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Promotional artwork for ToonNameHere.

Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Mobile Task Force Mu-4 ("Debuggers") are currently responsible for the identification and containment of SCP-XXXX events. The Foundation multimedia crawler CRAWLERNAME is to be kept active and maintained at all times; it is to monitor an agreed spectrum of television channels, online streaming services, and multimedia sharing websites for anomalous audiovisual media associated to ToonNameHere, as well as social media platforms for references to potential SCP-XXXX events.

If a SCP-XXXX event is positively identified, personnel are to intercept and contain the affected media as soon as possible; this initially involves transferrance of the media to a secure Foundation server. Multimedia files hosted on online platforms should be downloaded, whilst television broadcasts and online live streams should be screen-recorded, ideally through version 3.7 4.0 of SafeCaP1. The original media should then be removed from its original platform (see Document-XXXX-B for a list of pre-approved techniques).

If the SCP-XXXX event involves playback of physical media, personnel are authorised to intervene via seizure of the affected media; immediate witnesses to the event should be interviewed to determine the full nature of the incident, followed by any necessary administration of amnestics. In all cases, a suitable cover story (see Document XXXX-C) should be disseminated. All differences between SCP-XXXX instances and their nonanomalous equivalents should be identified and logged; a full DVD boxset of ToonNameHere manufactured before MM/DD/YYYY1 is available at the Site-14 library for comparative purposes.

In addition to the aforementioned protocols, the Foundation is currently spearheading measures intended to drive public interest away from ToonNameHere, with the expectation that a decrease in SCP-XXXX events will follow. Current areas of focus include:

  • Negotiation with television networks to prevent further syndication of ToonNameHere episodes
  • Negotiation with international home media manufacturers to prevent further production of ToonNameHere DVDs and Blu-rays
  • Recall and destruction of extant stock of ToonNameHere DVDs and Blu-rays
  • Negotiation with major streaming services to ensure the removal of ToonNameHere from their libraries
  • Artificial inflation of licensing costs for ToonNameHere-related copyrights
  • Dissemination of consensus negative opinion regarding ToonNameHere across selected online communities
  • Dissemination of negative rumours regarding the personal and professional conduct of ToonNameHere creator Creator NameHere

Description: SCP-XXXX is a periodically observed phenomenon manifesting in audiovisual media associated with ToonNameHere, an animated television program originally broadcast between 20██ and 20██ on the American cable channel Cartoon Network. These events (individually designated SCP-XXXX-X) are characterised by noticeable divergences from the original content of affected media, invariably involving the character known in the show as Robob. The divergences have ranged from minor variations in the character's dialogue to comprehensive changes in behaviour that have resulted in drastically altered narratives. The presentation of these divergences is highly consistent with that of the original media, with animation, voice acting and scriptwriting all of an industry-standard quality. However, differences in narrative have not been observed to carry between individual events.

To date, fourteen thirteen SCP-XXXX events have been identified by the Foundation; these events are catalogued in Addendum XXXX-B. Events have primarily (although not exclusively) involved broadcasts of full episodes of ToonNameHere, and have been been observed in the following formats:

  • Television broadcasts
  • Online live streams
  • Physical multimedia created after MM/DD/YYYY1
  • Multimedia files created after MM/DD/YYYY1
  • Multimedia files uploaded to the internet after MM/DD/YYYY1, regardless of the age of the original files

SCP-XXXX has not been observed to occur in solely audial or visual material (i.e. audio files, image files, physical sound recordings, print media, etc).

Still image from SCP-XXXX-7.

SCP-XXXX initially came to the attention of the Foundation on MM/DD/YYYY. Agents monitoring Twitter for an unrelated anomaly noted a volume of tweets involving certain high-priority keywords; these tweets referred to "weird" dialogue in Cartoon Network Canada's recent broadcast of a ToonNameHere episode. Comparison of the recorded broadcast with CN Canada's ToonNameHere master tapes, as well as investigation of archival materials from the production of the episode and interviews with the show's production staff (including scriptwriters, animators and voice actors), determined that the discrepancy was present only on that particular broadcast. A cover story was successfully disseminated attributing the incident to a broadcast signal intrusion.

