Mr. Null

Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Thaumiel

Special Containment Procedures: No personnel at any facility excluding Site-01 should be made aware of the existence of Mr. Null. The name "Null" is not to be contained within any foundation documents, or searched for in the staff list of any facility that is owned and operated by the foundation. Anyone who suspects that they might know this person is not permitted to read this file.

Employees should not be notified if SCP-XXXX has appeared at their facility. Any employee who accidentally discovers SCP-XXXX must be given Class-C amnestics. Due to SCP-XXXXs anomalous properties, it is arguably contained without any foundation interference, as it has never been observed outside a foundation owned building. Because SCP-XXXX is not dangerous, and is an incredible asset to the foundation, efforts to contain it in a single location have been discontinued by order of the O5 council. A full list of SCP-XXXXs appearances has been attached below.

Description: SCP-XXXX is an anomaly that fills the position of high clearance (level 3 or above) personnel across different locations of the SCP foundation, such as a research manager or Mobile Task Force commander. When it appears at a facility, it instantly registers itself to the payroll of the facility under the name of James Null, and starts working there.

If somebody who knows James Null recognizes him as SCP-XXXX, he disappears, leaving behind only his notes and research and deleting himself from the foundation database. Almost instantly, SCP-XXXX assumes a new position, at a different facility, and creating a new staff file for itself. Records of Mr. Null that are not associated with the foundation do not exist, and no evidence of SCP-XXXX eating, sleeping, using a bathroom, or leaving a facility has ever been recorded.

SCP-XXXX is highly intelligent, with an estimated IQ of well over 200, and has created over 150 different Special Containment Procedures. Sudden and unexplained increases of information coming from a single facility are most likely due to the presence of SCP-XXXX. SCP-XXXX has even written notes of a possible procedure for its own containment. This self written containment procedure is as follows:

"James Null is fully dedicated to helping the SCP foundation with its cause, and has never shown signs of corruption or malicious activity. As a result access to any containment procedure that would impede its work has been restricted until any signs of suspicious activity are found."

-The Administrator

Addendum XXXX.1: Discovery And Containment Efforts

From March 22nd, 1999 until October 7th, 2001, James Null worked as the primary research director of Site-19. During this time, SCP foundation experienced one of its highest amounts of successful containment attempts ever recorded within a 2 year period. During a celebration of James Null's 25th successful containment procedure, one the members of Mr. Null's research team stated (jokingly) that due to Mr. Null's intelligence, he suspected him of being anomalous. Immediately, Mr. Null vanished, prompting a thorough investigation. 2 months later, Mr. Null was discovered at Area-02, working as a nuclear fail safe technician. After its 2nd disappearance, SCP-XXXX was given a Keter classification, and the foundation made various failed attempts at containing this anomaly. Over time, SCP-XXX became better understood, and on June 16th, 2003, the Dr. Calhoun made the argument that SCP-XXXX was already contained, as it has never been found off of foundation property, that it is intelligent enough to be considered Thaumiel class, and safe enough that the foundation should discontinue containment efforts.

Addenum XXXX.2: Interview with Dr. Calhoun, Previous colleague of Mr. Null, and SCP-XXXX containment specialist.

Interviewer: For the record, state your full name and the date.

Calhoun: My name is Scott Vincent Calhoun, it is June 17th, 2003.

Interviewer: What was your connection with SCP-XXXX?

Calhoun: I was its personal assistant.

Interviewer: Did you notice any anomalous properties of SCP-XXXX before the events October 7th, 2001?

Calhoun: None. I worked with it for two years, and nothing seemed suspicious at the time.

Interviewer: During this time, what was SCP-XXXX like?

Calhoun: It was friendly and easy to work with. Certainly dedicated to its work, I never saw it leave the lab. Ever. Like, not even to eat or go to the bathroom. Also, it would do this thing where it would make a massive breakthrough all casually as if it had known the solution forever.

Interviewer: And this didn't strike you as odd?

Calhoun: I guess I didn't really think about it at the time. If I had, it would have disappeared and moved to a different location.

Interviewer: You were quite involved in the containment attempts for SCP-XXXX when it was first discovered. What was that like?

Calhoun: I wrote the current special containment procedures for SCP-XXXX. I was an advocate for intentionally keeping SCP-XXXX out of containment. More focused on stopping containment attempts then aiding in them. Of course, nobody listened to me at first because nobody knew what it did yet, but over time, as we gained a better understanding of its properties and motivations, the foundation finally agreed to discontinue containment efforts.

Interviewer: No further questions.

Addendum XXXX.3: List Of Instances [MM/DD/YYYY]

[03/22/1999-10/07/2001]: Worked as the primary research director of Site-19. Declared provisionally as Keter class, as it could disappear as soon as somebody recognized it.
[10/07/2001-12/07/2001]: Worked as a nuclear fail safe technician at Area-02
[12/07/2001-12/08/2001]: Worked as an archive technician at Site-01
[12/08/2001-04/12/2002]: Worked as an MTF commander at Site-45
[04/12/2002-06/16/2003]: Worked as a research manage at Site-62. Was declared Thaumiel class and allowed to continue research. Current special containment procedures for SCP-XXXX were created.
[06/16/2003-11/12/2008]: Worked as a senior researcher at Site-81.
[11/12/2008-11/13/2008]: Worked as an O5 representative at Site-01
[11/13/2007-04/30/2010]: Worked as a senior containment engineer at Site-15
[04/30/2010-05/13/2011]: Worked as a lunar anomaly transport manager at Area-32
[05/13/2011-09/01-2015]: Worked as a re containment team trainer at Site-66
[09/01-2015-Present Day]: Suspected to be working at [REDACTED].