Gastrovolatic Simian
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SCP-████ -(right) pictured next to a non-anomalous chimpanzee.

Item #: SCP-████

Object Class: Thaumiel

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-████ is to be kept in a standard ISO shipping container that is outfitted with the following:

  • A fireproof twin size bed equipped with restraints
  • A vacuum-sealed food storage unit
  • Multiple doses of Dronabinol
  • Multiple doses of a Fentanyl/Ketamine solution in separate syringes
  • High-strength burn relief/localized dermal anesthetic topicals
  • An I.V. drip containing a 3.1% [REDACTED] solution
  • Various electrical resistor types
  • Various cable adapters
  • Acrylic Glass lined interior
  • A CO2 based fire suppression system
  • An on-demand liquid helium cooler

Unless being used off site, this container should be stored in the Site-19 warehouse. No combustible/flammable/conductive objects may be brought into this container (with the exception of the above). Personnel wishing to discharge SCP-████ for special purposes must submit an application at least 2 weeks in advance. SCP-████s containment procedures are designed to allow safe and easy transportation of SCP-████ for these purposes.

When SCP-████ is being discharged, SCP-████ is to be restrained using flame retardant material, and connected to suction based electrodes via the palms of its hands and soles of its feet. In the event of an electrical fire/critical overheating, all cables must be disconnected to prevent damage to electrical systems. The fire suppression system and liquid helium cooler will engage automatically. To ensure survival of SCP-████, AO Paramedic ███████ Calhoun should be stationed inside the container while it is being discharged. This causes a significant amount of pain for SCP-████, often resulting in mild to life threatening burns on the palms and soles (as well as the surrounding areas), so a large dose of Fentanyl/Ketamine should be administered prior to discharge, and burn relief/local anesthetic topical should be applied afterwards.

Description: SCP-████ is a chimpanzee (P. troglodytes) that converts calories into electrical energy that is stored in fat. SCP-████ is incredibly efficient at doing so, able to generate and store around 0.8 terawatts per calorie ingested. When the administration of [REDACTED] is stopped, SCP-████ can will discharge this electricity through its palms or the soles of its feet near-instantaneously.

Theoretically, there is no upper limit to how much energy it could generate, but in practice, SCP-████ will usually vomit after ingesting around 5,000 calories (creating a total of 4,000 terawatts) and further feeding of SCP-████ is a waste of foundation resources. If vomiting occurs, personnel are advised to wait 24 hours before feeding it again. Discharging over 28,000 terawatts at once would likely kill SCP-████, and is banned for this reason.

Addendum.████.1: Thaumiel Application: SCP-████ can be utilized for power generation purposes in situations when conventional methods are not fast enough. This includes events in which sentient computer-based anomalies become uncooperative and a forced reboot is required (or a reboot needs to be prevented), as well as destruction of certain dangerous entities. Please note that connecting SCP-████ to a power system without first connecting the appropriate resistor types is liable to cause catastrophic failure.

Addendum.████.2: [REDACTED]: [REDACTED] is still pending approval from the ethics committee for testing on other species. Due to side effects, all testing has been suspended until a viable mitigation method is found.

TO: Sector Manager █████ Mortin
FROM: AO Paramedic ███████ Calhoun
SUBJECT: Incorrect Classification of SCP-████
DATE: 12/21/2001

On 10/07/2001, you approved a substance known as anomatriptamine for testing on simian subjects, and I suspect that you might not actually know what it does. Anomatriptamine is a potent psychedelic substance designed to place subjects into a state of intense confusion/relaxation in situations where sedating them would be disadvantageous. It works by contracting blood vessels near the brain to prevent nutrients from reaching it, lowering brain activity. Combined with psychedelics, this disrupts sensory input enough to force the object into a state of complete detachment from reality, but the subject remains conscious. However, due to side effects that altered micronutrient uptake, subjects are usually killed by a blockage in the liver.

The issue here is that if the chimpanzee were to be taken off the drug, we could release it into the wild with zero consequence. Given that we don't really have a good reason to keep it around (none of the potential uses in the addendum have actually been attempted with any success) and that the chimp has little research value (interactions with anomatriptamine are completely explainable), it should be given a -EX classification and released.

███████ Calhoun
Anomalous Object Paramedic

TO: AO Paramedic ███████ Calhoun
FROM: Sector Manager █████ Mortin
SUBJECT: Re: Incorrect Classification of SCP-████
DATE: 12/29/2001

I am aware of the properties of anomatriptamine, and their interactions with SCP-████. Regarding your concerns, SCP-████ will not be reclassified as it still has research value for other SCP objects, despite numerous failures in application, and releasing it is out of the question. While I agree that this is certainly a bit of an ethical dilemma, the release of an object is not something to be taken lightly. It's not something that I could (or would, for that matter) approve.

We have multiple reasons to keep SCP-████ in containment. Potentially, if more instances of SCP-████ were created (we are revisiting anomatriptamine as a viable method for doing so), we could finally kill SCP-682, or other similar entities. See Addendum.████.1 for more information about this. Not to mention that SCP-████ has saved a significant amount of money on the sector power bill.

I have already received approval to continue testing with SCP-████ from the site director. As your manager, I forbid you from contacting them regarding SCP-████. If you wish, I could have you transferred off the SCP-████ project. There are multiple open positions at Area-32 that you qualify for.

█████ Mortin
Sector Manager

TO: Sector manager █████ Mortin
FROM: AO Paramedic ███████ Calhoun
SUBJECT: Discrepancy in SCP-████s Containment Procedures
DATE: 01/04/2002

I do not wish to be transferred off the project. This is something I am very invested in, and I suspect finding someone able to deal with the injuries that SCP-████ sustains on a daily basis would be difficult.