The incident was initially recorded in the Foundation's Log of Extranormal Events; however, the occurence of two similar incidents within the next month resulted in the phenomenon's current classification as SCP-XXXX, with the initial incident retroactively classified as SCP-XXXX-1.

Addendum XXXX-A: Supplementary information on ToonNameHere

Note: A short summary for the benefit of personnel assigned to SCP-XXXX, a group which I appreciate is not exclusively comprised of ToonNameHere fans. - Researcher Kingston

ToonNameHere began in 20██ as a short student film of the same name, created by American animator Creator NameHere; a full-series commission from Cartoon Network followed three years later. The show's main narrative followed Chara1, a young woman accidentally transported from Earth to the parallel world of CityNameHere. She eventually encountered Chara2, Chara3 and Robob, three cohabiting musicians who agreed to take her in as a roommate; together they dealt with typical early adulthood issues and with the surreal events and characters of CityNameHere, along with Chara1's attempts to find a way back to her home dimension.

The main cast consisted of:

  • Chara1 (ActorName Here): the series protagonist, a 22-year-old human scientist who fell through an artifically generated wormhole into CityNameHere. Characterised as courageous and enthusiastic, but prone to depression and low self-esteem. Her character arc centered on struggling with her sudden displacement from her own world. Plays acoustic guitar, piano and ukulele.
  • Chara2 (ActorName Here): one of the series deuteragonists, a 25-year-old lizard. Characterised as anxious and pragmatic but with occasional moments of courage. Her character arc centered on the acceptance of her sexual orientation; she was one of the first canonically and openly bisexual characters to appear on Cartoon Network. Played bass guitar and percussion.
  • Chara3 (ActorName Here): one of the series deuteragonists, an 18-year-old pelican. Characterised as unpredictable and high-energy, frequently speaking in non-sequitiurs and proposing unusual solutions to problems. Her character arc from series 5 onwards centered on her ascension to and subsequent abdication from the throne of CityNameHere's recently rediscovered ancient pelican monarchy. Played drums and percussion.
  • Robob (voice provided by the macOS text-to-speech program): the series tritagonist, a 300-year-old robot. Characterised as a technologically advanced and highly intelligent but otherwise hedonistic slacker, with no major character arcs during the show's run. Attained great popularity within the show's fanbase; a Robob-centric spinoff was at one point considered for Cartoon Network's adult programming block, Adult Swim. Played keyboards, drum machine and samplers.

ToonNameHere aired for seven seasons comprising 161 fifteen-minute episodes, as well as three half-hour specials (a holiday episode and the two-part series finale). During its original run, ToonNameHere recieved critical acclaim for its humour, its soundtrack, its inclusion of LGBT+ plotlines and themes, and what was regarded by critics as "sincere" and "emotionally mature" character development. Professional accolades included four Annie Awards, two BAFTA Children's Awards, and one Emmy, as well as multiple nominations for other television awards.

ToonNameHere was cancelled by Cartoon Network in 20██. In the years since it has developed what has been described as a "cult" following, especially within its online fandom.

Addendum XXXX-B: List of SCP-XXXX incidents

Designation: SCP-XXXX-1
Date of event: MM/DD/YYYY1
Format of affected media: A televised broadcast of ToonNameHere episode TNH104 ("Brown Out") on Cartoon Network Canada.
Contents of nonanomalous media: Original broadcast of episode TNH104 features Robob accidentally breaking an important component of his circuitry; for the majority of the episode his vocalisations consist of a dial-up modem sound effect.
Divergences from nonanomalous media: Four minutes and seven seconds into SCP-XXXX-1, Robob is heard to say "test, test, one two three" in his normal text-to-speech voice. Chara3 jokingly replies with "four five six", but the incident is not commented upon further. Episode continues as originally broadcast.
Notes: First SCP-XXXX incident to be brought to the attention of the Foundation.

Designation: SCP-XXXX-2
Date of event: MM/DD/YYYY
Format of affected media: An unofficial upload of episode TNH409 ("Crazy Train") to the video sharing website YouTube.
Contents of nonanomalous media: Episode features Chara1 and Chara2 collecting a list of unusual phenomena in the local neighbourhood. One scene involves the two characters pressuring Robob to answer a survey about their findings; in the original broadcast of TNH109, Robob answers every question on the survey with "Don't know, don't care".
Divergences from nonanomalous media: In SCP-XXXX-2, Robob answers every question on the survey with "Can you hear me?". Episode mostly continues as originally broadcast; however, Chara1 and Chara2 allude to Robob's unusual answers several times throughout the remainder of the episode.
Notes: A transparent white gradient had been overlayed on the video file before its upload, a common tactic used to prevent copyright detection.

