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Item Number: SCP-xxxx

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures

If any outbreak of SCP-xxxx is to occur, any MTF units near the outbreak area are to contain the outbreak.
If outbreak is contained then, area will be official declared as part of "Infrastructure Crystal"
Else if outbreak cannot be contained, then the area will be heavily defended to stop public dissemination.

Forced salt rain is to "drown" the area inside Infrastructure Crystal on a bi-weekly basis, to minimize a chance of an outbreak, but if any evidence foreshadows an outbreak of SCP-xxxx, forced salt rain is to be put on a bi-daily basis for 2 months before being put back to a bi-weekly basis.
Upon a stage 3 instances is noticed, all units are to be on red alert until all stage 3 instances are terminated.
Upon a stage 4 instance is noticed, all Salt Water Hydro Cannons1 are to be on red alert.
Upon several stage 6 instance is noticed, all personnel are to evacuated Infrastructure Crystal, for the area's untimely onsite nuclear warheads detonating to prevent a stage 7 or 8 instance appearing.
If a stage 7 or 8 instance is to appear, help from nearby sites are to be requested immediately as failure to do so will cause massive damage to the country.


SCP-xxxx is a parasitic worm of unknown origins, average dimensions of SCP-xxxx are 4 micro metres wide, 2 micrometres tall and 12 micrometres long, Adult lifespan is 2 years and Pre-Adult stage is 2 hours.
Symptoms of SCP-xxxx only manifest inside the host after 2 hours and Anonymous Symptoms manifest 4 hours after infection.

Accessing Data-Archive: xxxx-Symptoms

Symptoms are:

  • Muscle pains
  • Delirium
  • Dementia
  • Madness
  • Insanity
  • Skin pains
  • Bone pains
  • Suicidal Thoughts + Suicide
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • OCD
  • ADHD
  • Obsession
  • Extreme Aggression
  • Extreme Adrenaline Bursts
  • Heliophobia
  • Saliva production overdrive
  • Ruptured Organs
  • Lactic Acid production overdrive
  • Anaemia
  • Insomnia
  • Amnesia
  • Flesh Decay
  • Incoherent Babbling
  • Comas
  • Organ Failure
  • Complete Brain Death
  • Uncontrollable Spasms
  • Hallucinations
  • Nausea + Vomiting
  • Mood Swings
  • Odour

Anonymous Symptoms

  • Crystal Spike growth
  • Super natural strength, speed and agility
  • Enhanced Senses
  • Partial Echo location

If you or someone near you shows similar symptoms aforementioned, please may you report them to you nearest Senior-Advisor for them to be dealt with, if they happen to be someone who you are in a relationship, you will be administered amnesiacs to help cope

SCP-xxxx has an unusual property of being able to convert biomass into crystals, on average, SCP-xxxx is capable of converted 100 grams of biomass into 10 KG of crystal. Crystals can take mere minutes to grow if put in the right conditions. Due to the rate of the crystals grow, high amounts of heat will be produced, even to appoint that the blood in the host will boil.
A noticeable property of SCP-xxxx, is it can alter the brain of its host, by using chemicals to change mood to help spread SCP-xxxx eggs.
SCP-xxxx cannot permanently stop its trait of being able to convert biomass into crystals (but it can inhibit the crystal growth), this results in large crystals protruding out of the host. The host will experience massive amounts of pain due to red pustules developing around the crystals puncture zone bursting.
Crystals are carriers of SCP-xxxx eggs, touching a crystal will potentially result in thousands of eggs transmitting. SCP-xxxx crystals, SCP-xxxx and SCP-xxxx eggs are somehow comprised of 95.7% water, which when exposed to salt results in the crystals degrading to a point when a gentle breeze can just turn it to sterilized dust2
After time the host will go under several stages.

Primary Stages

Stage 1/ SCP-xxxx-1

After 4 hours of infection, the host will under go the 1st stage of infection.
Host will have crystal spikes protruding the skin.
SCP-xxxx will produce high amounts of adrenaline as well as permanently stimulate the adrenal glands, for helping to transmit eggs.
SCP-xxxx will produce high amounts of calcium and protein and direct it towards the feet and hands, resulting in strong and sharp claws.

Stage 2/ SCP-xxxx-2

After 3+ days, the host will under go the 2nd stage of infection.
Hosts muscles are permanently stimulated
Due to malnutrition, host is extremely weakened and tends to stumble around a lot.
Hosts skin has decayed to point when it could be easily peeled off, due to this and the heat coming off the crystal growth, the host will rip open holes in their own body, which occasionally will reveal massive crystals.

Stage 3/ SCP-xxxx-3

After 1 month, the host will be heavily converted into crystals, this results in + 1000% weight added to the host, this results in heavily hindered mobility often completely paralyzing the host.
Host will develop an egg like cover3, host will be immobile during this stage.
Four (4) spider-like legs will start to develop from the host.
Hosts vital signs will cease.
After legs have fully developed, the hosts will be "revived", during the time the legs are developing, the host will be covered in spikes.
Large fractures in the carapace of the host can open up to consume biomass.

