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Item #: SCP-3516

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3516 is to be kept within a five (5) by five (5) metre room, made from either brick or concrete and completed with wooden laminate floor in a white colour scheme. This room is located on Site-63 and is to be locked at all times, unless permission to enter is granted by level 3 personnel. The entity may be allowed a small potted plant and screens that visually mimic a forest of the world outside the facility.

Description: SCP-3516 is a humanoid entity with ‘off-gray’ skin, no eyes and long, muscular limbs. The entity has two slits for nostrils within the centre of its face and a mouth filled with serrated, canidae-like teeth. Fine hair is also noticed to be growing on the back of SCP-3516 but it is often removed by the entity as it has been observed to be irritable to its skin.

The entity is able to communicate orally, yet any understandable phrases are basic, despite displays of high intelligence and understanding. SCP-3516 appears to enjoy organic company and being communicated with, showing excitement and interest to any new subjects introduced while familiar subjects are recognised. In cases where SCP-3516 is left alone, it will become sluggish, cry, scream and display mournful behaviour.

SCP-3516 was recovered in 1986 from blamk, Arizona. Multiple reports of a ‘monster’ being seen in back yards, walking into open homes and approaching civilians ‘aggressively’. Undercover personnel on the local police enforcement called in the foundation after SCP-3516 was found in a family bathroom after a ‘monster attack’ was reported.
SCP-3516 had been shut in the bathroom of the home, when foundation personnel entered the entity was cowering and ‘weeping’ in the corner of the room. Upon seeing personnel SCP-3516 slowly approached, trembling and repeating the word ‘sorry’. The entity was cooperative and was taken to containment with little issue.

SCP-3516 has anomalous properties that have been observed however it has a highly athletic build with impressive strength and endurance, breaking through

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