I have noticed a discrepancy in your previous response. The containment procedures specifically state that SCP-████ is only to be used in situations in which conventional methods would not generate electricity fast enough. However, you stated that SCP-████ has reduced power costs, implying that it has been used for regular generation as well. I suggest that we stop doing this, (as we have multiple fully functioning nuclear reactors on site), or at the very least change the containment procedures to reflect this.

I still strongly disagree with the decision to continue containment of SCP-████. I hope that eventually you will come to the same conclusion that this is highly unethical, and should be suspended immediately. You haven't seen what this thing goes through. I have to be there. Please trust me on this.

███████ Calhoun
Anomalous Object Paramedic

TO: AO Paramedic ███████ Calhoun
FROM: Sector Manager █████ Mortin
SUBJECT: Re: Discrepancy in SCP-████s Containment Procedures
DATE: 01/05/2002

Thank you for bringing the discrepancy to my attention. The containment procedures will remain unchanged at this time. Please stop contacting me regarding SCP-████. If you continue to do so, I will have you transferred to another project or site. As much as you would like to think otherwise, you are easily replaceable.

█████ Mortin
Sector Manager

TO: Site Director █████ Moose, Ethics Committee Case Report Email
FROM: Anonymous [AO Paramedic ███████ Calhoun]
SUBJECT: Abuse of Anomalous Object [Case# : 2464]
DATE: 01/05/2002

Hello, I am a member of the SCP-████ maintenance team, and I am contacting you regarding various issues regarding containment that I suspect you may be unaware of. My superior, █████ Mortin has forbid me to do so, and I find this somewhat suspicious.

Activation of SCP-████s anomalous properties depend on the presence of a psychedelic known as anomatriptamine. I see this as an ethical problem, as SCP-████ could feasibly be released without consequence if we didn't keep drugging it. We are torturing a chimpanzee without seeing any results, and despite the containment procedures stating otherwise, we are using it for conventional power generation. My manager has also refused to change containment procedures to reflect this, and I believe that this to to prevent the ethics committee from stepping in and stopping it. This is because our sector power usage is currently at a record low.

███████ Calhoun
Anomalous Object Paramedic

TO: Anonymous [AO Paramedic ███████ Calhoun]
FROM: Ethics Committee Case Response Email
SUBJECT: Re: Abuse of Anomalous Object [Case# : 2464]
DATE: 02/15/2002

We have reviewed this case. We do not see this as an ethical issue, but Mr. Mortin was not following containment procedures, meaning that this is technically anomaly abuse. While this is more of an oversight in the containment procedures, he was still knowingly ignoring them. In addition, he has violated company policy by forbidding you to speak to us, and threatening you with off-world relocation. His employment has been temporarily suspended, and a thorough information audit is being conducted.

Although this would normally be out of the question, but we are willing to come to a compromise. Here are a few things that you should know.

  • You will be given an extra 14 paid days off this year.
  • Releasing SCP-████ is out of the question due to potential application.
  • Using SCP-████ for conventional generation will no longer be permitted unless absolutely necessary.
  • SCP-████ will only be given anomatriptamine prior to a discharge.
  • Using SCP-████ for special purposes will still be permitted.
  • SCP-████ will be placed in a coma between charges/discharges to reduce suffering and accelerate healing.
  • Anomatriptamine testing will continue in attempt to replicate the creation of SCP-████.

These terms are non-negotiable. Do not reply to this email.

Case #2464 closed.

Excerpt taken from SCP-████ research team message board: [02/16/2002]

[06:16] AOP Calhoun: Okay, so I have good news and bad news. Which do you guys want first?
[06:18] CE Minot: Bad.
[06:18] AOP Calhoun: Bad news is, we aren't allowed to let it go.
[06:19] AOP Calhoun: Good news is, they aren't using it for regular generation anymore, and they've changed containment procedures to be more humane. In addition, █████ Mortin is being reprimanded.
[06:19] RD Powers: Yay!
[06:19] RA Reich: Fuck.
[06:19] CE Minot: Somewhere in between.
[06:20] RA Unapa: At least they changed something, that's a victory in my book.
[06:20] AOP Calhoun: You're joking right? This still wont fix the underlying issue that we still have to torture a chimpanzee for no reason. Something needs to be done.
[06:21] RD Powers: What are you suggesting?
[06:21] AOP Calhoun: I think we should release it anyway.
[06:22] CE Minot: Ha! Good luck with that!
[06:22] RA Unapa: You're joking.
[06:22] RA Reich: For real?
[06:23] RD Powers: Absolutely not. If any of you do this, I will report you to site services and make sure that your employment is terminated.
[06:24] RA Reich: I'll lose my job over this.
[06:24] RA Unapa: I won't.
[06:25] CE Minot: I won't either. Sorry dude.
[06:25] AOP Calhoun: Whatever. It was just an idea. Reich, we'll talk later.

TO: AO Paramedic ███████ Calhoun,
FROM: Site Director █████ Moose
SUBJECT: [PRIORITY] Disappearance of SCP-████
DATE: 02/19/2002

I can't believe you actually did it. I read the chat logs, and saw that you considered it, but ignored them because i thought that no sensible individual would actually attempt it. But the fact that you managed to get one of your coworkers to go along with your asinine plan is just baffling. I have a proposition for you. I know that you know where SCP-████ is. If you provide us with information that proves to be helpful in recovering it, we will give you Class-F amnestics and your employment will be suspended indefinitely. If you fail to do so, you will be executed via firing squad

I have authorized facility guards to shoot you on sight. They'll be around your office at noon to collect you. Stay put. That's the least you could do after all the trouble you've caused us.

█████ Moose
Director of Site 19