Stage 4/ SCP-xxxx-4

After 45 days, SCP-xxxx-3 will erupted covering a 50 metre radius in crystals, from which where SCP-xxxx-3 erupted, is SCP-xxxx-4.
SCP-xxxx-4 is a highly adept humanoid like creature4. The carapace of SCP-xxxx-4 is extremely hard and can take several shots from high-end Caliber penetration rifle bullets. SCP-xxxx-4 has a thin line of muscle linking each joint together. SCP-xxxx-4 on average is 2 metres tall, but size is dependant on how much biomass SCP-xxxx-3 has consumed. SCP-xxxx-4's head is comprised of 7 plates that open up to consume biomass. The coxic of SCP-xxxx-4 has elongated to form a tail, this is used to help balance the posture of SCP-xxxx-4. Fingers and Toes of SCP-xxxx-4 have developed in a way and have hardened to the toughness and strength of titanium that allows SCP-xxxx-4 to be highly capable of scaling walls even coated with Teflon.

Stage 5/ SCP-xxxx-5

Due to the hardness of SCP-xxxx-4's shell, it is incapable of creating holes in it's own body to regulate temperature5
This results in SCP-xxxx-4 "melting" forming a puddle referred to as SCP-xxxx-5. If several SCP-xxxx-5 are to touch, they will assimilate together forming a larger SCP-xxxx-5.

Stage 6/ SCP-xxxx-6

After 5 days, SCP-xxxx-6 will emerge from SCP-xxxx-5. Somehow SCP-xxxx-6 shows nigh-perfect resemblance to any living creature, but is over 10X larger. SCP-xxxx-6's carapace can take several incendiary bombs before braking.
The largest SCP-xxxx-6 was a Komodo Dragon over 50 metres or 164.04 foot tall, and the smallest was a 6 metre or 19.68 foot tall Daddy Longlegs. Any animal that had venom/poison carried over to its SCP-xxxx-6 counterpart, but its venom/poison is a deep purple and is produced everywhere on the body. Venom/Poison from SCP-xxxx-6 can be turned into: An antidote for its animal's toxins, strong painkillers, Class-A amnesiacs and strong anaesthetic.

Stage 7/ SCP-xxxx-7

If at any time, 2 or more SCP-xxxx-6 are to touch, they will assimilate together forming a SCP-xxxx-7 instance.
SCP-xxxx-7 is an amalgamation of whatever animal the 2 or more SCP-xxxx-6 were. SCP-xxxx-7 may be weaker than the 2 or more SCP-xxxx-6 that made it, as limbs may be assimilated together poorly resulting in hindered movement, but it may be stronger as if the limbs of the 2 or more SCP-xxxx-6 instances were assimilated together properly will result in a highly dangerous hazard.

Stage 8/ SCP-xxxx-8/ Hive

If a sufficient enough of biomass is assimilated together, most likely the formation of an SCP-xxxx-8 is cause of at least 20 or more SCP-xxxx-7 instance.
SCP-xxxx-8 is a shapeless pile of crystals, inside of SCP-xxxx-8 is hypothesised to be hollow but has never been confirmed as no SCP-xxxx-8 has ever been terminated on record.
SCP-xxxx-8 uses electromagnetic pulses to control any lower instances, this strategy makes all instances more coordinated and intelligent, by how SCP-xxxx-8 can use and emmit electromagnetic pulses is entirely unknown.

Secondary Stages

Resistance Stages/ SCP-xxxx-N-1

If at any time, any instance of SCP-xxxx-1 through 8 are to receive heavy damage or an amputation, it's wound will regenerate and will be resistance to what caused the wound: I.E if the damage is from a bomb, the regenerated wound will be resistance to that type of bomb.
To stop this instance from occurring, any instance that has taken heavy damage must be terminated

Ranged Stages/ SCP-xxxx-N-2

If at any time, any instance of SCP-xxxx-1 through 8 is exposed to minimal amount of salt, it's crystal spikes will become fragile and can be taken off, from which SCP-xxxx-N-2 can "throw them", but due to the fragile crystals, it makes it easy for SCP-xxxx-N-2 to be more susceptible to damage.
To stop this instance from occurring, any instance that is exposed to a non-lethal dose of salt must be terminated.

Brute Stage/ SCP-xxxx-N-3

If at any time SCP-xxxx-N-1 is to receive massive damage or an amputation to the regenerated segment, after the wound is fully healed, it will become SCP-xxxx-N-3.
SCP-xxxx-N-3 is practically immune to that category of weapon that caused the massive wound: I.E if the damage is from a bomb, the regenerated wound will take little to none damage when exposed to bomb of equal or less strength.
To stop this instance from occurring, any SCP-xxxx-N-1 is to receive massive damage or an amputation, it is to be terminated.
Spitter/ SCP-xxxx-N-4

If at any time, any instance of SCP-xxxx-1 through 8 is to be exposed to high amounts of water, it will become a SCP-xxxx-N-4 instance. All water that is exposed to SCP-xxxx will be turned into gastric acid (Stomach Acid) via unknown means, from which it will be ejected from several as a way of self-defence.
To stop this instance from occurring, any instances that is exposed to excess amount of water must be terminated

By orders of the 05 council, if you are to notice a secondary instances, use any high-powered, long-range weaponry to terminate the instance