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Item #: SCP-3674

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3674 is to be contained in a 1.5-inch leaded glass case, with 2 guards posted at its case at all times. A designated Level 2 scientist is to check SCP-3674's container every 12 hours. Any personnel wishing to experiment on SCP-3674 must first receive authorization from at least two (2) Level 2 scientists before performing them. In the event of a containment breach, any person(s) surviving the boot's effects are to be given an extensive mental health screening immediately.

Description: SCP-3674 is what appears to be a pair of dark green rain boots, with a large amount of dirt caked on to the bottom half. When looking into the shaft of the boots, nothing but pure blackness appears, and any type of visual observation with external light sources have failed. Scientists have determined that the cause of this phenomenon is because of the material inside the boots, which is still unknown to modern science.

After the boots are put on, the subject will, therefore, be referred to as SCP-3894-2. When the boots are put on, the entire body's muscular system begins to tense up, leading to almost total paralysis in 2-3 minutes. After this, vital signs slow down to a near comatose state, with one difference, being that brain activity is much greater than normal. Time stuck in this state varies from 5-45 minutes, ending in two ways. If a person is deemed "unworthy," or, "useless," by whatever entity is possessing SCP-3674, the person will resume normal vital signs, for approximately 10 seconds (See Addendum A-1), before the wearer appears to age at an incredibly accelerated rate, until the victim reaches his/her time of natural death (usually 60-95 years old). However, in the rare occurrence that a rare person survives the "judgment", they show signs of psychosis and boasting their "innocence". If any victim is to survive SCP-3674's effects. they are referred to as SCP-3894-3.

The boots were found after a fire in 19██, in [DATA REDACTED]. The boots were assumed to be belonging to Phillip ███████, because of their small size. The boots had remained unharmed and were reported to the [DATA REDACTED] Fire Department. When ██████ put them on, he immediate underwent the process above. However, the victim underwent the transformation to SCP-3674-3 and was swiftly extracted and contained.

Addendum A-1

Subject SCP-3674-2 has had SCP-3674 attached to itself for about 35 minutes, and is beginning to return to normal

Subject SCP-3674-2 wakes from dormant state
Dr. ████: Subject is begging to recover from the dormant state, begin recording external audio.
SCP-3674-2: [inaudible shrieking]
SCP-3674-2: He's real! The Judge is coming!
Dr. ████ to SCP-3674-2: Who? Who's coming?
SCP-3674-2: The Judge! He'll crawl out of here and judge you all! You'll be judged! You'll be-[inaudible shrieking]
Accelerated aging process begins
Dr. ████: Cut external audio.
<End Log>
[Transformation to SCP-3674-2 was standard after dialogue]