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Picture of SCP-XXXX in Sector 4-B

Item #: SCP-XXXX

SCP Level: Euclid

SCP Containment Procedures: As the area around SCP-XXXX is 2 MBq radioactive makes it very troubling for other Groups of Interest or people of the general populous to get access to SCP-XXXX but all associated personnel should wear level 3 hazardous material suits. A small camp, research center and perimeter consisting of a 30 cm thick concrete wall has been set around the main area affected named SCP-XXXX-C1. At least two security teams of at least 6 people should guard the area at all times as to assure the small-leafed creatures and vines do not climb out of the perimeter and approach the closest public area (█████,Japan) at 25 kilometres away. Cryogenics seem to slow the SCP-XXXX-1 from moving and using their vines. One proven method to stop the anomalous effects once affected by the radiation poisoning is to kill the SCP-XXXX-1 which attacked the subject.

Only Personnel of Level 2 clearance or higher can access samples of SCP-XXXX for testing. All samples must be held within an anomalous material containment device to stop further growth of SCP-XXXX within the facility unless warranted by a Level 3 Researcher. SCP-XXXX-1 should be held within a solid walled container and if not solid should not have large enough holes that allow for vines of diameter of 1.25 cm or more to pass through.

Description: SCP-XXXX, dubbed The Lilac Infestation is an lilac wild orchid plant system reminiscent of mycorrhizae in fungi cover the space approximately ███ sq m in surface area of land quite close to the ████████ Nuclear Disaster. The orchids can survive long nuclear exposure as they grow upon radiated equipment and buildings. It releases a semi-liquid pus designated Substance-XXXX-S1 out of orifices within the vines which connect the individual flowers, this pus over a few hours will transform into small-leafed creatures known as SCP-XXXX-1 which seem to play and wander between the rubble, when approached with weapons of any kind including medical equipment they will become aggressive towards the closest subject and proceed to wrap rope like vines which tighten around limbs and necks of victims releasing small amounts of radiation which seep deep into the flesh and bones of the victim. Subjects exhibit radiation poisoning, cancer and other radiation related diseases and/or conditions, after approximately 48 hours fungal-like growths protrude out of the lymph nodes and sprout more orchids which connect to the main vine system.

The estimated growth of SCP-XXXX is around 30 cm per day around the length of a standard ruler. Most orchid flower growths from bodies are large and emit a soft glow different to ones grown off radiated dirt, concrete, etc which do not glow in any form. The plants also exhibit longer stems, larger petals, etc. SCP-XXXX-1 only reacts aggressively to humanoid creatures or items that resemble humans e.g statues, paintings, etc.


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