Item #: SCP-3327

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3327 is to be kept within a fridge with no shelves in Dr.█████ office in site-██, SCP-3327 is to be monitored by a camera placed within the fridge at all cost by security of level 2 clearance or higher, SCP-3327 is to only be taken out of the fridge in the occasion of cracking, Shaking, or testing from level 3 or higher personnel only.

Description: SCP-3327 is an ostrich egg that has been noted to be roughly 43.5 Inches in height, and weighs around 50 pounds, SCP-3327 looks as if it has cracks all over it, where the cracks come from have no origin and just appear randomly, SCP-3327 has been noted to wiggle every so often, attempts at opening SCP-3327 have all failed due to its heat it produces at random.

SCP-3327 can reach temperatures of 70°F the heat produced from SCP-3327 has been noted to last for hours at most, when in contact with SCP-3327, all personnel must be wearing heat resistant rubber gloves to avoid burning their hands on SCP-3327.

SCP-3327 has been noted to shake once a week, Personnel must not touch SCP-3327 due to its weird effects it has on what looks to be any life form, due to our test of letting a pig touch SCP-3327 while it was shaking, the effects on the pig, were the same for the class-D personnel we tested SCP-3327 on. Side effects include: Nausea, dizziness, and severe nosebleeding.

SCP-3327 has been noted to make sudden clicking sounds, we believe in the near future, it might hatch,

Addendum: Due to Dr. Bright "mistaking" SCP-3327 for a snack, we had to have Security of level 3 clearance around SCP-3327 at all costs.