Item #: SCP-399-J

Object Class: Egg

Threat Level: Egg 🥚

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-399-J is to be kept in a specially marked egg carton in the refrigerator of the north wing staff break room at Site-44. Under no circumstances is SCP-399-J to be used in cooking, consumed raw, or stored in a container which is not owned by an individual fulfilling the 399-J/EGG criteria. Legal ownership of the containment refrigerator is currently assigned to Researcher Mark Petersen. In the event that Researcher Petersen no longer fulfills the 399-J/EGG criteria, ownership must be transferred to a new individual fulfilling the criteria.

Description: In its base state, SCP-399-J is an unfertilized egg of Gallus gallus domesticus1. When taken out of its carton, broken, and fried, it [DATA EXPUNGED] at a top recorded speed in experiments of 55 kph. When scrambled, it expands [DATA EXPUNGED] potentially killing several people if they are not evacuated in time. When boiled it becomes exponentially harder and denser, eventually reaching a value on the Mohs scale in excess of ██, and a weight of ████kg before piercing through the pot, stove, oven, floor, and ground. It is theorized that the hardness and density could continue to rise, given an appropriate underground heat source, potentially becoming dense enough to bore straight into the centre of the solid iron core of the Earth. When removed from a heat source after being cooked, SCP-399-J will return to its base state in a bit over 4.5 minutes. When SCP-399-J is in its base state outside of a container owned by an individual fulfilling the 399-J/EGG criteria and not being cooked, it will begin cracking after 30 minutes. Two hours into this process, a juvenile Gallus gallus domesticus featuring ears on its head similar to those of Felix catus2 (SCP-399-J-A) will emerge from the broken shell of SCP-399-J. SCP-399-J-A will proceed to locate the nearest person perceived by others as an authority figure and repeatedly peck them. If at any point while SCP-399-J-A is active the broken shell of SCP-399-J is placed in a container owned by an individual fulfilling the 399-J/EGG criteria, SCP-399-J-A will disappear and SCP-399-J will return to its base state.

399-J/EGG Criteria:

  • Employed in a scientific capacity.
  • Was assigned male gender at birth.
  • Shows signs of gender variance without being cognizant of it, or is in denial about it.