Weapon Disarm/Bladed Weapon Combination:

Conditions Discombobulate Damage Destroy
If interrupted during any of these stages by damage or other force, then he has to go back to step one. Max of 2 completed uses per run and 2 interrupted. Only works on humanoid opponents. Roll ATH against MEL of opponent. If won, rush into opponent’s space and trap weapon so they may not use it during their next turn. If they have not broken free or damaged him for more than 2 PHealth, Ramos backpedals and attempts to hyperextend the opponent’s knee with a kick which uses normal attack damage die. Alternatively, he can backtrack with a base ATH roll, no bonus. This way he can backtrack out of the move without being interrupted. If he kicks and the GM decides that it performs enough damage to make his opponent fall, Ramos swings a leg around the attacker’s arm, then pivots with his body to break the arm and free the knife. +4 to ATH or Damage Die for this action to succeed.
1. Should an enemy block an part of this combo attack, then attempt to disarm Ramos, Ramos’ roll for retaining his knife has a -2 Debuff. 2. Can only be rolled after 2 successful defensive rolls against an enemy. Does not have to be consecutive blocks. 3. Enemy must be either surprised, or at most armed with a small-medium sized bladed weapon. 4. Enemies with armored carapaces or immune to stabs are unable to be affected by these attack sequences. 5. Each attack puts him at a -2 DEF roll disadvantage. If he has the auto-combo for DISCO-DAMAGE then it’s a -3 to his Defense roll. After a successful block/parry, Ramos can do an immediate counter attack in addition to his next turn. It’s a +1 to MEL, but if it lands it rolls as light weapon damage with a -1 to end result. If it lands and does 3 or more damage, his next turn is automatically substituted for the DAMAGE COMBO. Should his first attack do three damage, he immediately rolls another MEL at a -2. If it lands, the light weapon damage die is rolled twice and the better result is taken. If it does 2 or more damage, he can complete the combo (not an automatically). If not, he has to restart the combination. Finally, his last attack is another MEL roll without any debuff. If it lands, he rolls a heavy weapon damage die, +2 to end result. If it lands and does 3 or more damage, how the fuck is this enemy still standing.

Unarmed Combination:

Conditions Discombobulate Damage Destroy
If blocked or dodged at any point, restart the combo. Only receives bonus against unarmed opponents. Ramos will throw a right cross after successfully evading a punch at him. It’ll be fast, but it’s really just a setup for the next swing. +2 to the MEL roll for the right across after a successful dodge/block. However, the damage roll is halved rounded down. If the cross lands, consider this uppercut the hammer’s penultimate blow before a nail’s struck in. He rolls MEL as normal, but the attack is counted as a normal attack. If the last punch lands, then he throws a big punch. A real big haymaker. Turns the calendar to Sunday Funday. Fun is short for funeral. -2 to his MEL roll, but if he lands it, the damage dice is normal and +4 bonus. This punch cannot be lethal, instead dropping opponent to lowest health possible.


Conditions Discombobulate Damage Destroy
1. Can’t use the bayonet if using a suppressor. 2. Can’t use the bayonet on civilian missions. 3. Can’t use the bayonet without a shotgun or rifle. 4. Can’t use bayonet with any underslung launcher of any kind. Once an attack has been deflected while Ramos is holding his bayonet mounted weapon, Ramos may then buttstroke the attacker to create some distance with a MEL ROLL. If it lands, there’s no damage die. However much the MEL Roll scores above the defending roll ties into the next COMBO. (Max distance score gained is 3) To close the distance he just created, Ramos charges with his shooty-spear to thrust deep into his opponent’s torso. Preferably around the heart or throat, but, hey, whatever works. Roll MEL, to stab. If enemy is shanked, then use distance to measure the damage die. If it’s 1, then roll light damage die. 2 is normal damage die. 3 is heavy damage die. If he manages not to get hit after stabbing with the bayonet, then Ramos slides out his bayonet from where he stabbed his opponent, then lets loose a torrent of lead. Roll RNG, +2 since it’s a point blank lead blanket. If using an automatic rifle, then for each plus is a point added to the damage die.


Bladed Disarm/Bladed Attacks:

Conditions Discombobulate Damage Destroy