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Item #: SCP-3541

Object Class: Euclid


SCP-3541 dancing with SCP-3541-1 in the background.

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3541 is to be kept in a large, containment cell containing a solid steel stage.
Should SCP-3541 become hostile or otherwise deviate from its regular routine, it is to be tranquillised with a high-level incapacitating agent.

Once every four days SCP-3541 is to be provided with the amount of food recommended by the Site-██ dietician. The entire containment area will be cleaned and repaired bi-monthly on the fourth day of its behavioural cycle.

Description: SCP-3541 is a twenty year old caucasian female. DNA and likeness matches that of missing person: A██████ M██████, a female twenty year old graduate of the Manhattan Ballet School. No physical abnormalities are present aside from extremely high musculature and avian wings sprouting from halfway along the forearms. The wings are made up of a material similar to silver. The material is dense and able to cut through solid steel. SCP-3541 is able to both move and feel pain in its wings despite the absence of nerves. When a feather or other part of the wing is removed SCP-3541 will exhibit an extreme pain response. The piece will grow back within 48 hours. SCP-3541 has the ability to "grow" its clothing out of its skin. The clothing is made out of organic material genetically similar to raven feathers.
SCP-3541 seems to have a fixation on dancing. Brain scans show that memories and thoughts of dancing are heavily linked to the pleasure centres.

SCP-3541 goes through a two stage cycle, three days are spent dancing in an array of different ways, each dance lasting one hour long rotation with three minute rest gaps between. On the fourth day it will locate and consume whatever food is available. SCP-3541 has been known to attempt to engage spectators in conversation, looking for “constructive feedback". SCP-3541 will sleep during this rest period. While sleeping, the largest specimen of SCP-3541-1 will drop on top of SCP-3541, similar to a blanket. SCP-3541 has an impossibly slow digestive system, defecation required only once every four days.

SCP-3541-1 are fragments of cloth that form from SCP-3541's shed clothing. SCP-3541-1 will fly around SCP-3541 with no obvious purpose. Sizes range from 79x157 to 4x4 centimetres and the instances will usually be as thin as paper. The number of instances of SCP-3541-1 varies from one to thirteen. If SCP-3541-1 is taken up to twelve metres away from SCP-3541 it will go limp and will have an appearance of black velvet. SCP-3541-1 will not reanimate when brought back into proximity of SCP-3541. While “alive” SCP-3541-1 has a constant temperature of exactly 37 degrees. When "dead" SCP-3541-1 will rapidly cool. SCP-3541-1 instances have been known to cannibalise others in order to grow larger. SCP-3541-1 will also invariably fall apart and dissolve after eight days of life. To date no aggressive behavior has come from SCP-3541-1.

SCP-3541-2 is the male counterpart of SCP-3541. It appears similar to SCP-3541 and DNA analysis has shown that SCP-3541-2 is genetically identical to SCP-3541 and possesses two X chromosomes despite it being male. SCP-3541-2 will appear from behind a SCP-3541-1 between 0 and 23 times a day and join SCP-3541 in a duet. SCP-3541-2 wears a black male’s leotard made from a material seemingly identical to SCP-3541-1. The first time an instance of SCP-3541-2 was discovered was on ██/██/18 when SCP-3541 began performing the tango. SCP-3541-2 possesses regular arms.

Discovery: SCP-3541 was discovered after an extremely high concentration of ravens, measuring in the millions, congregated over the city of Manhattan. SCP-3541 was dancing on ███████ street (SCP-3541-1 had not yet formed), a MTF was dispatched and SCP-3541 was contained and explained as a street performer. Traces of anti-depressants and post-pregnancy-painkillers were found in its bloodstream.


Testing logs

Test 1
As SCP-3541 seems to know of every existing dance (with enough complex steps). Dr. Brooke (Ph.D in dance studies) and Dr. Rousseff worked together to make a dance known as: “The Foundation Shuffle”.
Results: Four days after its creation SCP-3541 performed it, singing to accompany the dance despite no actual accompanying music existing.

Test 2
Instructions: D-classes present are instructed to both jeer and throw various objects once SCP-3541 has completed a performance.
Result: SCP-3541 kills all D-classes present and attempts suicide by slicing the jugular artery, SCP-3541 is tranquillised and given necessary medical treatment. After this test SCP-3541 has begun exhibiting symptoms of severe depression.

Addendum-3541-2: On 4/11/18 SCP-3541 and SCP-3541-2 began engaging in sexual intercourse, after five days SCP-3541 began experiencing labor pains and allowed itself to be taken to the medical ward. After four hours SCP-3541 gave birth to a non-anomalous human baby and it was returned to its cell. The baby was neutralised. After this incident, SCP-xxxx-2 manifestations have ceased completely.

Interview Log

SCP-xxxx: Mike?

Dr. Parker: Who?