Mechanical Prophet drafts

Foreword: Most objects here are practice for me to get a feel for the Foundation and its unique writing style. Many objects here are going to be dreadfully generic, so we warned. That said if you do stumble across this page I welcome constructive criticism.


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Item #: SCP-4342
Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4342 containment area encompasses the 4km area around the generation point. The containment perimeter is to be fortified with 2 layers of 3m high chain linked fence, placed with 5ft between the layers. The forest surrounding the generation point is to be monitored with motion sensors, and thermal cameras.

In addition to the containment area, monitoring site- 4342-1 is to be constructed and maned 2km away from the containment area. While the containment perimeter doesn't require active guard personnel, a security team is to be stationed at the monitoring site in order to respond to trespassers.

Any excess wildlife inside the containment zone must be contained, scanned for variation from baseline, and if safe reintroduced into the outside environment. Any changes in wildlife population outside the containment zone are to be monitored closely as such changes could be evidence of a partial containment breach or insufficient containment procedures.

Description: SCP-4342 is a point in space roughly .5m off the ground where, randomly1 wildlife will be generated. So far no animals have been generated that are not native to the local biosphere. The animals themselves are non-anomalous and display normal genetics and body functions. Animal behavior is also baseline, with no insignificant recorded variation. Prey animals are generated in faster rates and appear in small groups, normally numbering from 1-5 animals. Predators will only be generated individually. The age of the animals is varied, with a slight majority for younger ages, the highest being 24% through the average lifespan of the given animal. It is to be noted that no bugs have been generated.

If an object is placed in the generation point as to obstruct it, the focal point with shift a sufficient distance to circumvent the obstruction. The generation event its self is silent and produces nothing but the generated animal.

It is currently believed that SCP-4342 is singular, but due to the subtle nature of the anomaly, it is very well possible that more exist outside the Foundation's knowledge.