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Item #:

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-# is to be kept within a standard secure locker in the storage wing of Site-64. Testing is authorised with permission from the Site Director, however media created beyond 2017/01/20 should not be viewed where possible – personnel affected by this media should report to Site-64’s resident psychiatrist for administration of Class-B amnestics.
Media found on SCP-# is not to be disseminated, published or otherwise released. While SCP-# requires an internet connection in order to access its anomalous properties, this connection should be isolated from the site network.

Description: SCP-# is a silver Apple iPhone 5, with a variety of utility and social media applications installed. Most of these behave non-anomalously; tests have shown most of these apps to behave as they would on a non-anomalous mobile, with the exception of the installed Vine application.

This mobile’s copy of the Vine application (henceforth referred to as SCP-#-1) is not removable or transferrable from the device – tests on the mobile’s flash drive found no data relating to SCP-#-1.

Furthermore, SCP-#-1 contains media dating from 2013/01/24 to 2017/1█/██ (whereas the original Vine application was shut down on 2017/01/17), most of which depicts a violent outbreak tracing back to a video released on SCP-#-1 at 0█:██ on 2017/01/██, by user █████ (henceforth referred to as SCP-#-2). SCP-#-2 went on to produce several propaganda videos, containing cognitohazardous phrases which increase sociopathic tendency and reduce belief in political establishment (see Addendum #-A), escalating into a widespread movement until a sudden halt on 2017/1█/██.

Addendum #-A: Transcript of video released on 2017/02/██ by SCP-#-2.

SCP-#-2, holding a remote and wearing a balaclava, sunglasses and a dust mask (which, in combination, cover the entire face) is standing in front of what appears to be the Sydney Opera House at night. Gunfire can be heard in the distance. The humanoid starts to speak in a deep voice.

SCP-#-2: The third city has fallen. Join our forces, or be cleansed. [COGNITOHAZARD REMOVED]

SCP-#-2 presses a button on the remote, and the Opera House bursts into flames.