Item #: SCP-4612

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4612 must be kept within a standard humanoid containment cell with adequate heating, cooling, and luxuries similar to that of a normal room, exempt of access to the outside world. This includes: 1 (one) twin-sized bed, a Nintendo-64 video game console, a washroom, an I-Pod capable of playing music, a pair of █████-brand headphones, and a bookshelf with various reading material that can be added to by preference of SCP-4612, and approval of no less than Level 3 personnel. Food and water must be served at the moment of SCP-4612's choosing in order to not aggravate SCP-4612 or its effects.

In the event of a containment breach of SCP-4612, after incident 4612-1 (see below), Foundation personnel are to be equipped with NIOSH-approved respirators, and a team of no less than 6 (six) scientists equipped with hazmat suits are to place it back into containment.

Due to the anomalous properties of SCP-4612, the containment cell must be lined with 14 centimeters of an alloy of Platinum, Lead and Titanium. Refitting the cell with SCP-148 is undergoing review by O5 command at this time.

Personnel are not allowed to SCP-4612's cell unless they are equipped with NIOSH-approved respirators.

Description: SCP-4612 is a 16 year-old adolescent male of indeterminate racial heritage, standing 1.83 m tall, and weighing 64 kilograms. It prefers to be called "V", whether this was it's given name at birth, or a pseudonym created by itself is unknown. It behaves similar to and appears to be a regular human male of the same age with a cynical personality, except for its anomalous affects.

The anomalous effects of SCP-4612 are observed when it inhales certain gases, upon doing this the gas exhaled will be chemically different to the gas it inhaled with the exception of Oxygen. The gases inhaled or exhaled by SCP-4612 seem to have no effect on its body. Furthermore, SCP-4612 seems to be afraid of its abilities and it will often avoid speaking about them.

It is to be noted that SCP-4612 can produce Radioactive isotopes of certain elemental gases, thus the chamber being covered with an alloy consisting of Lead to block the radiation. SCP-4612 seems to be immune to the effects of most types of radiation, but Gamma Rays are known to give it mild cephalgia.

Interview Log 4612-1

<Begin Log>

Dr.██████ : Hello 4612…

SCP-4612: Hi, look I get that you have this whole laboratory thing going on but can you please call me V?

**Dr.██████ **: I'm afraid not…

[SCP-4612 Lets out an irritated sigh]

Dr.██████ : We're going to run some tests on you… is that okay?

[SCP-4612 pauses for a few moments and sounds audibly more frightened]

SCP-4612: What's going to happen? Will they hurt? When are you going to do them?

Dr.██████: Please calm down 4612, this will be over soon. [Dr.██████ leaves the room and
the room is air sealed. A tube disperses Oxygen (O2) gas into the room and SCP-4612 seems startled, Dr.██████ reports seeing it crouch underneath the interview table. After breathing in the gas, SCP-4612 exhales Carbon Dioxide (CO2) as the normal respiratory function of a human

[Dr.██████ walks back into the chamber]

Dr.██████:How are you feeling?

[SCP-4612 remains speechless and motionless for 11 seconds and then replies]

SCP-4612: I'm sorry, that scared me… i-is it over now?

Dr.██████: Yes, it's over…we need to perform further testing to make sure nobody is put in
danger by your abilities…

SCP-4612: Okay… I won't harm anyone…I promise…

Dr.██████: It's not up to me 4612… I'm sorry…

[Dr.██████ leaves the room]

[End Log]

Further testing was done and it would seem that most gases will almost certainly produce the same type of gas. Few gases seem to produce a variable output however. The gases exhaled seem to be random and have no relation to the inhaled gas.

Input: Carbon Dioxide (CO2)
Output:Nitrogen (N2)

Input: Helium (He)
Output: Carbon Monoxide (CO)

Input: Sulfur Dioxide (SO2)
Output: Chlorine (Cl2)

Input: Argon (Ar)
Output: Radon-222 (222Rn)

Input: Sulfur Hexafluoride (SF6)
Output: Hydrogen (H2)

Input: Neon (Ne)
Output: Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2)

Input: Deuterium (2H2)
Output: Ozone ( O3)

Input:Ammonia (NH3)
Output: Oganesson-294 (294Og)

Incident 4612-1: During a containment breach of SCP-███, SCP-4612 left its containment cell, and was located by a team of MTF units whilst attempting to access the office of Dr.██████. SCP-4612 reacted extremely aggressively and started to exhale Hydrogen Cyanide in order to deter the MTF units, a total of █ units were lost and SCP-4612 was places back into its containment chamber with its luxuries taken away as punishment.

Notes: SCP-4612 has an increased level of compliance and overall interest with Dr.██████, I recommend we use this to our advantage.