An Actual Hyperdrive

Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: When testing of SCP-XXXX is not being conducted, it (along with it's testing equipment) must be stored in a dedicated secure spacecraft hangar at Area-32. Due to a lack of available information pertaining to the object, any intrusive research (including partial/complete disassembly, magnetic resonance/radiation/fluoroscopic imaging, and/or any form of stress testing) of SCP-XXXX is forbidden at this time, as it may cause the object to lose anomalous properties.

Testing Procedures: Testing must be conducted outside of earth's atmosphere using Area-32 as a launch/landing site in order to minimize potential structural damage from a critical failure. When testing is being conducted, SCP-XXXX should be installed on a Falcon Heavy rocket equipped with the following modifications (NOTE: Only the second stage of Falcon Heavy is required for testing):

  1. A command module containing the perceived inertial force cancelling elevator. The test pilot MUST be inside the elevator when SCP-XXXX is activated to avoid immediate death upon activation.
  2. Two fuel tanks, one built with a 20,000L RP-1/LOX (2.37:1 ratio) capacity, the other divided into fifty 5 liter compartments of RP-1/LOX (1:0), separated individually by electric solenoid valves.
  3. A Merlin 1D vacuum rocket engine modified to allow easy removal of the primary injector mid-flight.
  4. A non anomalous fuel injector backup for landing and localized travel.
  5. An graphene/kevlar debris buffer with a thickness of at least 25cm.

Description: SCP-XXXX is a device that is nearly identical to the fuel injector used on the Merlin 1D Vacuum engine. The only visual/structural difference between the object and the Merlin 1D engine is a barrel-style mechanical combination wheel, labelled as "kilometers", that allows for input of any number between 0,000,000,000,000 and 9,999,999,999,999. The number 8 is replaced with an asterisk, but this is believed to be a placeholder, as it functions as the number 8 normally would when the device is used.

When SCP-XXXX is given fuel (RP-1 only, any oxidizer will remain unused) it will instantly consume the entire connected fuel tank. It will then travel the distance that is set on the combination wheel in exactly 0.055 seconds, regardless of set distance. The device does not appear to use any form of teleportation to achieve this, it simply provides an anomalous amount of thrust. Activation is accompanied by a bright blue flash, and quiet, but still audible popping noise, despite being in a vacuum. Except for residual heat, no products of regular combustion can be found. This is because the RP-1 does not combust, but instead undergoes a different type of reaction that has not yet been identified our model of chemistry. Although SCP-XXXX will consume an entire fuel tank regardless of volume when activated, it only needs 5 liters to achieve the described result. Attempting to use less fuel will cause the object to spray out vaporized fuel without using it, resulting in almost no thrust.

Addendum XXXX.1:

[Object Recovery Log: 09/12/2018]

SCP-XXXX was discovered in a dog park in [REDACTED], Ontario, Canada, shortly after the unidentified celestial object (suspected confirmed to be an extraterrestrial spacecraft) knows as "Oumuamua" exited the Sol system. It was found inside a large orange capsule made of a high strength polymer labelled "FOR EARTH SUPERVISOR OF FLIGHT IN SPACE.", after a passerby noticed an orange object falling from the sky. No landing system was found, yet there was little damage to the surrounding area from the impact. It also contained a note typed in an unidentified, highly unprofessional font on an unusually thick piece of paper. The note is as follows.

"Hello human receiving this message! We are deeply apologize for our sad translation, as we could observe human language only briefly during our scouting mission? If you have obtained this, it signifies that your race has obtained enough advancement to enter our collective government? We have built this device to fit on your newest and most great space travel system. Please complete installation, and promptly visit our government at the [REDACTED] system. Keep in mind that this is a limited time offer, and your access to our speed technology will be revoked in two Earth revolutions around Sol (Years!) if you decline to join our collective."

The note then explains how to use the device, but this part of the note is translated very poorly, (due to their scientific terminology being much different than ours) making it difficult to read the instructions. No explanation of how the device works is included. The note also contains a picture of what is believed to be the senders of the device. They are tall (about 2.5m) bipedal entities made of a clear-blue tinted material, with no visible orifices other than the eyes and mouth. Organs can be seen through their clear-blue skin, which are identical to human organs, except they have two stomachs, a larger brain, a nervous system that is far more complex than a human's (about 4 times as many nerve endings), and no appendix. One of them is holding up a peace sign to it's face, and the other is holding a picture a human family (taken from a bird's-eye view) pointing and staring at the camera with concerned/shocked expressions on their faces (This family was tracked, located, and given Class-C amnestics). Both entities appear to be smiling for the camera.

The note came with several copies, translated (poorly) to various languages, including (but not limited to) French, Spanish, German, Mandarin, Cantonese, and Japanese, and an emblem containing a black circle on a gray/white checkered background.