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Item #: SCP-DAB

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: NASA will continue to operate the DAUNTLESS (STS-4118) containing SCP-DAB-1 to maintain its orbit and perform routine remote experiments. MTF Eta-3 ("Glass Arrows") is assigned to search for other SCP-DAB instances, study NASA documentation for anomalous activity, and research how to bypass or negate SCP-DAB. SCP-DAB-1's family and the general public have been given a cover story that cosmic radiation is preventing normal communication with SCP-DAB-1 but that they are healthy and happy. Pending MTF Eta-3's findings, a new cover story will be developed.

SCP-DAB-1 cannot be retrieved at this time but is considered contained.

Description: SCP-DAB is the anomaly surrounding SCP-DAB-1, Dr. Tiffany Hill, aboard the DAUNTLESS. Any human who perceives SCP-DAB-1 is unable to communicate with, travel to, act toward, or otherwise interact with SCP-DAB-1. Those affected are conscious of the anomaly and experience discomfort and confusion when every attempt to interact with SCP-DAB-1 ends in failure. The DAUNTLESS itself can be manipulated and interacted with, but attempting to return it to Earth or access the interior induces SCP-DAB. Prolonged exposure to SCP-DAB leads to severe symptoms such as post-traumatic stress disorder, night terrors, and suicidal ideation.

Foundation personnel were alerted to the anomaly when SCP-DAB-1 sabotaged the DAUNTLESS and lowered its orbit closer to Earth. It was discovered that communication between SCP-DAB-1 and NASA was normal from launch up until 27/05/2121. It has yet to be determined what caused SCP-DAB. SCP-DAB-1 attempted communication with NASA approximately two thousand times after that date. NASA neither responded to nor recorded any of those attempts. Over one hundred NASA employees required amnestics to recover fully from symptoms attributed to prolonged exposure to SCP-DAB.

A final communication attempt was made by SCP-DAB-1 after Foundation personnel remotely repaired the DAUNTLESS with drones and returned it to a safe orbit. Visual and auditory perception of the video will induce SCP-DAB. A non-anomalous transcript is provided below.