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SCP-XXXX, Assuming the Characteristics of a standard US Stop Sign

Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: All instances of SCP-XXXX are to be stored in the Site ██ Equipment Storage room when not in use. Each SCP-XXXX instance should be individually marked to differentiate them from normal construction signs. SCP-XXXX is to be kept in a locked storage closet accessible only to the supply manager on duty.

Instances of SCP-XXXX may be checked out by Foundation researchers for use in aiding tests of other SCP objects, or for interpretation training purposes. Proper usage logs are to be maintained to avoid loss of any instances.

Field use of SCP-XXXX may be granted pending Level-2 approval and completion of SCP-XXXX interpretation training by requesting agents. Due to the somewhat unwieldy size of SCP-XXXX and the risk of potentially disastrous misinterpretations of warnings given by SCP-XXXX, field use must additionally be deemed appropriate by the commanding officer of the field unit.

Description: SCP-XXXX is a set of twenty-six identical standard orange diamond reflective construction signs. Each sign is constructed of Diamond Grade reflective aluminum sheeting, and measures 91.44 cm to a side, with a thickness of 0.635 cm and a total weight of 4.99 kg. Materials tests have identified no anomalous properties are present in the construction or paint of the object. Each instance of the object has the name "Skanda Industrial"1 stamped onto the back. SCP-XXXX was recovered incidentally when anomalous behavior was observed by Mobile Task Force agents during investigation and capture of SCP-████. Details on the event in question are located in Addendum 1.

Two holes are positioned near the top and bottom of each object to allow for the installation of a stand, pole, or adherence to a wall. SCP-XXXX may be mounted normally using screws, bolts or nails, but is also capable of adhering to a wall with no outside assistance when active.

SCP-XXXX's default state is of a blank construction sign, consistent in appearance with its non-anomalous counterparts. However, the object's anomalous behavior will trigger when one or more humans within reading distance of the sign (designated SCP-XXXX-A) face some manner of potential danger. The sign's appearance will then shift into one or more standard road, safety, or construction signs, with apparent intent to warn SCP-XXXX-A of the threat. All sign appearance with written words occur in the language which SCP-XXXX-A understands most clearly. In the event of multiple subjects with differing known languages, SCP-XXXX will display the language most widely-understood by the group.

Preliminary tests indicate that SCP-XXXX retains its diamond shape and size, but otherwise will take on all visual properties of the sign it is imitating. While some warnings may be difficult to interpret correctly, analysis to date has not indicated any intentional misinformation given on the part of SCP-XXXX.

The "danger" the sign warns of may range from basic safety information to specific instructions for avoiding imminent danger. SCP-XXXX has successfully identified responses to hazards unknown to SCP-XXXX-A, indicating it does not use SCP-XXXX-A's awareness, but possesses some manner of observing the environment of its own. The mechanism by which SCP-XXXX identifies danger is unknown, as SCP-XXXX does not communicate or show intelligence in any capacity besides giving warnings. The scope of its awareness is not yet known, and is suspected to be effectively limitless.2

Attempts to introduce new signs to SCP-XXXX to allow for greater utility of warnings has been unsuccessful to date, and so far only 50 different sign appearances have been identified, each corresponding to a standard, mass-produced road, safety, or construction sign produced by ███████████ Industries.3

Testing Logs
All responses from SCP-XXXX are represented pictorially for purposes of analysis in interpretation. In cases where more than one sign was displayed, signs will be displayed in the order they appear. All instances of anomalous behavior in which more than one sign appears have thus far "looped", presenting a clear pattern.

Addendum SCP-XXXX-1: [Log of capture]

Addendum SCP-XXXX-2: [Notes on assistance in identifying previously undetected threat from SCP-████ ]