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Item #: SCP-████-1

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures:

SCP-████-1 is to be contained in an airtight containment unit, if exposed to any gap SCP-████-1 may seep through it and breach containment. it has not been observed releasing any kind of waste or showing will to eat, research is available to Level 1 personnel and higher. if SCP-████-1 breaches containment only flamethrowers have proved effective, all other forms of weaponry are ineffective and consistently result in SCP-████-1 stealing it, breaking it, or the weapon/projectile going through SCP-████-1 without effect. once successfully attacked SCP-████-1 quickly returns to its containment unit by turning into a liquid form and traveling across the floor. when opening containment unit door's block off any exits with guards wielding flamethrowers


six SCP-████ have been discovered, the foundation has contained three, one is still uncontained and the remaining two have been contained by groups of interest, all three SCP-████ are humanoid figures made out of a black living Non-Newtonian fluid, with the exception of a white mouth, "teeth", and pupil-less eyes, they seem to always be melting despite never loosing their form. they are docile until sudden periods of aggression that seem to be caused by outside manipulation, SCP-████ are then on edge, hissing and growling at anyone who enters and scratching at the walls. it displays primitive thought in this state however SCP-████ are relatively intelligent otherwise. the fluid that makes up SCP-████-1 seems to be undiscovered synthetic materials, it has the ability to turn its body into blades and short range projectiles being claws and blob like bullets respectively.


multiple researchers theorized that the SCP-████ were being controlled or manipulated, this was later confirmed in an interview.