Mehmet Emre Temel - Mini-God *prototype*

Item #:SCP-4264

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4264 must be kept in 500 x 500 x 10 meters large conctrate cell that in 50 meters underground ,and not be disturbed for any unnecessary cause.Area inside of the cell must be kept dark all the time.Due to the subjects extreme capabilities,security must be on all time high.Because of the ─▒tems affect to the surrounding enviroment,a possible exploration on the cell must be done with advanced life support equipment.Cells surface is not to be touched or manipulated with any means.

Description : SCP-4264 is a anomalous entity with possible extradimensional origin.Subject is 5 meters in lengt and 1 meter in width on its torso .Its black in color with two luminescent stripes on its back,head to tail.It has three pairs of round ending flap-arm-like limbs that ends with three sharp claws,directly sprouting from the end of the limbs. Biggest pair of ''arms'' on the front, smallest pair on the end of the torso. Its head is compelety sphere in shape and 80 centimeters in diameter, connected on the torso with a thin 30 centimeter long neck. Subject has a mouth,possesing 10 sharp,triangular teeth on the lower,12 on the upper jaw.SCP-4264 wears a scarf and a hoodie on its head.This outfits are on turquose and cyan in color,respectively.Its tail measures the half of the lengt of the subject.It floats on the air by unknown means,and uses its flaps to move on the air,waving them like a fishes fins

SCP-4264 is mostly quiet and passsive in nature,spending most of its time on its inactive state,curling on the center of the cell,hibernating.Its rarely exits from its inactive state,and it can stay in this state for 1 hour to 7 months.No patterns detected on this behavior

SCP-4264 has the ability to ''craft'' life with any pre-existing organic materials,with great variation.Usable item range from basic fruits to [DATA REDACTED].The heavier or dense the matter it uses,more material will be created in the process.SC9-4264 is unable to transform unorganic matter.It can change the strength of the local gravity and the flow of time.Because it can only affect the areas with no blocking solid mass,affect of the subject is limited to its chamber.Matter that not a part of the matter that SCP-4264 controls are dont affected by local time-space,but affected by the gravity alterations.Subject also appears to have the ability to ''save'' and ''load'' its creations,and able to ''import'' creatures and plants from a world on another.

If SCP-4264's terroritory is to be intentionaly harmed by any means while its on the active state (burning,digging,freezing etc.),it will go to a rage state,and attack the individual via
gravity manipulation,freezing and [DATA EXPUNGED], until the person escapes or dies.
If harm is done unintentionaly,by an animal,a child younger than 10 or if this damage done on its inactive state (intentional or not),subject will just revert the damage,and ignore the one that inflicted damage.

SCP-4264 creates complex ecosystems with microfauna and flora it imports,crafts or modifies.If its creating its creations by an instant or starts with a genesis, is unknown.The lifeforms created by SCP-4264 ranges from basic mollusk-esque plants to [DATA EXPUNGED].What based the lifeforms created by the subject is compelety random.

Observed elements are;

  • Carbon
  • Iron
  • Silicon
  • Rhodium
  • Nihonium
  • Scandium
  • Mercury
  • Oganesson
  • Sodium
  • Dysprosium

Discovery: SCP-4264 found in a subterranean cave on [REDACTED],Turkey.One research team was lost,due to unawareness of the subjects protective behaviour againts its terroritory.It has been catched via making D-class harm its creation,put them in a steel cabin and when its on inside,sealing the entrance.SCP-4264 cell currently on the site [REDACTED]

Addendum :There is 11 documented worlds that SCP-4264 created has been seen so far;

SCP-4264-1 Date:12.03.2001 Sodium-based life-forms on a geographicly active land resembling african savanna.Most of the creatures were sodium based mechanisims working with friction evolved to foraging to the nearby sodium rich places to reproduce,but a distant family have been evolved to hunt the other animals for sodium.Plant life is absent.When sodium turns to ash ,it simply goes to one of the volcanic cracks by wind, evaporates and solidifies on the ground or makes a rain of solidified particles.animals are reproducing with building new specimens while the old ones slowly turns to ash because of the wearing of the bodyparts
SCP-4264-2 Date:23.06.2004 Carbon-based life on a extremely amplified mountanous area with constant earthquakes and volcanic activity.Winds can exceed to 400 km per hour (proportionaly).Life-forms on this area are mostly a family of jellyfish-like blobs that filters the air from little krill-like ball shaped animals.Plant life is mostly on the ground, living like kelps on earths oceans,But a small clade of plants had adaptated on floating on the air. and washed by the wind-rivers.Several species closely resembling fungi,acts as wind turbines,gathering organic matter and producing heat with friction.On the surface of the mountains, theres ruins of a medieval civilization,with marks of what seems to be a [DATA EXPUNGED].
SCP-4264-3 Date:31.11.2005 Iron-based life on a ocean world of hydrochloric acid with immense and non-stop acid storms.Acid wapor detected on the surface of the ocean,suggesting geologic activity.Details of the most lifeforms are unknown because of the atmospheric conditions and proportionaly 30 km. deep acidic ocean.Only life-form has been seen detailed are metallic airbaloon-like 10 limbed animals that coming out of clouds rarely and shortly. These creatures show signs of primitive communication via a sign language.
SCP-4264-4 Date:28.01.2006 A hilly plains with occasional fresh water lakes and rivers.Life on this world is silicon-based with fairly poor variation and quantity,suggesting that it could be recovering from a mass extinction or life newly flourishes there,lifeforms being rather primitive on appearrance is supporting the second guess.Little photosynthetic plant-animal species that move in big interspecies herds,planting their seeds to the nutrient-rich soil.Agile and predatory herbivores that hunts the walking bushes.Overral coldness of the world causes frequent snowfall and hailing.Ice can be found commonly on the surface,in form of big crystal forests of ice.
SCP-4264-5 Date:17.04.2006 [EXPUNGED]
SCP-4264-6 Date.29.09.2006 [EXPUNGED]
SCP-4264-7 Date:28.02.2007 [EXPUNGED]
SCP-4264-8 Date:13.05.2007 [EXPUNGED]
SCP-4264-9 Date:30.12.2007 [EXPUNGED]
SCP-4264-10 Date:24.07.2009 [EXPUNGED]
SCP-4264-11 Date:26.08.2012 [EXPUNGED]