Designation: SCP-XXXX-3
Date of event: MM/DD/YYYY
Format of affected media: The official stream of episode TNH210 ("S'more S'merrier") on the online streaming service Netflix.
Contents of nonanomalous media: Episode features the main characters going on a camping holiday together. In the scene immediately preceding the closing credits of TNH210 as originally broadcast, Chara3 trips and falls over a log onto the ground.
Divergences from nonanomalous media: Three minutes and eight seconds into SCP-XXXX-3, Robob interrupts an unrelated conversation about fishing and suggests that Chara3 should jump into the campsite's lake; Chara3 laughs the comment off, and the episode mostly continues as originally broadcast. However, in the scene immediately preceding the closing credits, Chara3 trips and falls over a different log, falling into the lake instead of onto the ground.
Notes: Current designation and containment procedures subsequently implemented by the Foundation; prior events retroactively classified as instances of SCP-XXXX.

Designation: SCP-XXXX-4
Date of event: MM/DD/YYYY
Format of affected media: An unofficial upload of episode TNH514 ("Berlin Schooled") to the video sharing website DailyMotion.
Contents of nonanomalous media: Episode features two German pop stars, Ig and Zig (based on Iggy Pop and David Bowie respectively), holding seperate concerts in CityNameHere on the same night; Chara2 and Chara3 argue over which concert they should attend, being fans of both singers. In the original broadcast of TNH514, with Robob voicing no opinion, Chara2 and Chara3 turn to Chara1, willing to accept her decision as a tiebreaker. She chooses Ig, resulting in the group attending his concert and eventually interacting with him backstage. Ig is voiced by actor Actor NameHere, but Zig has no spoken lines in the episode.
Divergences from nonanomalous media: In SCP-XXXX-4, Robob prematurely interrupts the argument between Chara2 and Chara3 to suggest that they see Zig "this time"; Chara1 agrees with Robob's suggestion, and the group attend his concert instead. Change in venue and performer notwithstanding, the remainder of SCP-XXXX-4 continues as per original broadcast of TNH514, with all references to the two singers swapped.
Notes: In SCP-XXXX-4, David Bowie (David Robert Jones) is credited as providing the voice of Zig; Bowie died on 10/1/2016, █ years before the original broadcast of TNH514. Analysis of the Zig character's vocal performance in SCP-XXXX-4 is ongoing.

Designation: SCP-XXXX-5
Date of event: MM/DD/YYYY
Format of affected media: A one minute and thirty second long clip from episode TNH307 ("Cirque du Sillay") uploaded to Cartoon Network's official YouTube channel.
Contents of nonanomalous media: Full episode features the main characters joining a circus; clip features a scene in which Chara1 is attempting to put on a comically wide pair of trousers. In the original broadcast of TNH307, Chara1 wears the trousers (albeit with some difficulty) for the remainder of the episode.
Divergences from nonanomalous media: In SCP-XXXX-5, Robob compliments Chara1 on the trousers, and suggests the look would suit her; she proceeds to find a more fitting pair of trousers and wear those instead. Dialogue continues as per originally broadcast TNH307 scene for the remainder of the clip, but Robob's facial expression appears noticeably frustrated.
Notes: Altered dialogue was correctly represented on video's optional subtitles.

Designation: SCP-XXXX-6
Date of event: MM/DD/YYYY
Format of affected media: A DVD of season 2 of ToonNameHere, featuring episode TNH221 ("A Very ToonNameHere Yuletide Disaster"); DVD was shown at a Christmas house party in Exeter, UK.
Contents of nonanomalous media: Episode features Chara1, accompanied by Robob, buying two Christmas puddings while food shopping; her intention is to serve one pudding for her friends but to save the other pudding entirely for herself. In the original broadcast of TNH221, Chara1 waits until she gets home to consume the second pudding, but is stopped from doing so by Chara2, who teaches her about the importance of humility and sharing during the holiday season.
Divergences from nonanomalous media: In SCP-XXXX-6, Robob attempts to forcibly feed Chara1 both puddings as soon as they are purchased; Robob is absent for the remainder of the episode. Chara1 is later seen with a distended stomach, and the other characters accuse her of "ruining" Christmas. The episode ends on a more downbeat note than the original TNH221 broadcast, with the remaining characters eating a more modest feast.
Notes: Witnesses were unfamiliar with the narrative of the original episode, and thus were unaware of SCP-XXXX-6's discrepancies; Foundation identification and containment of SCP-XXXX-6 was only facilitated after the interception of a SMS conversation between two witnesses, in which the episode's altered narrative was discussed.

