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As the hours passed, the world itself went quiet.

Quiet, and calm. It was night as the train pressed forward. Hours had passed, and yet, he was wide awake. The cabin had gone dark, as may others had. The lamps were turned off at the passengers requests. In that dark, tranquil spaceā€¦ He fought to silence the screams.

Just like at the depot, they clawed at his psyche for attention. They clamored over one another like feisty children begging for a hint of attention from an absent parent. It was almost comedic, to an extent. The screams fought for attention in such a way he could swear they came from a radio he no longer held. Cries shouted on a frequency that, many times before, he had no choice but to ignore.

"Please- Where are you?!"

"Wingnut! Please answer-"

Such damning memoriesā€¦ He didn't notice that he'd started to cry. He didn't notice what when his fingernails dug into his shoulders that they drew blood. He didn't notice the bile that threatened to rise and spew from his throat.

He didn't notice the sudden electricity in the air.

He didn't notice anything- he only came to when the train came to an abrupt halt on the rails. Nowhere near their destination, the engine had died. What caused it was unknown to the passengers. All they knew was an uneasy feeling in the pits of their stomachs as the lights flashed on, and the announcement made for all passengers to remain in their respective cabins.

It was only natural that they would began to wander about their respective cars.

The lights were blinding, the clamor and panic was deafening, and the uncertainty was unnerving. There were only a handful of persons on the car Kieran had boarded.