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Anoumalous Object Name Summary Of Anoumalous Object
Silver Goo Rapidly annihalates atoms via microscopic needles, susequently resulting in high levels of radiation, held in cylinder container made of Exotic Matter that reflects kinetic energy
Gold Goo Rapidly fuses atoms together via intense heat (1 TeraKelvin) and rapid cooling held in Chromium Container with perfect vacuum inside
Give an eye and it will be grateful, fail to and you'll reap the consequences A blue blob with the last person's eye in it. It will dry the eye out till it turns to dust. When it runs out of the eye you will give it another eye. Fail to and it will start to blindly destroy everything
For we are meer sheep with the harvester A sheep skull with a black cloak attached to the spine connection. It will come when a containment breach is going to happen so it can take the souls of the unfortunate.
God-In-A-Bottle 5 bottles that grant you one of these: Omnipotence, Omniscience, Omniprescence, Omnimalevonents, Omnibenevolents for how much you drank (1 mlilitre gets you 1 second of the God-In-A-Bottle)
Yog Sothoth; A really good tour guide The eldritch abomination Yog Sothoth is actually a tour guide who will take across the universe; free of charge!
Sci-Fi Arm A prosthetic arm that belongs to Dr. Bone. This arm is highly advanced and when tooken off, will result in it melting and emmiting high levels of gamma rays; for some reason, it will stop when Dr. Bone is nearby. A company name is welded on the right side of the pinkh:"Jade Weaponry: The Infiltration Arm"
Hund der Wälder A large wood quadruped with a long tapered beak and 7 long hollow eyes. It can transform into the nearby floura indefiantly
N-355-13 A cybernetic pleasioursaur created from an unknown corporation.

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Greetings, Site Director

Item Number: SCP-xxxx
Object Class: Safe Thaumiel Keter Euclid SEKT1

Special Containment Proceadures:

At any time, Dr. Bone2 is to not take off SCP-xxxx. The said Dr. Bone must not be near a physically dangerous3 SCP, even if the SCP is well secured. Dr. Bone is to be monitered constantly for suspicious behaviour, any suspicious behaviour that is reported will result in a disiplinary hearing.
Dr. Bone is only allowed to utilise SCP-xxxx in a secluded area near Site-19, this secluded area is designated as xxxx-1. xxxx-1 is to be monitered when Dr. Bone is in it. All new ways Dr. Bone can utilise SCP-xxxx are to be recorded.
All personnel that take part in a seminar Dr. Bone carries out are to undergo evaluation after.


A modle of the most common appearance of SCP-xxxx, a photo can not be taken due to its nature

SCP-xxxx is a 80.74 cm long, full-left-arm prosthetic arm what appears to be made out of an unknown type of material, the material has the property of being able to reflect kinetic energy of any level. SCP-xxxx is owned by Dr. Bone4. SCP-xxxx will fluctaute in appearance all decided on Dr. Bone, SCP-xxxx can only do this when connected to Dr. Bone, but SCP-xxxx will most commonly stay in the appearance presented in the picture. When Dr. Bone takes off SCP-xxxx, SCP-xxxx will begin to animate into a perfect replica of Dr. Bone, this includes his current atire aswell as his left arm. This copy of Dr. Bone (Now desigated as SCP-xxxx-a) releashes high amounts of varying types of radiation. SCP-xxxx-a is immune to trauma, and any object that is launched at SCP-xxxx-a is immediatly sent back at the same kinetic energy level than when the object first hit. SCP-xxxx-a has several abilities, maybe an unlimited amount as over 15 25 abities have been observed.

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Item #: SCP-xxxx
Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Proceadures:

SCP-xxxx is currently held inside a 2 metre by 3 metre 5" inch thick cylinder constructed out of a property-defined type of exotic matter. The cylinder is to be placed inside a near-perfect vacuum54. SCP-xxxx is to NOT be taken out of it's cylinder, unless when authorised by the 05 council. The cylinder is held inside a 1m3 9 inch thick lead cube. Any personnel surveying SCP-xxxx are to wear Class-B radiation suits. If SCP-xxxx breaches containment, the secondary containment plasma rings and magnets are to hold SCP-xxxx until it is moved back to it's cylinder.


SCP-xxxx is a goo like substance resembling the consistancy of that of molten silver but it appears to be being entirely comprised out of microscopic needles55. SCP-xxxx weighs 897 KG and will constantly attempt to expand into as much space as possible.
SCP-xxxx has the property of being able to dissasemble any atom it is exposed to, resulting in high levels of radiation, SCP-xxxx does this by utilising its needles to destroy the necleus of the atom or nocking the electrons off orbit, SCP-xxxx seems incapable of destroying plasmas most likely due to it "assuming" the plasma is destroyed. The cylinder containing SCP-xxxx appears to be made out of a grey, durable unknown material. This material has the property of being able to reflect any and all levels of kinetic energy. Zooming in on the cylinders inner wall and SCP-xxxx touching, shows SCP-xxxx attempting to break the material56. A circlular stamp is situated on the top of the cylinder, most of is scratched off but the readable parts say: J-e -ear-: Si-ve- G-o. Beneath the writing is a picture of a green Five SeveN.