessert.
SCP-xxxx is to be treated well and not informed of the Foundations current attempts at locating SCP-xxxx-1. No attempts at attacking, containing or neutralising SCP-xxxx are to be made, for fear of divine intervention.
Testing of SCP-xxxx is to be done discreetly, without alerting the it.

Description: SCP-xxxx is a male with an approximate biological age of 80 years. SCP-xxxx is extremely tanned and sunburnt from its current location, has stronger muscles than average for its age, and has a small bump of flesh and bone on each of its shoulder blades. SCP-xxxx claims it posesses heightened regeneration abilities and even be able to heal lost limbs, although this process apparently takes years and has not been witnessed. While not immortal, the SCP does not require food or water, although.
SCP-xxxx claims to have been an angel in servitude to a 'God1' prior to it losing a valuable artefact, having its wings being torn off and being thrown to earth.
SCP-xxxx's primary goal is to locate the artefact and return to its place of origination, however it has expressed a desire to: "Take a look around, Y'know? Get a taste of all the sin.". SCP-xxxx appears to be treating its tenure on earth as a holiday, although it has remarked that it often feels homesick.
SCP-xxxx can speak a variety of earth languages, including Hebrew, Arabic, English, French (Though not fluent) and most African languages. Interestingly, SCP-xxxx uses english slang consistent with 1970s New York.
SCP-xxxx is unaware of when it first appeared on earth, though it says it "Was covered with ice for a bit, I think. Though it vanished pretty fast. I dunno, I was still depressed from being kicked out."
Upon discovery, SCP-xxxx was using a sieve to search through the sand. SCP-xxxx has since been supplied with a metal detector to build trust between it and the Foundation.