Michael Greenwood

Item #: SCP-3908

Object Class: Keter

Description: SCP-3908 is a female with black hair and is 5ft 2in tall. SCP-3908's body acts like a crystals, If SCP-3908 is wounded or hurt, she does not bleed but the part of her body that is wounded would shatter or crack. Everytime one of SCP-3908's limb is broke or cut off she can easily reattach it back. If the limb is completely destroyed and cannot be attach back, she regenerates a new one. SCP-3908 looks like a normal girl except for her hands, Her hands and vein like lines of her arms are completely pitch black and her finger tips are sharp as a knife and on her back are demonic like markings. SCP-3908 has to be fed at least once a week, SCP-3908 has to eat raw meat and cannot be fed normal food. If starved she will scream in agony and try every possible way to break out of her containment and eat everyone she finds until she is satisfied.

Special containment procedure: SCP-3908 cooperates most of the time and is easily contained but cannot be trusted as she can get into people's head. SCP-3908 should be contained in a room made out of concrete deep in the facility. Windows or doors should be made out of 3 layers of metallic glass since SCP-3908 can easily break though metal with her claws. SCP-3908 for no reason should be visited accept to feed her.

Addendum: SCP-3908 previously known as Alyssa █████ was one of the foundation’s high ranking scientist, she knows the facility in the back of her hand and knows how to deal with SCPs and their weaknesses. It is unknown how SCP-3908 turned this way but a week after experimenting on a SCP, She massacred everyone in her facility and eat their organs. SCP-3908 has recently broke out during a containment breach. There has been plenty of evidence that it was the serpent’s hand’s doing but the facility still is not sure. But after the massacre SCP-3908 was a true disgrace to the foundation.