Designation: SCP-XXXX-7
Date of event: MM/DD/YYYY
Format of affected media: A video essay entitled "How ToonNameHere Saved My Life", uploaded to YouTube by popular internet personality ███████; video features clips from multiple ToonNameHere episodes, including episode TNH115 ("Low Score").
Contents of nonanomalous media: Video features ███████ talking about how watching ToonNameHere helped him cope with depression and grief. The clip from TNH115 is briefly used to illustrate what ███████ regards as the show's less successful episodes; clip features Chara1 examining her body after she is sucked into an arcade game and transformed into its main villain, a male crocodile.
Divergences from nonanomalous media: In the affected clip in SCP-XXXX-7, Robob is visible crouched behind a bush, staring intently at the transformed Chara1.

Designation: SCP-XXXX-8
Date of event: MM/DD/YYYY
Format of affected media: A collaborative remake of the "Friendly Reminder" musical sequence from episode TNH312 ("Other Ways to Fight Torture"), using the original audio from the sequence but with new fanmade animation, uploaded to YouTube.
Contents of nonanomalous media: In both the original episode and the remade video, Robob and Chara1 sing about dealing with anxiety while engaging in a choreographed dance routine; Robob's singing voice is that of singer SingerName Here, heavily modulated to give it a robotic tone. The original sequence in episode TNH312 features animation consistent with ToonNameHere's standard art style; the remake video features new animation in a wide variety of styles from sixteen amateur animators.
Divergences from nonanomalous media: For the entirety of SCP-XXXX-8, Robob paces in a circle around Chara1, occasionally hitting the side of his head with his hands. Instead of singing, Robob alternately repeats the phrases "I just want to hear your voices" and "take me out of this strangely silent world", spoken in his normal text-to-speech voice. Chara1 continues her sung part for the duration of SCP-XXXX-8, performing a version of her original dance routine that does not invovle physical contact with Robob.
Notes: New animation was observed to be consistent with the styles of all animators involved in the remake video.

Designation: SCP-XXXX-9
Date of event: MM/DD/YYYY
Format of affected media: A televised broadcast of episode TNH409 ("…And I Like What I Know") on Cartoon Network India, with all dialogue dubbed into Hindi.
Contents of nonanomalous media: Episode features the main characters entering a fine art contest, each character producing a piece of artwork for their entry. In the original broadcast of TNH409, Robob's entry is a pencil sketch of himself eating a taco, in the manner of Francisco Goya's Saturn Devouring His Son; it goes on to win first place in the contest.
Divergences from nonanomalous media: In SCP-XXXX-9, Robob's submission consists of twelve detailed paintings, each depicting Chara1 [REDACTED] into characters from other animated Cartoon Network properties. The other main characters and the contest's judges display significant discomfort at the paintings, and Chara2's entry wins first place in the contest instead.
Notes: Notably, this broadcast occured after the Foundation had successfully negotiated the cessation of ToonNameHere syndication across all international Cartoon Network subsidary channels.

Designation: SCP-XXXX-10
Date of event: MM/DD/YYYY
Format of affected media: A ToonNameHere fanart compilation uploaded to YouTube.
Contents of nonanomalous media: Original video features twenty-seven pieces of ToonNameHere fanart, arranged in a simple slideshow format and accompanied by an extended remix of the show's theme tune. Fanart is highly distinctive in subject matter, exclusively featuring Chara1 and focusing on themes of [REDACTED].
Divergences from nonanomalous media: In SCP-XXXX-10 Robob appears in twenty-one of the pictures, watching Chara1 from far vantage points in a manner similar to SCP-XXXX-7.
Notes: Links to the original images - themselves uploaded to various art communities, including DeviantArt, Tumblr, and FurAffinity - were included in the video's description. Images were determined to contain no anomalous content.

