Item #: SCP-X
Object Class:Euclid

Special Containment Procedures:SCP-X is to be contained in a standard biological containment chamber at Site-19. SCP-X is to be delivered 350 grams of hair every 24 hours via a food chute installed within SCP-X's containment chambers. This hair is to be acquired from garbage disposal locations behind barber shops near Site-19.

All eggs produced by SCP-X are to be contained within the same containment chamber as SCP-X until hatching, upon which, will be removed from the containment chamber and transported to a separate chamber via drone. In the case of which SCP-X goes through labor and gives birth, the SCP-X produced is also to be contained in a separate chamber via drone.

A sample of all SCP-X instance hairs are to extracted from their cell in order to perform DNA testing. SCP-X's hair is to be shaved every 7 days by a bald D-Class in order to prevent large hair buildup within it's chambers. Webs created by SCP-X are to be removed weekly and incinerated along with SCP-X shaved hair.
In the case that an SCP-X breaches containment, personnel stationed in Sector-X of Site-19 are to carry a razor on them at all times. If any personnel carrying a razor encounter a breached SCP-X instance, they are to shave their head immediately and then evacuate the area as soon as possible.

Description: SCP-X are a species of large1 arachnoid entities, resembling that of a Loxsceles reclusa2. SCP-X appear to have human skin with hair that grows approximately 1/2 an inch every 48 hours, unlike Loxosceles reclusa. SCP-X have human hands and legs instead of a claw, which is typically what Loxosceles reclusa have at the edge of their legs. Currently all known SCP-X instances are contained within Sector-X of Site-19 however, it is possible there are more in the wild.

SCP-X sustains itself solely consuming human hair, however, SCP-X will refuse to eat it's own hair. When given it's own hair to consume, SCP-X will not consume it, and appears to know when given it's own hair. SCP-X will also refuse to consume the hair of non-human entities and as such, can only be fed human hair.

When an SCP-X bites a subject, injects a tranquilizing fluid inside of the subject, which causes the subject to fall asleep which allows the SCP-X the opportunity to remove the hair of the subjects scalp to eat it. Tranquilized subjects will eventually wake up within 48 hours, however, the subject will begin to grow hair at an enhanced rate, but otherwise non-anomalous.

SCP-X appear to be capable of laying eggs and going through labor to reproduce. SCP-X can give birth regardless of gender, and will commonly lay eggs or go through labor every month. SCP-X, despite being capable of going through labor, will lay eggs 89% of the time. SCP-X, when going through labor, have died 100% of the time as of now. SCP-X will generally lay hair around themselves when they are pregnant, and appear to have knowledge of the fact that they are going to die, and as such, will attempt to leave their young with enough hair to last them for at least a week.

SCP-X will also construct webs from it's abdomen. These webs appear to be made of hair and are coated with a fluid that has been observed to be extremely adhesive. When SCP-X bites a subject, it will drag the subject to one of it's webs where it will continue to bite the subject and eat the subject's hair until eventually the subject dies of starvation or dehydration.