Mason Gold

Item Yellow Smiley Face Peanut M&M (YSFPMM)
Object Class: Safe
Special Containment Procedures: YSFPMM is currently housed in a secured acrylic container in Site-23. Permission from Dr. Gold is required to access item YSFPMM.
Description: YSFPMM was discovered in a 42 oz. Party Size bag of variety flavored Peanut M&M Chocolate Candy bought at a local Wal-Mart Super center. Contact with YSFPMM first occurred at a residential home where there were several family members gathered for a small celebration. Trained rescue paramedics arrived on the scene after several frantic 911 calls were placed. Patient (Pt) was found lying on the kitchen floor of the home and was able to understand that he seemed to be having an allergic reaction of some kind. Triage was initiated and the Pt. was recognized as critical. Pt. was unable to tell paramedics what time or what day it was. Pt. had rapid radial pulses noted but had shallow respirations, runny nose, hives, redness, swelling and itching on face and neck, especially around mouth and throat. During the exam by the paramedics, Pt. began to experience tightening of the throat, wheezing, and tracheal swelling. Paramedics began oxygen and intravenous saline. Pt. then reported that he was experiencing stomach cramps and nausea. Soon afterwards, Pt. started having bouts of diarrhea and projectile vomiting. Gastrectasia was noted. Pt.’s stomach began to swell at a rapid rate and Pt. then became unconscious. Soon after the stomach began to swell, paramedics reported that Pt.’s stomach exploded and contents were propelled all over the walls, floors, and witnesses standing nearby. Pt. expired immediately after the stomach explosion occurred. Time of death was recorded. Coroner and Police were called. See Police and Coroner reports for time of death and further details.
Police arrived and took control of the scene. Witnesses were interviewed. Each stated that after Subject consumed the YPSFMM, Subject began to furiously and frantically eat copious amounts of food and drink.
Results of autopsy performed on Subject revealed that this huge amount of food and drink caused bacteria to form in the gut which began to dissolve the stomach tissue and produced huge amounts of gas, excessive bloating, and swelling. This swelling caused the to skin to become very tight. The engorged stomach stretched and expanded the skin beyond its physiological limits and the stomach actually exploded.
It should be noted that soon after the death of Subject, a potential witness to the above mentioned event began hysterically screaming, “There’s another one, and there’s another one!” Another YSFPMM was found in the same 42 oz. Party size bag of Peanut M&M’s remaining at site. A sleeper SCP agent that had been previously planted in the local police department alerted the SCP Containment Team. The team arrived on scene and proceeded to treat and administer class B amnesiacs to hysterical witness and all others involved in situation including witnesses, paramedics, coroners, 911 dispatchers, and medical personnel. C.H.M.T.C.U. arrived at the scene and removed any contaminated evidence left at the site.
The candy in question was confiscated, along with the rest of the 42 oz. Party size bag of peanut M&M chocolate candy.
YSFPMM refers to the Yellow Peanut M&M with a Smiley Face. Currently, there has been only one of this item revealed as anomalous, however, it seems to have the ability to self-replicate. The corporal state of the M&M appears to be similar to other yellow candy-coated peanut M&M’s, with the distinction of the Smiley Face. Nutritionally, this anomaly is made of the same ingredients as comparative peanut M&M’s, including milk chocolate, cocoa butter, milk, lactose, peanuts, soy lecithin, salt, cornstarch, corn syrup, gum acacia, and food coloring yellow 6 & 5, and dextrin. YSFPMM can be consumed like any other peanut M&M, however, it has been observed that once the candy has been consumed, and Subject has been terminated, the Yellow Peanut Smiley Face M&M reappears in the same 42 OZ party size Peanut M&M bag.
Further research may include monitoring emergency calls, hospital, and medical and death records for other Subjects with similar symptoms after the consumption of the YSFPMM.
Experimentation was performed on D class personnel to determine the effects of the YPSFMM. Progression of symptoms after the candy was consumed were observed and recorded. Subjects were connected to various monitoring tools such as pulse oximeters, pneumographs, and ECG to monitor vitals during the course of experimentation. Experiment Log 00-1
Test: YSFPMM commonly referred to as Yellow Peanut Smiley Face M&M.
Subject: D-23
Procedure: Test group was given several different colors of peanut M&M’s including red, blue, green and yellow. One randomly selected test subject was selected to receive the YSFPMM. Subjects were required to consume all M&M’s presented to them. A buffet was made available to each test group with many different types of food, desserts, candy and drinks.
Result: Subjects in test group that received the different colored peanut M&M’s without the Smiley Face ate a small to moderate amount of food from the buffet. Test subjects that consumed the YPSFMM were observed eating at a frenetic pace. Even though, subjects began to state that they were feeling very full and wanted to stop eating, they were observed to continue to eat at compulsive rate. Each test subject that consumed the YSFPMM item ultimately met with explosion of his or her abdomen, and unfortunately, death.
Further research is needed to determine if there is an antidote that will prevent a person from exploding their stomach after consuming the YPSFMM. Until then, it is vital that the object be kept isolated and secured in acrylic box designed to contain it.