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Notice: The documentation for this article is outdated. Please see Project Sepulchre Recovered Files for more information. Any discrepancies in the documentation are due to this, and expungements contain Thaumiel-Classified data unsafe for leakage.

Item #: SCP-3455

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3455 is contained in Site-120, Keter Containment Wing, Containment Unit 3. Four Scranton Reality Anchors are placed surrounding SCP-3455, creating a focal point with a geometric center directly on the subject. SCP-3455 remains restrained to a psychiatric table constructed of reality-stable materials. Kant scanners are monitored in shifts, noting that Hume levels fluctuate most often during waking hours. Psychiatric evaluations are conducted bi-weekly. While the subject has remained compliant during detainment, personnel are to expect SCP-3455 to experience acute psychological deterioration due to its anomalous effects. No testing or documentation regarding SCP-3455 is allowed in Detainment Unit 3; all records are to be taken externally.

Update: ██/██/0█: If the subject were to initiate a CK-Class Restructuring Scenario, the Einstein-Rosen Singularity generator1 placed in Containment Unit 3 will be activated, accept SCP-3455 into the singularity, and be deactivated. The frequency used will then be blacklisted from Foundation records. See Addendum for more information.


Description: SCP-3455 is the designation of Jesse R. Mantell, a Level 5 researcher previously assigned to the testing of the device designated the "Scantron-Locke Reality Generator", previously assigned the item number SCP-34552. Kant readings taken of SCP-3455 are uncertain due to the nature of its properties- however, it is believed to have, on average, a total of at least ███, ranking the highest measured ontokinetic entity based on hume levels.

SCP-3455 has been thus far compliant in containment procedures and testing, likely due to its former employment. SCP-3455's reality bending abilities are incredibly effective- because of this, SCP-3455 is unable to control itself properly. SCP-3455 often enters an intangible or supertangible state due to this, primarily during heightened levels of stress, and thus cannot be feasibly terminated.


Kant scanner readouts, Left taken on ██/10/0█, right on ██/17/0█

Addendum: As of ██/██/0█, data suggests that SCP-3455 has begun to exponentially increase its internal hume value. This would suggest the plausibility of a CK-Class Reconstruction Scenario event, resulting in both the death of SCP-3455 and an estimated 478% rise in hume levels surrounding the local solar system.

From: j███████

To: Group: Keter Containment Wing, Site-120

Subject: SCP-3455

Do not assume we are relegating SCP-3455 to the gallows. We are working diligently to decrease the Hume levels of SCP-3455. Giving him the opportunity to harness his reality-altering powers to attempt to self balance could cause just as much destruction as a "superreality" event, if not more. However, it is in all of our best interests that SCP-3455's anomalous behavior reduces, as they have previously been very beneficial to the Foundation. Mantell was one of our best and brightest. We will not give up.

-Dr. ███████

Isn't it kinda rude to be created from archetypes? Reduced to a generalization of characters far more masterfully composed?

Project Sepulchre Recovered Files

Archived Copy of Original SCP-3455 Documentation

Incident Report ██/██/0█ - Recovery Log

Ethics Committee Disciplinary Meeting ██/██/1█

Incident Report ██/██/1█ - Decommissioning Log

Universe Log - Delta-Chorba

So, how's it hanging up in the superverse? It must be swell to think you're on top of this when you're clearly not. Take it from my perspective: if you understand that one narrative is sandwiched in a higher universe, I'd bet anything that one is a narrative hidden in a narrative, and all the way up. Hey, that's a good idea, someone should write a document for it. Something with the Sopranos. Anyways, take care. Every day I and everyone else like me etch a little farther into this plexiglass wall separating us with my meta… haha meta… metaphorical prison spoon. We'll see you all soon.


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