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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Due to it's incorporeal nature, SCP-XXXX cannot be contained in a traditional sense. Containment of SCP-XXXX shall be focused on identification and containment of individuals afflicted with SCP-XXXX.

Any person found to be afflicted with SCP-XXXX is to be detained indefinitely for study. SCP-XXXX-1 instances are to be contained in standard humanoid containment units and are not permitted to communicate with each other. SCP-XXXX-1 instances are instructed to report any noteworthy SCP-XXXX-2 movements to the assigned researcher. Compliance is to be rewarded with amenities such as books or movies.

Following the results of Test I, SCP-XXXX-1 instances are under no circumstances to be allowed to come into contact with amnestics.

Description: SCP-XXXX is a complex database-like entity accessible by a subset of the general population (henceforth referred to as SCP-XXXX-1 instances). SCP-XXXX consists of the following entities:

  • 155.673 address (SCP-XXXX-21-000000 through SCP-XXXX-21-155.672)
  • 11.242 types of tokens (SCP-XXXXX-22-0000 through SCP-XXXXX-22-1241)
  • 12.242.543.438 tokens in total1

Each address is connected to a sum of tokens, ranging from 531 tokens connected to one address to 2.642.186.495 tokens connected to a single address. Tokens often get transferred between addresses. The current averange lies about five million transfers per day.2

New tokens are generated through currently unknown means at the rate of approximately one hundred thousand tokens per day. Distribution methods vary greatly, although five central patterns have emerged that 99.81% of tokens can be associated to.

Pattern Method Prevalence
Alpha No new tokens are created. 62%
Beta About 3% of all addresses recieve new tokens, the rest gains nothing. The group of token-recieving addresses changes by about 0.026% each week. 18%
Gamma Tokens are proportionally distributed among the addresses based on the number of tokens they possess 10%
Delta Each address recieves a flat amount of tokens over time 7%
Epsilon Each address that possesses a set number of tokens recieves a flat amount of tokens over time 3%

Each type of token is connected to a specific type of sensory stimulus or feeling evoked when SCP-XXXX-1 instances attempt to visualize the token. These stimuli compass a wide spectrum and appear to have to relation to the token, other tokens or the assumed function of the token. A list of all confirmed token-stimuli connections can be accessed in the document SCP-XXXX-ICO.

Every type of type of token appears to be connected to a real-life object or event happening when tokens get exchanged between addresses. At the time of writing, only 3% of all tokens have been connected to a specific object or event. A list of all confirmed connections to real-world events can be accessed in the document SCP-XXXX-ICO.

Token Stimulus Impact Additional Notes
SCP-XXXXX-22-06053 Visual hallucination of a blue sphere The amount of tokens connected to SCP-XXXX-21-███-███ mirrors the total number of anomalies contained at Site-██. After the containment breach of SCP-XXXX on ██/██/2017 resulted in total destruction of the on-site server centre, the number of tokens connected to SCP-XXXX-21-███.███ dropped to zero until the server centre was rebuild.
SCP-XXXX-22-0653 contains █.███.███ tokens in total
SCP-XXXX-22-49005 Olfactory hallucination of the smell of a rose Each address seems to be connected to a settlement in Algeria. The number of tokens attached to these addresses mirrors the population of these cities 4096 days into the future. Starting ██/██/████, the number of each address experienced a sharp decline.
Currently, each address in on averange possessing ██% less tokens than they did a year ago.
SCP-XXXX-22-02804 Visual hallucination of SCP-571 [LEVEL 4 CLEARANCE REQUIRED] SCP-XXXX-1 instances show a great disdain towards visualizing SCP-XXXX-22-0284 and only do it under heavy coercion.
The first attempt to visualize SCP-XXXX-22-0284 caused a containment breach which resulted in ██ casualties.
All testing involving SCP-XXXX-22-0284 are suspended.
SCP-XXXX-22-16706 Somosensatory hallucination of cold water Each address seems to represent a square area of approximately three thousand square kilometres. Seasonal clustering seems to suggest that the amount of tokens held by each address mirrors the number of Anguilliformes3 within that particular square. On the 27/4/2006, the total number of tokens suddenly increased by 52.918 for no known reason.

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