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Crap I'm working on

shit man dit gaat in de nerdelands
want de angelsaksische taal is te veel voor mijn tere allochtone ziel
het is sneeuwend op monteer fuij


ok er was die bananensmoothie ofzo
en dan werd de bananensmoothie sapient
ik weet niet hoe ik dat moet vertalen
misschien moet ik dit toch in het engels doen
dit maakt alles toch alleen maar moeilijker


Als er te veel banaan in zit dan wordt het hard. De bovenste laag oxideert en is volledig ondoordringbaar voor informatie. De enige manier om informatie uit de smoothie zelf te halen is door de oxidelaag te doorbreken maar dit onderbreekt het proces en dan krijg je zeg maar een bananenabortus.

Any orange-banana smoothie that has a certain excess of banana (compared to the amount of orange juice) left around for a long enough time will undergo oxidisation when exposed to air. This forms a hard layer on top of the smoothie. This layer is impenetrable to any and every kind of energy, and thus nothing inside the smoothie can be observed.

Crap I've given up on

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Item #: SCP-XXXW Did you know it says "gullible" on the ceiling?

Object Class: Euclid Given up on

Special Containment Procedures: Due to its nature, SCP-XXXW itself cannot be directly contained. Recruited instances of SCP-XXXW-1 are to alert the Foundation immediately in case of a sudden shift of SCP-XXXW concentration and are to locate the source. The location of this shift must be confirmed by at least three (3) unrelated instances of SCP-XXXW-1 contained at different sites before action is taken to contain the source. MTF Rho-93 ("Doesn't Matter") is to approach the instance of SCP-XXXW-1. Non-hostile active instances of SCP-XXXW-1 are to be contained and recruited. If an instance of SCP-XXXW-1 ever becomes hostile, it is to be terminated immediately, regardless of reality-bending capabilities. Subjects refusing to join the Foundation are to be amnesticized and reclassified as D-class personnel.

All instances of SCP-XXXW-1 are to be tested for reality-bending capabilities. If a contained subject exceeds 1.15 Humes or reality-bending capabilities are observed, the subject is to be terminated immediately.

Description: SCP-XXXW is a type of energy presumably emitted as a byproduct of nuclear fusion. While SCP-XXXW has mass, it normally does not interact with any normal or exotic (anti)matter. SCP-XXXW is affected by gravity and in most cases behaves similar to a gas4. SCP-XXXW's existence was confirmed due to incident XXXW-██-D-8297 (see Addendum XXXW-01).

When SCP-XXXW reaches a certain density5, it will locally alter reality. No consistency has been observed in alterations caused by SCP-XXXW, and alterations caused this way seem arbitrary in nature. However, SCP-XXXW has not been observed to be sentient. Any information (biologically, physically and digitally stored) regarding the nature of altered objects before the reality shift occurs is changed to be consistent with the alteration. The only known exception to this effect are instances of SCP-XXXW-1.

SCP-XXXW-1 is the designation given to humans who are able to directly observe SCP-XXXW. By estimate, approximately 0.02% of humans is an instance of SCP-XXXW-1, though only an extremely small portion is aware of their capabilities. Active subjects can observe the density of SCP-XXXW in a radius of approximately 180 million km, though at larger distances observations become less accurate. Subjects are also able to identify alterations caused by SCP-XXXW, including altered information regarding these events, though perceiving altered information as before it was altered. Inactive instances of SCP-XXXW-1 become aware of SCP-XXXW and their ability to observe it when they directly observe an alteration caused by SCP-XXXW occurring. When this activation event occurs, all SCP-XXXW located inside the subject's body is ejected. This effect does not compress SCP-XXXW strongly enough to cause alterations in reality, however other instances of SCP-XXXW-1 can easily spot an activation event. Hume readings of subjects have shown no correlation between reality-bending capabilities and the ability to observe SCP-XXXW. However, active instances of SCP-XXXW-1 with reality-bending capabilities are to be treated as class IV reality-bending entities. Amnestics have proven to be ineffective in deactivating active subjects, as the subjects are continuously aware of SCP-XXXW.

Addendum 01: Incident Report XXXW-██-D-8297
In Site ██'s third floor break room, at 13:██ █ST ██-█-20██, four D-class personnel suddenly collapsed and expired. The cause of death of all four subjects was later identified as oxygen deprivation. Previous documentation and autopsy revealed that though none of the subjects were related, all four individuals's veins and arteries contained strawberry jam instead of blood. This was confirmed by Researcher ███████, who had worked with three out of four subjects before. It is unknown why Researcher ███████ did not report this to any other personnel, even though it was biologically impossible for the subjects to have survived except through anomalous means. A research team was assembled to find the cause for the simultaneous expiration of all four subjects.

At the time of the incident, Dr. █████████ was working with a blood sample from D-8297, one of the affected subjects. Dr. █████████, now confirmed to be an instance of SCP-XXXW-1, reported seeing the blood sample turn into strawberry jam. All personnel involved claimed that the sample had always been strawberry jam. The result of a spectroscopic analysis conducted earlier seemed to confirm this, and Dr. █████████ was checked for memetic contamination. No anomalous memetic content known to the Foundation was detected, suggesting either the presence of a previously unknown meme or an antimemetic anomaly. As per protocol, Dr. █████████ was scheduled for termination.