Note: This is a first draft being updated as of 4/13/2018. Many things may change over the course of writing.

SCP-3297 "The Messenger"

Item #: SCP-3297

Object Class:

Special Containment Procedures: Item SCP-3297 is to be kept inside a 2.5 m x 2.5 m x 2.5 m standard containment chamber on charging port at all times. SCP-3297 is to be checked biweekly for any battery defects. If defects are found, the battery must be removed and replaced within 72 hours.

Personnel with level 1 security clearance may enter the containment unit with permission and supervision of a level 3 researcher.

Description: SCP-3297 is a Motorola Timeport P935 Two Way Pager, light grey in color and weights around 3-5 ounces.

Upon activating, SCP-3297 works as if it were a normal two way pager. Within 72 hours after first booting up, SCP-3297 will receive a message from SCP-3297-1. The message describes activities commonly performed be the viewer, then continues to give a summary of the viewer's current life.

Within 168 hours after first activating, SCP-3297 will receive a second message from SCP-3297-1, (Unfinished)

The message received varies from person to person, and after the viewer is finished reading the message, SCP-3297 shuts itself down, presumed to be caused by low battery life. It is to not be turned on until 24 hours have passed. After restarting, SCP-3297 will have no memory of the messages it received from the previous encounter.