Designation: SCP-XXXX-11
Date of event: MM/DD/YYYY2
Format of affected media: A recording of SCP-XXXX-3 hosted on the Foundation's secure database.
Contents of nonanomalous media: Refer to original SCP-XXXX-3 entry. Both the nonanomalous episode TNH210 and SCP-XXXX-3 feature the standard ToonNameHere title sequence, which opens on a shot of Robob flying towards the camera.
Divergences from nonanomalous media: One second into SCP-XXXX-11, Robob abruptly swerves and flies upwards out of shot. Theme music is interrupted for approximately three seconds by a loud audio signal, consisting of a rapidly oscillating pattern of square waves at the 1244 Hz and 880 Hz frequencies respectively. Robob is absent from the remainder of SCP-XXXX-11, including the rest of the title sequence; scenes are extensively altered to compensate for his absence, with comments by other characters indicating that he cannot join them on their camping holiday due to "illness". Scene immediately preceding the closing credits proceeds as per original TNH210 episode, with Chara2 tripping and falling onto the ground instead of into the lake.
Notes: Anomalous properties were discovered by Researcher Conway during a routine check of SCP-XXXX's files. Analysis of the tone in the opening sequence determined it to be an ASCII binary representation of the phrase "IVE [sic] SUNG THIS SONG BEFORE".

This would appear to prove that recordings of existing SCP-XXXX incidents are susceptible to the effects of the general SCP-XXXX phenomenon. It also confirms speculation regarding SCP-XXXX's potential range - it seems not even our tightly secured intranet is immune. - Researcher Kingston

Designation: SCP-XXXX-12
Date of event: MM/DD/YYYY
Format of affected media: A DVD of episode TNH101 ("Pilot"), burned onto a blank DVD disc by Researcher Kingston in an intentional attempt to induce a SCP-XXXX event. Episode was sourced from a DVD of ToonNameHere's entire first season; no evidence of any prior SCP-XXXX events had been detected.
Contents of nonanomalous media: Episode features Chara1's initial arrival in CityNameHere and her first encounters with the other main characters. Episode also features a subplot involving four on-the-run criminals who bear a great resemblance to the four main characters. "Wanted" posters featuring the mugshots of the criminals are seen at various points throughout the episode.
Divergences from nonanomalous media: Robob is completely absent from SCP-XXXX-12; scenes are extensively altered to compensate for his absence. The "wanted" poster originally corresponding to Robob is still present, but the image of his lookalike is replaced by the text "NOT ENOUGH".
Notes: To date, all subsequent Foundation attempts at generating SCP-XXXX events through physical media have been unsuccessful.

Designation: SCP-XXXX-13
Date of event: MM/DD/YYYY
Format of affected media: A three second .swf animation file created in Adobe Animate CC by Researcher Kingston in an intentional attempt to induce a SCP-XXXX event.
Contents of nonanomalous media: Original .fla project file features a three second sequence of the four main ToonNameHere characters, including Robob, waving.
Divergences from nonanomalous media: In the rendered .swf file that comprises SCP-XXXX-13, Robob is absent.
Notes: To date, all subsequent Foundation attempts at generating SCP-XXXX events through digital media have been unsuccessful.

Addendum XXXX-C: On MM/DD/YYYY, CRAWLERNAME intercepted an animated .gif file, "roleplayclub.gif", that had been uploaded to a server on instant messaging application Discord.

Versions of the image without visual artifacts had been widely shared on various image macro communities across the internet, and were already known to personnel assigned to SCP-XXXX; initial Foundation speculation thus assumed that this particular image file constituted a new manifestation of SCP-XXXX, and it was subsequently assigned the tentative designation of SCP-XXXX-14.

Foundation agents were subsequently able to trace the origin of the uploaded image, and determined it had been sent by Witness NameHere, a resident of ██████, MI. However, analysis of the image file present on Ms. NameHere's computer, as well as information gleaned during an interview with Ms. NameHere (see Interview Log XXXX-89), confirmed that the file was nonanomalous, and that the visual artifacts and messages were present in the original image prior to its upload. The SCP-XXXX-14 designation was subsequently revoked; until the direct origin of the image file is ascertained, it cannot currently be considered an instance of SCP-XXXX.

