Matthew Baranyai: Confession Booth

Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX is secured within a room lined with a Carbon fiber/Osmium alloy within the reliquary unit of Site 23. The containment chamber, and SCP itself are to be fitted with 4 number combination locks to prevent unauthorized entry/exit. The combinations are to be randomized weekly and sent to the mobile PDAs of Dr. Shields, and the SCP-XXXX research team. The room containing SCP-XXXX is fitted with the following:

  • An observation window made of 21cm thick plexiglass.
  • Multiple closed circuit cameras equipped with night, thermal, and x-ray vision capabilities.
  • Highly sensitive microphones installed on all cameras.
  • A neurotoxin release failsafe, containing 25 liters of gaseous Tetrodotoxin.

When conducting D-Class testing of SCP-XXXX, at least four (4) security officers must be guarding the exit of SCP-XXXXs containment chamber. During D-Class testing, no site staff may enter the chamber under any circumstances for a minimum of five (5) minutes after the D-Class has emerged from SCP-XXXX. D-Class individuals are to be instructed via P.A. system when during testing to negate the need for staff to be in SCP-XXXXs containment chamber.

Description: SCP-XXXX is a confession booth, similar to ones found in roman-catholic churches. In design and material choice, it is quite the same. However there are a variety of differences including (but not limited to) the following:

  • Above the door where the sinner would enter, there is a magnifying lens that depicts the current state of the sinner with a variety of symbols drawn on a wheel that rotates to display the correct symbol. When examined internally, the dial contained over 20,000 symbols.
  • The area where the priest usually sits is filled with medical equipment, including chemical tanks, mechanical arms, syringes, surgical blades, and surgical sewing machines, oddly, does not contain any anesthetic of any form. Attempts to open this part of the booth have proved to be impossible.
  • If SCP-XXXX is occupied, the door cannot be opened by any means.

When somebody enters SCP-XXXX, and closes the door they undergo a period of emotional transformation, emerging with the emotional state considered opposite to the one they were in when they entered SCP-XXXX. Results can be somewhat unpredictable, hence the need for such strict containment procedures. With special cameras, SCP-XXXX has been observed probing at the brain, moving parts around, even cutting some parts out entirely. This is what causes a permanent emotional change in subjects entering SCP-XXXX. Often, subjects can be heard screaming, as the SCP does not contain anesthetic of any type. Other procedures such as facial reconstruction and drug injection can also be observed.

Test: D-1316 is administered Class A amnestics, and is instructed to enter SCP-XXXX.
Result: D-1316 emerges, eyes wide with wonder. When questioned about his past, he is able to recount specific memories with incredible detail.

Test: D-3081 is administered high strength antidepressants and is instructed to enter SCP-XXXX.
Result: D-3081 emerges weeping, and kills herself by headbutting a wall until her skull cracks and punctures her brain before staff can interview her.

Test: D-3082 is told of D-3081s death. He begins crying, but is told to enter SCP-XXXX regardless.
Result: D-3082 emerges laughing. His jaw has been broken, and his face has been shaped into an unnatural smile.

Test: D-8427 is administered adrenaline and is told to enter SCP-XXXX.
Result: D-8427 falls out of the booth, deceased.