Matakor - The Duplicitous Refrigerator.


Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX is kept at Site-76 cafeteria. SCP-XXXX is to be under constant surveillance to aid in research. Two cameras have been installed above SCP-XXXX to get accurate information of objects placed inside. No other significant containment procedure is necessary.

Description: SCP-XXXX is a 1m x 1m x 2m standard build double-door refrigerator.1 All identifying information for the origin of SCP-XXXX has been either scraped clean or were never installed onto SCP-XXXX. Locations where information such as part number and serial number should exist have been identified, including a vague shape of a large water-borne ship indented onto the right door of SCP-XXXX, and on a copper plate positioned below the refrigerant pump on the bottom of the object. The left door is equipped externally with a standard water spout and ice dispenser. While both water and ice dispensed are safe for consumption and contain no anomalous properties themselves, SCP-XXXX has no external connection for a water hose. The origin of the water and ice, labeled SCP-XXXX-1a and SCP-XXXX-1b respectively, that SCP-XXXX produces is unknown, but is of a high quality.2

SCP-XXXX is capable of duplicating, to an extent, objects classified as ‘consumables’ that are placed inside. Method of duplication is not apparent. Power consumption of SCP-XXXX is equivalent to a standard refrigerator of similar make. Time does appear to be a factor during duplication. The duplication process occurs in two phases.

The first phase consists of what has been designated the ‘scanning’ phase. Once an object has been placed inside SCP-XXXX for the first time, the door is locked until the first phase of the process is complete. The amount of time required for the first phase varies.3. The method by which each door locks is unknown.4. During the scanning phase, SCP-XXXX emits a gentle hum, a sound similar to what the refrigerant pump installed should sound like, however the pump has been confirmed to be completely non-functional during the scanning phase only. Once the scanning phase is complete, the second phase immediately follows.

The second phase consists of was has been designated the ‘duplication’ phase. During the duplication phase of SCP-XXXX, whatever object had been scanned is then duplicated and prepared as it was placed into SCP-XXXX. This includes items that have been cooked, preserving warm temperatures. At the end of the duplication phase, which is precisely 10.2 minutes, the door the unlocks. Upon opening the unlocked, the item can then be removed. Assuming no new object has been placed inside that would otherwise occupy the area the previously duplicated object once occupied, the door can be shut to repeat the duplication phase. The duplicated object is identical to the original.

SCP-XXXX should never be unplugged from the power source installed onto the wall behind its current location. Doing so will cause the current set of duplication ‘memory’ to reset, leaving SCP-XXXX completely empty upon opening, even after power has been restored. The installed power source behind SCP-XXXX has been given multiple redundant power supplies to ensure continued usage in the event of power loss to the rest of the facility. Under no circumstances should SCP-XXXX be unplugged unless authorized by the Site Director.

Some limitations have been observed during testing, namely the concept of ‘consumable’ objects. SCP-XXXX appears to derive the definition of consumables from a more basic stance than anything specific. For example, during routine testing on initial discovery of anomalous behavior, a small size AA battery was able to be duplicated in a charged state.5 Other non-biological object placed inside had rare success. Failed objects were simply rejected, with the door locking, then unlocking after only few seconds. Some more complicated objects appeared to succeed at first, but SCP-XXXX then failed to enter the duplication phase, simply unlocking immediately after completion of the scanning phase6

Another limitation is size. No object can be duplicated that does not easily fit within SCP-XXXX. To accentuate this, SCP-XXXX will automatically reject items that touch anything that is not the top surface of the shelves. While SCP-XXXX looks in construction as though it is a standard refrigerator, even functioning as such on the outside, its build cannot be altered. The interior shelves appear to be moveable and other shelving notches exist for relocation, but they do not move even with applied force.

Other noted limitations include as follows:

  • Canned goods do not succeed scan phase, despite the contents being consumable. Further research with items in containers indicates that this limitation may only include ‘permanent’ or long-term containers.
  • Consumables such as canned soda appear succeed normally.
  • No object that has been previously duplicated can succeed the scanning phase. Simply, an item removed from SCP-XXXX after the duplication phase cannot be reinserted to increase the number of duplicated items.
  • Items that fail have been unrecoverable, if they are not immediately rejected. Items that are immediately rejected can be recovered successfully.
  • Glass containers that contain consumables have mixed results. Some medical supplies will succeed while others fail, and the same has been noted of food items contained in glass jars.
  • Some bottled products also fail. Bottle composition may be a factor, but results are inconclusive.
  • Intent of a product does appear to be a major contributing factor in whether SCP-XXXX considers said item a consumable, but is not the defining case. As stated before, not all canned food items are considered consumable, though most are.
  • Scanning location affects results. See Addendum XXXX-2 for further information.
  • Pickles appear to be incapable of succeeding the scanning phase, regardless of form. Any item containing pickles or pickle derivatives fail the scanning phase.

((need more limitations?))

Note from Dr. Koschev: Due to concerns about altering or extinguishing the capabilities of SCP-XXXX, no damage will be tolerated. Maintenance performed on SCP-XXXX will be limited to basic maintenance only: cleaning, rust prevention, polishing. Any more complex method of maintenance or repair must be requested via form XXXX-0048. This form can be found attached to the wall to the right of SCP-XXXX. Please turn in the form to Researcher Fargo.