Interview Log XXXX-89

Interviewed: Witness NameHere

Interviewer: Agent Morley

Foreword: Interview conducted on DD/MM/YYYY to ascertian origin and nature of tentative SCP-XXXX event. Witness NameHere is a 26 year old Caucasian female with a psychological history of mild depression; Ms. NameHere is a moderator of the "Yeet Y'Self Fitter" Discord server, and had uploaded the image file tentatively designated SCP-XXXX-14 to the server's "#spoopy-aesthetic" discussion channel.

<Begin Log>

Agent Morley: So, I'd like to ask you a couple of questions. You're not in trouble and it's not anything serious, I just want to clear a few things up.

Witness NameHere: Sure.

Agent Morley: Firstly, can you confirm that at HH:MM local time on MM/DD/YYYY, you uploaded an image entitled "roleplayclub.gif" to the "Yeet Y'Self Fitter" Discord server?

Witness NameHere: Yeah, I…[laughs]…sorry, sorry, I didn't think I'd ever hear that name said out loud. But yeah, that was me.

Agent Morley: Did you notice anything unusual about the image once it had finished uploading?

Witness NameHere: Not really. I mean, the glitchy animation and the creepy text is pretty weird, but none of it had changed or anything, if that's what you're asking. It's always looked like that.

Agent Morley: Understood. In that case, where did you originally obtain the image?

Witness NameHere: I definitely didn't make it myself, for a start - couldn't make a gif to save my life. Nah, I saved it from a Facebook group I was in a long time back. Chara3 Beakposting.

Agent Morley: Could you tell me more about this group?

Witness NameHere: Sure. I mean, I don't have that many memories of it - like I said it was a while back. Late YYYY, early YYYY, something like that. And I wasn't in there very long before I left, only a month or so.

Agent Morley: So was this group a community for ToonNameHere fans?

Witness NameHere: Yeah. And I think a lot of them felt kinda lost in the years after ToonNameHere ended, because it had been such a big part of their lives, you know? I mean, I'm not a megafan, but I definitely felt its asbence. So I joined the group just to see what it was like, and for a while it was pretty normal. Just likeminded fans talking about their favourite moments, posting their fan fiction and fan art, stuff like that. Then things kinda took a turn for the worse.

Agent Morley: What happened?

Witness NameHere: It wasn't anything horrible, it was just…..they were trying to turn it into something it wasn't. Like, yeah, all of us liked it, and so many of us were sad it'd been cancelled, but at the end of the day it was just a cartoon. And there they all were, posting these huge essays about how it was the saviour of modern TV. Planning massive alternate universe projects to fix the plot arcs they didn't like. Arguing about which characters they thought they'd been in their past lives. God, they even sent a care package to Creator NameHere when those allegations came out. It was an exhausting environment to be in - and trust me, my mom's a Republican, so I know what that feels like.

Agent Morley: I see. And that was why you ended up leaving?

Witness NameHere: Pretty much. Last I heard the group got deleted because of admin infighting - I tried searching for it the other day but I couldn't find it at all. Good luck if you're thinking of trying the same.

Agent Morley: Noted. Do you remember the name of the individual who originally posted the image in the group?

Witness NameHere: Nah, sorry, I don't know who posted it at all. There were like five or six thousand members, and a lot of them shared weird arty stuff like that. But I do remember one of the comments on that post.

Agent Morley: Go on?

Witness NameHere: Well, there was this one guy - it might have been one of the admins, again I'm not sure - who said he really appreciated its, quote unquote, deeper symbolism. Something about how it was a metaphor for the way we map our traumas and anxieties on fictional characters. How we use them for navigating our way through life when we've been failed by the people around us, or something like that.

Agent Morley: And did you agree with him?

Witness NameHere: Nah, not really. I just thought the picture looked neat.

Agent Morley: I think we're done here. Thank you for your cooperation, Ms. NameHere.

Witness NameHere: Hey, no problem, man.

<End Log>

Closing Statement: Witness NameHere administered standard dosage of Class-A amnestics following conclusion of interview; SCP-XXXX-14 designation for "roleplayclub.gif" file revoked.