Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class:


Special Containment Procedures: Item SCP-XXXX is to be kept inside a 2.5 m x 2.5 m x 2.5 m standard containment chamber on charging port at all times. A security camera is to be placed above the door into the room (This camera will monitor SCP-XXXX 24/7 for study purposes). SCP-XXXX is to be checked biweekly for any battery defects. If defects are found, the battery must be removed and replaced within 72 hours.

Personnel with level 1 security clearance may enter the containment unit with permission and supervision of a level 3 researcher.

Description: SCP-XXXX is a Motorola Timeport P935 Two Way Pager, light grey in color and weights around 6-7 ounces.

Upon activating, SCP-XXXX works with no abnormalities whatsoever. Within 72 hours after first booting up, SCP-XXXX will receive a message from SCP-XXXX-1, from an unknown location. The message describes activities commonly performed be the viewer and family members. Then SCP-XXXX will remain dormant for roughly 168 hours. Then SCP-XXXX will receive a second message from SCP-XXXX-1, describing mistakes and regrets the subject has. The subject usually shows signs of restlessness upon reading the second message and report feeling as if they're being touched. The pager then remains dormant for 24 hours, which SCP-XXXX receives a final message that varies from each individual subject, but always has roughly the same idea to the message. The final message roughly describes woods or a forest in a dry and cold climate, leaving researchers to believe the location of SCP-XXXX-1's to be in a similar environment. Subjects then disappear to an unknown area or dimension. All attempts to track this location have been met with failure. What happens to the subject is still unknown.

The message received varies from person to person, and after the viewer is finished reading the message, SCP-XXXX shuts itself down, presumed to be caused by low battery life. It is to not be turned on until 24 hours have passed.
After restarting, SCP-XXXX will have no memory of the messages it received from the previous encounter. All attempts to save and/or download the messages have failed. Location of SCP-XXXX-1 is currently being pinpointed.

SCP-XXXX-1 Location Pinpointing Attempt 1; 7/13/████

D-4871; Female, aged 37 was fitted with GPS and a standard issue foundation satellite phone. Both D-4871 and SCP-XXXX are moved to a test room with a table, charging port, bed, sink and toilet
D-4871 exposed to SCP-XXXX at 1431, 7/13/████/. D-4871 is confused as to why she's locked in a room with SCP-XXXX. Nothing eventful happens for 63 hours. SCP-XXXX pings D-4871 at 0544, 7/16/████ of her family's annual Florida trip. The following log is dialogue between D-4871 and Researcher █████.

D-4871: What is this? How did you know about my family? Did you do something to them?!

█████: Ma'am, calm down. I do not know what you are talking about. Can you elaborate on what is wrong?

D-4871: This Pager sent me a message confirming my payment for a Florida cruise. My family always go on one this time of year… How did you know and what did you do?!

█████: I know nothing of this cruise or your family, I can assure you. Please stop acting so erratic and calm down.

D-4871 moves away from the camera and cries on the bed for an hour. She doesn't interact with the camera or SCP-XXXX for 28 hours. She then proceeds to pick up SCP-XXXX and sends a message, but would not say what it said. SCP-XXXX pings again at 0201, 7/22/████ describing an accident involving her cat that had happened an unknown number of years ago. D-4871 shows signs of distress and anger.