Do you know Hannah?
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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Due to the difficulty of detecting SCP-XXXX manifestations, Foundation personnel embedded in local law enforcement are to monitor for any reports of a missing person named "Hannah". The person submitting the report should be retrieved and questioned to determine the location of the SCP-XXXX instance, which is to be transferred to a secure vault in Site-19 containing previous manifestations. Affected persons may be held at Site-17 in standard human containment cells for research purposes as long as is necessary, after which point they should be administered Class-C amnestics and released.

The identity of the woman depicted in SCP-XXXX is unknown. A compilation of missing person reports from the areas in which SCP-XXXX manifests has not yielded any substantial leads to her identity, and she has been provisionally given the designation SCP-XXXX-1. A task force under the direction of Dr. █████████ has been assigned to continue the investigation.

Description: SCP-XXXX is a cognitohazardous phenomenon consisting of crudely drawn 'missing' posters depicting a young woman with medium length hair and glasses. Thus far, the phenomenon has only manifested on college campuses across the American Midwest. Observation of the poster by a student currently enrolled in the college will trigger its anomalous effects in an estimated 7% percent of cases.

Over a period of roughly nine days after exposure, affected subjects begin to recall knowing a woman named Hannah. They remember her vaguely as a former classmate or individual seen around campus and give a basic physical description concurrent with the poster's artwork. This period is marked by a slight increase in depressive and anxious symptoms, as well as insomnia.

After this initial period, SCP-XXXX’s effects rapidly escalate. Subjects exhibit extreme concern for Hannah’s well being and make increasingly desperate attempts to discern her location. These include filing multiple police reports, aggressively questioning fellow students and faculty, and leaving campus to conduct their own search.

In the final stage, subjects exhibit desire to locate Hannah superseding all other priorities. Appetite decreases and subjects must be forcibly fed. Subjects refuse to sleep and will remain awake for multiple days at a time unless sedated. Subjects hold a strong belief that Hannah is alive and in need of their help, and those who are prevented from continuing their search will alternate between periods of intense anger at Foundation personnel and morbid depression. Conventional therapeutic techniques are ineffective at relieving these symptoms, and further questioning becomes infeasible.

Update - Dr. █████████ - 1/24/15:
The group of subjects affected by the most recent SCP-XXXX manifestation is exhibiting a new set of responses. Their physical condition is deteriorating rapidly, and they seem lethargic and confused. While past subjects have made numerous attempts to enlist the Foundation's aid in their search for Hannah, the new group has made none of these requests. Despite our best efforts to offer treatment, they're terrified of me and my research staff, making interviews difficult even when they're lucid. I'm requesting a transfer of subjects to the intensive care wing, and that efforts to locate Hannah be given increased staff and resources.

Addendum A: Interviews with subjects affected by SCP-XXXX

Addendum B: Incident SCP-XXXX-I