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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Keter Neutralized

Special Containment Procedures: On 26/01/2018, SCP-XXXX ceased all anomalous activities. All containment procedures are suspended for now, and local observation posts have been notified to monitor reports in case of resurgence. The following archieved containment procedures are to be reinstated if SCP-XXXX shows any new activity.

SCP-XXXX is unable to be directly contained. For now, the containment procedures are focused on suppressing knowledge of SCP-XXXX and spreading misinformation that dissuades individuals from accepting the offer of SCP-XXXX. Foundation Task Force Mu-14 "Forgive and Forget" has set up a network in the affected regions to accomplish these tasks and collect information about SCP-XXXX.
Individuals affected by the anomalous effects of SCP-XXXX are to be treated with Class-G amnestics and released back into the general population.

Description: SCP-XXXX was an anomaous phenomenon affecting rural populations in the northern provinces of Gabon.1

SCP-XXXX manifested itself as an humanoid entity, hereby referred to as SCP-XXXX-A. Witnesses have described its appearance inconsistently, although it has always been described as being a non-African person wearing expensive clothing and a VitaForce™ branded red baseball hat.
SCP-XXXX-A approached local civilians and offered them a "membership in the VitaForce™ organization"2, claiming that it offers multiple health-related benefits such as malaria immunity, stronger bones or greater lung capacity.

To acquire this membership, SCP-XXXX-A demands immediate grave health impediments such as a leg amputation or blindness in one eye. On verbal approval, these health impediments immediately occur without any related complications - amputations result in a clean skin-covered stump, and blindness occurs through a clean cut through the optical nerve.

All health-related promises made by SCP-XXXX-A get fulfilled. Individuals affected by SCP-XXXX-A are completely immune to most traditional diseases and possess almost ideal cardiovascular and neurological health. No negative side effects (aside from the initial health impendement) have been reported to date. On 26/01/2018, all anomalous activities ceased. While the improved health fell back to pre-membership levels, all health impendements continued to exist.

If an individual accepts the first offer, SCP-XXXX-A also offers them to be part of a "distribution network". Members of this "distribution network" possessed the ability to "recruit" other civilians. Each recruited member nets the recruiter a health-related benefit, such as the instant healing of a minor wound or an instant blood pressure drop.

At the time of discovery, SCP-XXXX had recruited circa ten thousand people. Thanks to an offensive containment strategy focused on public disinformation and amnestic application, the number got reduced to about six thousand affected individuals shortly before all anomalous effects ceased.

A combination of mass suicides after the end of the anomaly and an dysentry epidemic partly caused by hygiene standarts decaying due to the disease immunity caused a LK-class collapse-of-local-civilization event, which at the time of writing resulted in eight thousand deaths.
Even though a total government collapse was prevented by MTF Iota-10 ("Damn Feds"), it is estimated that the crisis will cause at least thirty thousand deaths in total. As a large-scale intervention would risk exposing the foundation to the public, current efforts are focused on a cover-up decipting the events as localized civil unrest caused by a failed coup attempt.

[[collapsible show=" Interview with Charless Ndaki" hide=""]]

//Charles Ndaki was a farmer in northern Estuarie. After getting approched by SCP-XXXX-A, he killed the instance and contacted an foundation operative disguising himself as a priest. The full autopsy report of SCP-XXXX-A can be found in the document Autopsy Report XXXX-A.

SCP-XXXX-A appeared to avoid the location of the incident with a radius of circa fifty miles after the incident.//

Interviewer: Good morning, Mr. Ndaki.


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