Item #: SCP-3515

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: Deceased instances of SCP-3515 may be cryonically frozen at the standard -6 degrees Celsius or cremated at the approval of the Site Director. Living instances of SCP-3515 are to be kept in their own individual standard humanoid containment cells.

Any instances of SCP-3515 with a "specialization" are to be given distracting tasks to complete on a daily basis. Tasks for each specialization may include but are not limited to:

* Performing an autopsy on a non-anomalous corpse for the "Nurse"
* Fixing a piece of equipment which is not broken for the "Handyman"
* Practicing marksmanship with a firearm loaded with blanks for the "Protector"
* Preparing their own meals for the "Cook" (Subject is not allowed to posses a sharpened knife)

It is advised that Site personnel do not rely on instances of SCP-3515 for labor and services as they lack sufficient conditioning or total mental stability.

Description: SCP-3515 is a race largely similar to homo Sapiens. On the Foundation Taxonomy database, SCP-3515 is designated as homo Laborem. Subjects of SCP-3515 somewhat resemble Eastern European males and females.

The most easily identifiable physical trait of SCP-3515 is their soft, rounded facial features as well as a number of blue veins surrounding their irises. Note that these veins are the same as some cases of non-anamolous blood shot human eyes.

homo Laborem was documented as being created on May 12th, 196█. A Hungarian-Romanian scientist, Gazsi ███. The before mentioned scientist had failed to receive a doctorate's degree and had independently researched heredity with funding from an unknown source.

There is insufficient documentation of Gazsi ███. He was born in 1945 to family of factory owners. His parents had gained wealth in producing war materials then lost much of it due to the Communist absorption of industry. Gaszi was an unremarkable student throughout his