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Item Number: SCP-xxxx

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures

Object(s) is to be held in a sound proof, steel alloy cube 12 metres3 5" thick. All guards surveilling the chamber are to wear military grade noise cancelers and must only take them off when they are 100 metres away from the chamber. If any one hears a SCP-xxxx instance, they will be put under 24/7 surveillance as "bait" for SCP-xxxx-1. Any recording equipment within 120 metres are to be muted and then put under evaluation after passing the 120 metre mark. Any sound that SCP-xxxx instances create must be blocked out by any means necessary, any recorded sounds of SCP-xxxx instances must be isolated till SCP-xxxx-1 destroys it, from which SCP-xxxx-1 will be detained. Testing with SCP-xxxx instances are to be done with absolute precision to prevent sound from escaping. If SCP-xxxx/-1 escapes, all nearby sites+ the site itself are to be alerted of SCP-xxxx/-1's breach.


SCP-xxxx-1 located in urban area, ignoring photographer to hunt SCP-xxxx-3

SCP-xxxx are 3 spiders1, size of SCP-xxxx instances vary from time to time, but adult instances are on average, between 2 and ██ metres in size. All instances have 5 50 cm long webbed claws on each feat, giving all instances partial water walking. Claws only begin to grow at ██ ██████ old.
Instance life span is around 2 months, from which a single spiderling (Now designated as SCP-xxxx-2), equal to the size of its species spiderlings, immerges from the deceased instance's head. The new instance will rapidly grow, reaching 1 metre within 40-██ hours. Terminating the new instance is impossible2 by any known means until it reaches maturity at ██ week(s). All adult instance's verbally make sounds, sounds have been recorded at 1 decibel to 150 decibels, sound immediately cuts off at 100 metres. Any one who hears the sound (Now designated as SCP-xxxx-3) begins feeling extremely paranoid. The instance (Now designated as SCP-xxxx-1) will now hunt SCP-xxxx-3 till SCP-xxxx-3 is killed or SCP-xxxx-1 is killed, hunting can take seconds or even months till SCP-xxxx-3 is killed. SCP-xxxx-1 will ignore any interaction with it unless the interactions are openly hostile, SCP-xxxx-1 will act in self defence. SCP-xxxx-1 will stay between ██ to 1,000 metres away from SCP-xxxx-3, from which it will proceed to kill SCP-xxxx-3 when SCP-xxxx-3 is alone for more than █ minutes. SCP-xxxx-1 may create diversion sounds to force SCP-xxxx-3 into an isolated location.
All instances, spin web. Web can been woven into strong equipment.
Web produced by SCP-xxxx instances are extremely versatile
Tensile Strength: Stretch 1 cm to 10 cm before snapping
Flexibility: 1,200 RPM for 10 minutes, showed no imperfections
Toughness: Receives 10,000 PSI, shows no deformities
Durability: Full magazine Foundation issued pistol rounds, perfect condition